BRICK BY BRICK in Montana! Priests making the TLM HAPPEN!

This is for your Brick By Brick file.  Had I known about this, I might have attended!  I spent a lot of time during my young summers between Billings and Greybull in N. Wyoming.

From a reader…

Have you heard about this Third Annual Eucharistic Conference in Montana? It’s going on now.  HERE

I thought you would be interested because the group of priests (from various parts of the US, not just Montana) spend the week having Solemn Masses each evening. There are talks, processions, adoration and even their bishop makes an appearance! Besides introducing many people to the TLM the priests are able to enjoy fellowship with other like minded priests. I’m not certain but I think most or even all serve in NO parishes. At least one has had a denying-communion to “married” homosexuals occasion. I believe gatherings such as this strengthen the men in their priesthood.

I’ve wanting for a while now to visit the Carmelites in Powell and also perhaps the huge statue of Mary near Butte.  It has been many years since I’ve been in that part of the country.

Anyhoo…. Fr. Z kudos to these men for getting organized and making it happen.

If any of them are paying attention to this blog while they are meeting, I would love to have some PHOTOS to post here and updates.  

Also, to everyone there I send a solidarity enriched…

¡Hagan lío!


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  1. av8er says:

    Praise God. I have my own brick by brick effort goong on in my home as I am trying to migrate my family to the TLM. Wife, is slooooowly comming around but by kids are good to go.

  2. mommafarmer says:

    I am a photographer covering the conference. Let me know how to share pictures and I have plenty!

  3. graytown says:

    Speaking of Bricks….

    Butte also happens to be the home of the tallest brick chimney in the world.
    You can see it from 5 miles above the earth.
    It’s a leftover from an old copper smelting plant.
    There was an effort years ago to knock it down, but the locals fought that idea – it had become part of the local landscape.
    Brick by Brick….

  4. andromedaregina says:

    I know that Rev. Fr. Joseph Previtali’s conference is recorded. I have it, so if you’d like to post it I could ask his permission. Or for your own personal use, if interested, I can just email it sans permission.

  5. majuscule says:

    There are a few photos on the church (St. Anthony Catholic Church, Laurel Montana) Facebook page. ( ) Maybe there will be more? But not everyone does Facebook and it’s really hard to navigate those pages!

    I am curious about the photo of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Joseph that appears there. Is this what the group of priests is calling itself? All those cassocks in the photo!

    mommafarmer– Can you share your photos via Google Photos? (Don’t ask me how…I just know I’ve been able to view photos that other people have shared via Google and I know it’s free.)

  6. Kate says:

    My girls are part of the Annunciation Choir that will be providing the chants and music tomorrow night. They will be singing the Missa Brevis and some other beautiful pieces.

  7. johnnys says:

    According to a comment on facebook the talks will be available next week on the parish website.

  8. frleo says:

    I just returned to my parish after having been away for a month to attend the Boy Scout National Jamboree and the Knights of Columbus Supreme Convention. I plan on attending tonight after taking care of a few things in my own parish. I’ll probably arrive just before Mass tonight. I’ll also return on Friday for all of the festivities. I will have my associate from India, a visiting priest from Pakistan and one of our seminarians joining me in my journeys. It was a pleasure to be able to attend the first annual conference which was held in Great Falls.

  9. LizS says:

    My husband and I live in Powell, WY, and we will be attending this event tomorrow evening (Thursday) and singing in the choir. There is some really top-notch music planned (Palestrina, Byrd, chanted propers, and so on). One of the priests in question (the one who had to confront the homosexual couple in his parish) is my husband’s cousin, with whom we are good friends. He is a superb priest and we are all proud of him. We also know one or two of the other priests. Yes, they have kind of a little group of traditional-minded priests in the area, and are able to do TLM’s reasonably often, though they do all serve in NO parishes. Yes, Fr. Z – you should come visit this area again sometime! It’s just as beautiful as ever. There is a regular TLM now at St. Barbara’s parish in Powell, and of course we have the Carmelites out toward Clark as you mention. Since the Carmelites are so close by, we have Mystic Monk Coffee in our grocery stores, and purchase it often.

  10. jlduskey says:

    Please help me understand this “Brick by Brick in Montana.”
    Wasn’t it about three or four years ago that we had a website announcement from the bishop of Great Falls-Billings (in Montana) that the Tridentine Mass was forbidden, regardless of the Motu Proprio of Pope Benedict XVI. Fr. Z then cautioned readers of his blog not to react to the bad behavior of the bishop, and when the case came to the attention of the PCED, the hostile statement of the bishop was taken down from the diocesan website. Are we talking about the same diocese here? Is this the same bishop? Was there a change in bishops, or a change in the bishop’s attitude? I would like to understand what happened.

    [If memory serves, it seemed that the bishop was ill-served by someone in his office. After a few days, he made some changes. I am glad to see that he is being supportive of this group of priests.]

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