“The world needs proud warriors, animated by their faith” – OORAH!

There was a meeting in Chicago this week of Catholic young people.  Something called SLS18.

As it happens, the actor Jim Caviezel made a surprise appearance and gave a heck of a short speech about courage.

He talks about “happy talk”.  He tells these young people to be bold, to be warriors.

Rev. Mr. Kandra posted a video some participant shot with a mobile phone of the large screen at the conference.  VIDEO UPDATED (Higher quality)

¡Hagan lío!

I think the Chicago meeting has something to do with Focus.  It looked pretty good. On Twitter I opined that this might be a real Catholic universe in opposition to the “bearded Spock” parallel universe of the annual Three Days of Darkness in LA.

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  1. NBW says:

    Someone posted a photo of the line for Confession.at the SLS18. It was impressive!

  2. Sword40 says:

    WOW!!!!! That was a SUPER talk. Almost went down to re-enlist in the Corps. Kind of like reading your posts, Fr. Z. Semper Fi. [Do or die!]

  3. AndyMo says:

    The conference was for FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students), and it was indeed called SLS (Student Leadership Summit). The list of speakers looked solid.

  4. Sseprn says:

    Thank you for posting this. Let us all push Satan back to hell and strive to live lives of virtue.

  5. Fr. Andrew says:

    FOCUS has put out a professional version of it. Here via Youtube

  6. billy15 says:

    I was there for this and just got back home a little while ago. Yes, Father, it was presented by FOCUS. The list of speakers was very solid and the talks were very edifying. The Masses were also wonderful. Lots of chanting (a little praise and worship mixed in yesterday morning though), some Latin, and tons of incense. 24/7 adoration as well, and confession was available almost continuously. I was walking to lunch when I passed by a room with a sign that said “Confessions”. At least 10 priests were in there and the line was wrapping around at least 20 feet back. “Go to confession!” resounded in my head, and so I went.

    But the entire event was fantastic, and gave me a lot of hope for millennials (and Gen Z’ers). As for Caviezel, you didn’t see all this on the edited video, but when he came out, everyone went nuts. They had just shown a trailer for the “Paul” movie. He comes out and remains motionless for a minute or so. It becomes obvious he wants everyone to be quiet. He put his finger to his lips twice before everyone quieted down. After that, you could hear a pin drop. Everyone was literally on the edge of their seats during this. That speech was given Wednesday night. No one topped it. Highlight of the event.

    Also, I had the honor of doing some interviews there, including interviews with Bishop James Conley of Lincoln, NE and Fr. Mike Schmitz. The former on the liturgical patrimony of the Latin Rite in regards to the young, and the latter on the new book “Made For Love: Same-Sex Attraction and the Catholic Church”. I’ll let you know when those pop up, Father. I think you’ll especially like Bishop Conley’s. His words gave me a lot of inspiration and hope.

  7. Pío Pío Pío says:


    Better version of the video.

  8. KAS says:

    That was SO GOOD! I cried.

    I also clapped and my kids asked what on earth was going on?

    I look forward to the new movie. I know younger Catholics who are far more likely to watch a film than to read a book. I find this shocking, but have begun to take watching and evaluating movies far more seriously for their sakes. Theologically Catholic and quality movies are badly needed.

    I’m inspired to be even more diligent in the efforts to do the Nineveh 90– I cannot imagine the rigor of Saints when I struggle with just those small devotionals!

  9. Joy65 says:

    Well Hollywierd hasn’t taken one man away from the Catholic Faith. Thank You Jesus. This man has been truly blessed in many ways and because of this he can be a wonderful evangelizer for the Catholic Church/Faith everywhere. WOW! He and his wife have adopted 3 medically fragile children and they walk the walk they don’t just talk the talk. May he continue to do his craft of acting while he continues to spread the Faith. Again Thank You Jesus for Jim and for his Faith.

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