Benedictine Brick by Benedictine Brick


First, there is a great photo of the building going on near Norcia, Italy, where the mighty Beer Monks are constructing their new lives after the horrible earthquakes.  I like this photo:

What is really exciting is that the Monastery has been made by the Holy See an independent priory, sui iuris, and the first official conventual prior is Fr. Benedict Nivakoff.  From the monks HERE.

There are also the wondrous Benedictine nuns in Missouri, who are building their church.

Please consider donating in honor of a priest’s vocation.  HERE!

They are in the last phase of building, and you can still get in on sponsoring even objects for worship.


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  1. Charles Sercer says:

    There is also the Benedictine monks at Clear Creek in Oklahoma who are always looking for generous donors to help fund the building of their own abbey! The Abbot has decided that, after finishing one wing which currently houses both monks and (male) guests, the priority is completely finishing the oratory before building the other three sides, and so all donations they currently receive for their construction are going towards this work on the church. Their website details their history and construction project, and if you are interested in learning more and/or donating, it is

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  3. maternalView says:

    There’s just something wonderfully hopeful about seeing such building happening!

    No wonder generations in years long past gave all they had to erect some of the most uplifting architecture to be built.

    I’ll never understand people who are satisfied with religious buildings including churches that look like a boring office building or the local food court without the neon signs.

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