¡Hagan lío! in Poland. Young, and raising hell…. correction… razing Hell.

These days it seems as if every time I turn around, I receive news of another Pontifical Mass in the Traditional Roman Rite has been celebrated somewhere.   I couldn’t be more pleased.

Slowly but surely, we are witnessing the reintegration of traditional sacred worship into the life of the Church.   Only good can come from the steady, side by side offering of worship to God in the two forms of the Roman Rite.

All should welcome this development, which is in its essence unifying, across ethnic groups, regions, generations and even across the bounds of death with the lived experience of our forebears, who were spiritually nourished by it and who lovingly handed it on.

Today I received a press release, which I’ll simply pass along:

Laudetur Iesus Christus! Pls feel free to use the following press release:

International liturgical workshops „Ars Celebrandi” are going on

Solemn and lofty celebrations; intense training; beautiful, contemplative Gregorian chant, new friendships and a warm atmosphere—this is the short summary of the international liturgical workshops „Ars Celebrandi”, launched yesterday at the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Sorrows in Liche? (Poland).

The workshops of the traditional liturgy „Ars Celebrandi” in Liche?, organized by the association Una Voce Polonia (Polish branch of the International Federation „Una Voce”, an organization recognized by the Holy See as the official representation of secular Catholics attached to the traditional Latin liturgy), are held for the fifth time. About 200 people from Poland and a dozen or so countries around the world, including Estonia, Latvia, Germany, France, Byelorussia, or even South Korea, learn to celebrate the Mass in the extraordinary form of the Roman rite (priests), serve it (altar servers), or sing (male and female Gregorian chant consorts).

The visit of the high-ranking Vatican prelate, Archbishop Guido Pozzo, secretary of the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei (responsible for Catholics attached to the traditional liturgy around the world), will be the most important event of this year’ edition. On July 18 he will celebrate a pontifical Mass in the Basilica of Our Lady of Liche? and will hold a meeting with the participants of the workshops, answering their questions.

From this year on, “Ars Celebrandi” workshops are officially an international event: one of training groups for altar servers is held in English. This innovation was introduced in response to requests addressed to the organizers.

The priests have an unusual opportunity to improve their priestly singing under the direction of a Benedictine monk in charge of liturgical singing in the thousand-year old Benedictine Abbey in Tyniec (Cracow). Another important point is the presence of the Dominican rite—more than 750 years old own liturgy of the Order of Preachers (very popular in Poland); and the opportunity to participate in the so-called „Polish Masses” celebrated with the accompaniment of the once popular and now almost forgotten devotional folk unison songs.

The workshops are organized in a way enabling everything: prayer, learning and entertainment… well, except for rest. The plan of the day starts at 6 a.m. with singing lauds (the morning office), and ends in the late evening with a sung complete [compline] (not forgetting—for those willing—additional workshops, lasting up to midnight). However, the time for coffee meetings and making new contacts has been also provided („Ars Celebrandi” makes a great contribution to the integration of the Latin liturgy communities of different towns and countries), and even to watch the finals of the World Cup on football. [Of course.] The enthusiasts of the old liturgy are not alienated from life and stand firmly on the ground.

The event takes place from 12th until 19th of July. Daily releases and photo galleries are being published on Facebook and Instagram. Pls find enclosed a link to photos from the first day of the workshop, including the celebrations:  HERE

New galleries and releases will be published subsequently. Pls feel invited to follow us!

¡Hagan lío!

Isn’t that what Pope Francis wanted young people to do?  “Make a mess!”?   He probably meant something slightly different.  When coming from an Argentinian, who are famous for their blunt manner of expression, it probably means, “Raise hell!”… but in a good way.  Right?  “Pero quiero lío en las diócesis … Que me perdonen los Obispos y los curas, si algunos después le arman lío a ustedes, pero.. Es el consejo. …  I want a little hell-raising in dioceses… May the bishops and priests forgive me if some of you create a bit of confusion afterwards. That’s my advice.”

I love this photo from Poland:

They are young, and raising hell…. correction… razing Hell.

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  1. ajf1984 says:

    So encouraging, especially to see how young these men are! In an Hagan Lio story a little closer to (my) home, my eldest will embark on an intensive 5-day course to learn to serve the Extraordinary Form sponsored by Musica Oramus here in WI. He is one of about 10-15 young men ranging in ages (from recent First Communicants to high schoolers) who will be giving 20 hours of their summer next week to the Lord to develop their own…ars servandi vel artem servientes (?) for the Mass of Ages!

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