The Lego Vatican

There is a treasure in Columbus, OH that I’ve long desired to visit.  No, I don’t mean just the HQ of Heartbeat International, though that’s great.  I mean the Jubilee Museum.

Right now at the Museum, on display, is The Lego Vatican.  Very cool.

BTW… it was someone from the Jubilee Museum who helped to solve this mystery.

The Jubilee Museum is, it seems, an amazing collection of Catholic stuff.  A priest, Fr. Kevin Lutz, started it.

If you are anywhere nearby, you might want to stop in.  Tell them Fr. Z sent you!

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  1. GrumpyYoungMan says:

    I travel there several times a year for work but was unaware of the museum until now. Thank you!

  2. dbf223 says:

    Columbus, OH resident here. My wife is a native and tells me the jubilee museum is connected to Holy Family Church, which serves as the hub for the extraordinary form in the diocese. Their priest, Fr Stash Dailey, is incredible, even by “good-young-priest” standards. If you ever make the trip, I highly recommend you pay them a visit.

  3. jaykay says:

    “A custom LEGO® Minifigure of Fr. Simon can found near the obelisk, poised in contemplation of the splendor of the Vatican. ”


    I’m particular impressed by how they modelled the dome. Must have taken a lot of custom-cut Lego (TM) bricks.

    But just, sicut dicitur… WOW!

  4. mtpensaventus says:

    Columbus resident and Holy Family parishioner here — as per the earlier comment about the Jubilee Museum and Holy Family parish, I totally agree with both. The Jubilee Museum is an amazing collection of Catholic culture and liturgical history. Fr Lutz, actually, used to be the pastor at Holy Family before Fr Dailey (who, I echo, is a wonderful priest who has reawaken the parish with tradition, steadfast teachings, and devotion to the Sacred Heart). He offered the Traditional Mass for quite some time, and even occasionally after he moved to another parish. Both Holy Family and the Jubliee Museum are worth our time and our money. In fact, Holy Family runs a daily (no pun intended) soup kitchen right near the museum (

  5. tzard says:

    Brick by Brick.

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