Card. Burke interviewed by Raymond Arroyo. The Cardinal’s advice.

His Eminence Raymond Leo Card. Burke (whom Clement XIV-II would give the title “Indagator Particularis in perpetuo)” was on Raymond Arroyo’s show last night.

Here is the full video. I set it to start at the interview.

Among interesting moments are

  • Card. Burke’s reaction to Fr. Rosica’s strange remarks about how the Pope rules: 25:45
  • Card. Burke’s advice to how to deal with with our present situation. 28:00

Among those things he recommends are:

  1. Remember that there is preternatural, demonic activity involved.
  2. Prayer and fasting are needed. Make sacrifices and acts of reparation. Yes, he said “reparation”!
  3. In particular, celebrate the sacred liturgy well so that we can benefit from the graces Christ offers for the Church.

Indagator Particularis!

Also, the Cardinal was interviewed by Thomas McKenna of Catholic Action for Faith and Family.

I thought this paragraph was interesting.

There existed in the Roman Pontifical (the Latin Catholic liturgical book that contains the rites performed by bishops) for centuries the rites for the degradation of clerics and also of hierarchy who had failed gravely in their office. I believe it would be helpful to read over again those rites to understand deeply what the Church has always understood, which is that shepherds can go astray, even in a grave way, and then must be appropriately disciplined and even dismissed from the clerical state.


I would remind the readership that on 29 July I posted about the Rite of Degradation of the Bishop in the traditional Roman Pontifical.  I provided the Latin and a translation.  Already in 2006 I had posted about these rites.  I posted about the Rite of Degradation of a Priest on 17 August.  I also suggested, yesterday, that seminarians and priests should reflect on these rites, perhaps side by side with the older, traditional rite of ordination so that they can, from a negative point of view, gain additional insight into who they are supposed to be.  We can learn from failure too.


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  1. Fallibilissimo says:

    Often, I want to write something here on this blog and I end up typing up a big text, only to delete it since I feel unsure about actually sending it. It’s like the 3-4 time this week I delete several lengthy paragraphs. It’s hard to actually express one’s thoughts openly about all this…

    All I’ll say is thank you Card. Burke for your guidance. Thank you also Fr Z for all your work and, especially in light of your very candid recent postings, for finding the strength to keep on loving the priesthood even after all the filth you’ve seen.

    May Our Lady and St Joseph intercede for us and may God help us all.

  2. Malta says:

    This should be required reading at every seminary:

  3. benedetta says:

    I watched this and thought that Cardinal Burke’s forthrightness was very encouraging. I so very much agree with his point, and I know you keep making the same point Father, on worthy celebration of the sacred liturgy. How can we persist in happy clappy ‘it’s all good’ beige liturgy in such times? Worthy liturgy is so much more honest and authentic about what is at stake, about salvation itself.

  4. arga says:

    Burke: a bishop who knows how to bishop. Amazing how scant their numbers have become. How many in the USA can we actually count on? This is the tragedy.

  5. capchoirgirl says:

    How can we do reparation? Fasting? Divine Mercy chaplet? Holy hours? All these things? Or are there other things I’m missing? I want to know what tools we have. :)

  6. ChrisP says:

    Sin mak i anticipate es you stupid, faith makes you smart. Watching this vs the statements of Wuerl, O’Malley, Cupich, Rosica, Martin and co., its pretty clear who’s got the D hats on.

    I can tell you that the fallout from this has already traveled to distant places like Australia and New Zealand – thus the threshing blade is going at it worldwide, especially places like China who use this to control/suppress the Church even further. I anticipate the Holy Father will be squarely implicated by the end of this year as the once friendly media turn on him.

  7. Benedict Joseph says:

    He was wonderful. So measured, thoughtful, realistic. Brave. Much was said by inference as well. He is surgical. He is brilliant.
    And I thought of you, Father Z, as I heard him reference to Roman Pontifical!

  8. Ave Maria says:

    Rite of degredation: it needs to be used. But who will do it? Lord, we need saints at the helm…please.

  9. Charles E Flynn says:

    One of the finest hours of EWTN television ever, at one of the darkest hours of our Church in modern times.

    Every time I see the always-polite Raymond Cardinal Burke reply to a question, I am worried that he is going to pull his punches, but he never disappoints. He summed up Fr. Rosica’s strange remarks in a single word, calmly spoken:


  10. tho says:

    I cannot help but think, that the changes instituted by Vatican II, have led us to where we are today. There are two types of discipline, imposed and self. Far and away, the majority of us need imposed discipline. VII opened the windows and let in much more than fresh air, and imposed discipline was relaxed to the point where anything goes was mainstream. We must restore our churches to their former beauty, and return to our Traditional Liturgy. The devil hates Latin more than the liberals do, it bogles my mind, to think that there are priests, who cannot learn enough Latin to at least administer the Sacraments.
    A good start, would be for our Bishop’s to require a Traditional Mass. to be offered, in every diocese,to ameliorate the suffering caused by abusive clergyman. Also our Bishop’s should mandate life in prion for any priest seen wearing pastel vestments, and or, having a rainbow pin on his clothing.

  11. GregB says:

    tho wrote:
    There are two types of discipline, imposed and self. Far and away, the majority of us need imposed discipline.
    We are all born with Original Sin. We are all to some extent damaged goods and are born with the log of Original Sin in our own eyes. Baptism only remits the penalty of Original Sin. The effects, concupiscence, remain. After the Fall only Jesus and Mary were pure from their very conception.
    A personal blind spot can be the hardest of all defects to detect. To me Church Tradition and Scripture are the way that I can give myself a spiritual eye exam, to see if I’m seeing clearly, to make sure that the log of Original Sin hasn’t distorted my own spiritual vision. I don’t see how anyone can attest to their own spiritual holiness and sanctity without some external standard by which to evaluate the claim. To be self-certifying is to be self-righteous.

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