Archbp. Viganò on meeting between Francis and Kim Davis during USA visit

Go to LifeSite and read Archbp. Viganò’s statement about what really happened with the meeting between Francis and Kim Davis during his visit to these USA.  It is fascinating.

The picture painted is … unsettling.

Once again, Viganò supplies details and refers to witnesses and mentions documents.


One of the things that bothers me about these accounts provided by Archbp. Viganò is the 180° reversal of attitude that Francis would show toward the nuncio.   Viganò is dressed down and then then next time they meet, Francis is cordial.  Viganò is summoned by Card. Parolin to Rome because Francis is “furious”, and then he is received by Francis with smiles, to the astonishment of Parolin.

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  1. JonathanTX says:

    Viganò doesn’t help his case when he throws out petty comments like, “This is the transparency of the Holy See under Pope Francis!” He should stick to a “just the facts, ma’am” description of what happened.

  2. Kathleen10 says:

    He surely enjoys being unpredictable and keeping us all on our toes. “What an enigmatic personality!” he imagines. But the schtick has grown tiresome, we get it, you’re one way one day and the polar opposite the next. Even unpredictability grows boring. I’m not trying to figure him out anymore, I don’t care. He is entirely irrelevant, invisible, I try not to see, hear, or read him. The only thing that will regain our attention is when he gets beamed up to the starship.

  3. Traductora says:

    Right about now, I feel as if we’re all being gaslighted by Francis. He plays fast and loose with the truth, even of verifiable things. It’s very disturbing.

  4. NBW says:

    At least Vigano named two more name which are no surprise to most of us. Sputaro should shut his big mouth and stop threatening to close media outlets and bloggers down.

  5. Chatto says:

    Anyone else reminded of that scene in ‘Man For All Seasons’, wherein Cromwell interrogates St. Thomas More for the first time? At every turn, the old Chancellor has witnesses for his statements and copies of his documentation, shutting down every line of ‘enquiry’ before Cromwell can actually get it going. “My goodness, you have been carefull” exclains the latter, with visible frustration.

  6. Dismas says:


    Just because the perverts and Communists got their wish doesn’t mean they won’t suffer from serving the tyrannical whims of a narcissist.

  7. defenderofTruth says:

    I get the sense that Archbishop Vigano had a feeling he’d need to do this eventually, and thus kept careful track of documents and events. He knows their M.O. so well that he has anticipated their lines of attack, and prepared himself for them. In this respect, they must be terrified of him.

  8. Joe in Canada says:

    Kathleen10 – who is the “he” you talk about?

  9. HighMass says:

    Have we ever seen so many untruth’s as we are currently seeing? I believe Arch. Vigano, reason??

    Look at all the good men that Francis has fired or replaced. i.e. Card. Burke, Muller, etc. The deck as we can see has been stacked in favor of the liberals, hopefully they have lost ground. Appointments of Cupich, Tobin, etc.
    Our Lord of course as forever in charge. Is this purge latest scandal been fortold by Our Lady? Of course they have, we are now living it.

    We pray for the victims, Our WONDERFUL, Cardinals, Bishops, Priests, Religous who are Faithful to the Church……don’t let em get you Down. You are being prayed for!

  10. Malta says:

    @HighMass: yes, there are wonderful Priests, Bishops and religious. My grandmother was cared for by the Little Sister’s of the Poor in Gallup, New Mexico; she became a Catholic before she died. She was inspired by those Nuns. But Francis is a different story; he sows division and discord, which makes me wonder if he may be an anti-pope. I don’t think that’s what Christ wants for His Church.

  11. dbf223 says:

    I am at the point where I simply do not believe anything Francis says or has said. Until this point in this papacy, I tried to focus on things I saw as positive – his love for The Lord of the World, traditional sounding language about the devil, criticisms of the LGBT agenda, etc. – and ignore the rest of the noise. Now, unfortunately, I think I would be a fool to believe anything except that whenever he speaks, it’s all a form of doublespeak.

    What other recourse do I have besides simply tune out him and all these cardinals and bishops deflecting attention and making excuses? Oh well – I’ve got Garrigou-Lagrange of my reading list anyway, and will probably benefit from some stronger focus.

  12. Sword40 says:

    Mental stability comes up when considering Francis’s actions.

  13. fmsb78 says:

    Our Pope is a politician. He thinks and acts like a politician. He can be furious now and full of smiles 5 minutes later because that’s what politicians do. After all, the driving force is the agenda and Blase Cardinal Cupich said it plain clearly in his last interview.

  14. Blas says:

    As you ar not argintine you can understand Peron and the peronism. We all know Peron would say yes to everybody and then do whatever he wanted. Bergoglio is peronist so probably he said yes to Parolin, Viganò made a mistake call him here, and then with Viganò everything was right.

  15. John Grammaticus says:


    right on !!

    I just ignore this Pope, at best he’s mentally unstable and ought never to have accepted the result of the conclave, at worst he actually thinks he can succeed where Emperors and kings have failed.

  16. Suburbanbanshee says:

    It is not a mental problem.

    It is good cop bad cop, with only one player for both parts. Keeps people on edge, makes them vulnerable.

  17. chantgirl says:

    This incident shows that if you want Francis to respond to an issue, the best shot is to get the secular media involved. Millions of Catholics can sign petitions, Cardinals can submit Dubia, but Francis won’t respond unless the secular media apply enough pressure.

    Unfortunately, if Vigano’s account is accurate, Francis will lie and throw his own brother priests under the bus to appease the media. That makes me wonder more about the two priests who allege that Bergoglio betrayed them during the Dirty War.

    I wonder if anyone will ever publicly release a copy of the Kolvenbach report?

  18. FrAnt says:

    The devil is the purveyor of chaos, and progressives have learned well. Our Lady of Exterminatrix of Heresy, pray for us.

  19. maternalView says:

    In my experience bullies and narcissists will ignore you constantly ( nothing seems to get them to budge– it’s beyond stubbornness– they won’t even acknowledge you), they will also appear angry one minute and pleasant the next ( to keep you off balance and thus making you think you might be crazy and misreading them) and gaslighting. I can’t help but wonder if all three of those behaviors are in play as regards the Pope and other Vatican officials. Bullies and narcissists uses those techniques to keep power and control.

    Do I know for sure if he or any other officials are bullies/ narcissists? No. But I’ve dealt with some and I see similarities.

    Appealing to reason doesn’t work with bullies/narcissists.

    Prayer it is.

  20. TonyO says:

    The comments above are intriguing, offering various understandings of what Francis is or how he is operating. Psychological manipulating (gaslighting) certainly comes to mind with Parolin saying “the Pope is furious with you” and yet “all smiles” in person. And perhaps his own mental stability needs to be considered, sure. All of the above are possible.

    But we need to be cautious in actually asserting that one or another of these hypotheses IS TRUE. We don’t know him, we don’t see his private and near-private actions, and we are going by reports by many others, sometimes as reports of reports. It is one thing to wonder and hypothetically consider options, another thing entirely to assert. We should be careful with the truth – more careful than the current Vatican has been!

  21. Charivari Rob says:

    He seems awfully worked up over what Cruz and The Times say the Pope said about him. Has any source gone beyond the hearsay and documented that the Pope said anything like that?

    For me, the main thing that comes to mind with raising the topic of the Kim Davis – Pope Francis meeting is still the head-scratching notion that anybody involved in the planning thought it was a good idea. Yes, changing the definition of marriage was & is a bad idea, but…

    The Supreme Court decision mentioned by Vigano and the changes in Kentucky law (without going back through all of it, I don’t remember if the Kentucky change resulted from the SC decision or was already in the pipeline) at least had some basis in reasoning & legality*. The change was bad, but legal. An essential element of the job (for which she campaigned) is to issue the marriage licenses there as defined by the law (not just the law as it was when she was elected – but anything it was legally changed to during her term). When you’re in public service, that’s what you do – you serve the public whether or not you like them or agree with them (or the particular policies). It’s too bad she wasn’t in a hired position where she could ask for a lateral move to some other position at her grade that wouldn’t conflict with her sincerely held beliefs. Trying to keep her job while refusing to do her job was not a legitimate conscience protest in this case (suing or filing some friend of the court brief would have been (though I’m pretty sure a friend of the court filing would have had no effect)).

    Putting the Church in a position to be seen as endorsing her actions was a horrible idea – a failure in judgment. (For that matter, putting the Church in that position and not being better able to spin-doctor & soft-serve it (for example, could have said “…wanted to meet her to understand all points of view in an issue of Natural and man-made law that affects all people, not just Roman Catholics, etc…”) was bad execution – a failure in competence)

    * as opposed to the Massachusetts SJC decision, which was rammed through on a false premise

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