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ASK FATHER: Priest attacked me for how I made my confession.

From a reader… QUAERITUR: Today, I went for confession to the capuchins like I usually do. The priests there tend to be great confessors. However, today I had quite a bad experience. I confess in kind and number and I … Read More

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How libs and their “gay” allies want you crushed into silence

Crisis has a piece which talks about how homosexualist Jesuit (tautology?) James Martin, LGBTQSJ has urged his twitter and fakebook followers to attack LifeSite and other faithful Catholic sites for something they didn’t do. This isn’t the first time Martin … Read More

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Recommended Reading as a catch up

This is a post-Rome trip catch-up and catch-all. Today I drove back to the Cupboard Under The Stairs from The City of Broad Shoulders.   Immediately I set out on a series of tasks.   Whereas, after living in Rome for many … Read More

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All Saints 2017 – 1 Nov- Holy Day of Obligation – Deliberately ignore? Grave sin!

In these United States, be sure to check your parish schedules for Masses. Thursday 1 November 2017 is a Holy Day of OBLIGATION. For our part, there will be a Missa Cantata at St. Mary’s in Pine Bluff, WI, in the Extraordinary … Read More

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ASK FATHER: Confessing remembered forgotten sins

From a reader… QUAERITUR: I tend to get very nervous in confession and I do better if I just stick to the script so to speak so I don’t start rambling. Is there a formula for confessing mortal sins that were forgotten … Read More

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My View For Awhile: Purgation Edition

I’m offering up the mornings frustrations and irritation in reparation for the Synod (“walking together”). Apart from having to leave and leave before 4 for the sake of the early flight, the weather was horrific again this morning (have you … Read More


Your Sunday Sermon Notes

Was there a good point made in the sermon you heard during your Mass to fulfill your Sunday Obligation? Let us know. You were paying attention, weren’t you?


Rome – Day 7: Mass for Benefactors and Cena di Congedo

It has been a pretty nasty day in the Eternal City.  The weather was as dreadful today as it has been beautiful over the week.   I did get out for some last needful errands and got drenched. As promised, … Read More

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More on #Synod2018 (“walking together”) document #146

Today the pithily perspicacious Fr H looks at the Synod’s (“walking together”) notion about developing ways to certify Catholic blogs to avoid “fake news”. He wrote along the lines of what I wrote HERE.    He also wrote: We seem … Read More

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Saving a heritage church in Fall River

In the near future, we will face more church closures.  Some won’t be that much of a loss.  Some, however, are part of our patrimony, lovingly built by our forebears, irreplaceable. I bring to the readerships attention the plight of … Read More

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The Wanderer: A Synod (“walking together”) of clichés

At my old stomping ground, The Wanderer, there is a good summary and analysis piece by Peggy Moen (a terrific editor!) who attended much of the Synod (“walking together”). Clichés Of The Francis Era Dominate A Press Briefing ROME — Following … Read More

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Thanks for the birthday greetings and a clarification

Many thanks to you who sent birthday greetings with notes. Several of you said that you would have Masses said for me, which is very much appreciated. Another several wrote along the lines of, “You are THAT OLD?!?” Others, reading … Read More

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ASK FATHER: How to gain the 1-8 November plenary indulgence

From a reader… QUAERITUR: Thanks to you and your blog, I am intending to receive a plenary indulgence or three (aim high!) for the souls in purgatory over Nov 1 – Nov 8. Reading through the Manual of Indulgences, from the fourth edition … Read More

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“I’ll take ‘25000 Words Of Blah Blah And Landmines’, for 200, please, Alex!”

I’ve been, as much as possible ignoring the Synod’s (“walking together”) document.  First, I’ve wanted a pleasant day.  Was the Synod really about producing a document?   Or was it about creating smokescreens and providing cover for the placement of … Read More

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Rome – Day 6: Birthday and Mudbug

When I woke up this morning, I felt different. Then a bright light shone through the ceiling and a voice boomed: Canon 1252 All persons who have completed their fourteenth year are bound by the law of abstinence; all adults … Read More

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Rome – Days 4-5: Progress and processions

Since many of you like the food photos, let’s start with that. Catching up with friends at a meal is one of my principal delights when I return. I’ve had several visits at Gammarelli to work out some details on … Read More

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Card. Zen’s op-ed in the NYT

Be sure to read thoroughly the opinion piece in the NYT offered a couple days ago by His Eminence Joseph Card. Zen Ze-Kiun, Bishop Emeritus of Hong Kong. HERE The Pope Doesn’t Understand China I know the Church in China, … Read More

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VIDEO: Analysis of #Synod2018 by Prof. Royal and Fr. Murray

Outstanding analysis from Prof. Royal and Fr. Murray on the eve of the conclusion of this Synod (“walking together”).

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MADISON – 2 November: Pontifical Requiem Mass at the Throne

November is the month when we Catholics pray in a special way for the repose of the dead and, by God’s will, for the rapid entrance into heaven of the Poor Souls. On All Souls Day, Friday, 2 November, at … Read More

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BOOK RECEIVED: “Nostalgia: Going Home in a Homeless World” by Anthony Esolen

This book has been terrific.  The publisher, Regnery (really good) sent it and, at the last moment before I headed out the door to begin this trip, I slid it into the outside pocket of my suitcase.  It isn’t released … Read More

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