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ASK FATHER: Should we pray for or against the success of the Synod?

I’ve had a few questions in email about the upcoming Synod.   People are worried that it is rigged.   Imagine such a thing!  “Surely NOT!”, you might gasp. Questions have ranged from the new constitution for the Synod’s operation to whether … Read More

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What passes for important today.

Once upon a time, Roman Pontiffs and the Curia they assembled as hired help concerned themselves with the great issues and questions of the day.   Minor issues were left to others to deal with. These days, in the age of … Read More

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YOU are other people.  It’s always someone else… until it’s YOU.

Last night I watched the news for the first time in a few days. One guy in North Carolina, who lost everything because of Florence, said that he’d seen things like this on TV but he never thought it would … Read More

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ASK FATHER: Are we are in the End Times?

From a reader… QUAERITUR: Okay, I know that this is may be “edgy” given the fact it deals with prophesy, so hoping you can pull me back from the ledge. Am I crazy to think that Heaven is literally SCREAMING … Read More

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Fr. Murray’s Open Letter to ex-Card. McCarrick. Wherein Fr. Z rants.

My good friend Fr. Gerald Murray of the Archdiocese of New York posted an Open Letter to ex-Cardinal McCarrick, also originally a priest of the same Archdiocese. Fr. Murray really lays it on the line, in spiritual terms. It’s strong … Read More

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Cri de Coeur about lost innocence and The Present Crisis

I received this.  It may be helpful to some of you. Frankly, quite a few seriously meaningful notes have come. This is a fruit of The Present Crisis that the Enemy probably didn’t foresee.

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