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Oppressed priests and portable altars and true emergency conditions

St. Joseph’s Apprentice has made beautiful, practical portable altars for me and for many priests. I have called his portable altars “the ultimate gift for a priest”.  I have one that I can travel with, using a Pelican case, that … Read More

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A story about St. Luke’s: “you are totally in their power – you are utterly at their mercy.”

The horror stories are pouring in from priests who have been through The Psych Strike Gambit by their bishops or superiors.   Here is one, with some detail, which I have permission to post and which I have anonymized.  His … Read More

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Fr. Z thanks readers who want to help priests.

It doesn’t surprise me even as it surprised me.   I am ever amazed at the response I get from readers in certain circumstances, even as I have, over time, learned to expect it. Since I posted about Fr. Kalchik, … Read More

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Wherein Fr. Z rants: the tyrannies of #sodoclerical euroweenies with their self-centered, condescending effeminate blather

The old phrase is: Piscis primum a capite foetet. Over the many years I have been either going to or living in Rome, it has been interesting to see how the styles and modes change in the ecclesiastical shops. These … Read More

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“Why do I keep reading stuff Popes said? Pathetic old Roman Catholic me.”

From The Great Roman today: Why do I keep reading stuff Popes said? Pathetic old Roman Catholic me. I can hear the cobbles in the Piazza screaming at me with the voice of my grandma multiplied by the thousands: “Pray! Fast! We could … Read More

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UPDATED – INTERVIEW – @ArchChicago parish burns a “rainbow flag”

UPDATE: 27 Sept Part 2: HERE UPDATE: 26 Sept Church Militant has a video interview with Fr. Kalchik. Father is in hiding, concerned for his safety. Some of the content is NOT for kids. Be aware. UPDATE: 23 Sept It … Read More

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