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Bits and pieces

At The Weekly Standard there is a superb summary article about The Present Crisis in the Church. It is rather devastating for papalotrous and blinkered Team Francis. The Catholic Church Is Breaking Apart. Here’s Why. by Jonathan V. Last At the bottom, … Read More


Videos and hi-res photos of the Consecration of the Abbey and Abbess of Gower

I’ve written a few posts about the recent Consecration of the Abbey, and the Abbess, of Gower. HERE and HERE It was a terrific occasion, in the deepest sense of “terrific”. There are now available hi-res photos of the events. … Read More

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UPDATED Mary, Queen of the Clergy holy cards with Daily Prayer for Priests – AVAILABLE!

A few days ago I posted about receiving holy cards of Our Lady, Queen of the Clergy. HERE Since them, I have been in close contact with the nice lady who made them and we have improved the cards. The … Read More

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Of Friday and festive penitential Pesto fit for a King

It may be the Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross, but it is also a Friday.  Festive penance is in order.  Or, if you prefer, penitential festivity. A fine meal for a Friday with a feast such as the … Read More

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BOOKS RECEIVED: A hard look at Francis in Spanish by Argentinian author

Books arrive from publishers and from readers. For those of you who read Spanish, you might check out a volume which came to me in Kindle form. “No lo conozco”: Del Iscariotismo a la Apostasía (Spanish Edition) by Antonio Caponnetto … Read More

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14 Sept: 11th Anniversary of Summorum Pontificum – Thank you, Benedict XVI!

Spars are carried away and sails shred.  Lines lash in the winds and crack like whips in the tempest. It’s nevertheless all hands on deck as the Barque of Peter takes on water and flies before the storm. As The … Read More

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