Morning After Pill of UK ‘c’atholics – @The_Tablet – falsehood about @BishopMorlino

The Morning After Pill of the liberal catholic media in the UK, The Tablet (aka The Bitter Pill, aka RU-486) published a piece about states in these USA which opened investigations into clerical sexual abuse.

In that piece the writer makes a false claim about Bp. Robert C. Morlino of Madison.

The way The Pill threaded their fallacious non-sequitur into their article, suggests an intent to harm Bp. Morlino’s reputation.

Many bishops, including Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia, Bishop Robert Morlino, of Madison and Thomas Olmsted of Phoenix praised Viganò’s integrity and honesty without mentioning Francis.

This is patently false.  It was easily fact-checked, which means that The Morning After Pill seems to have intended to deceive.

Bp. Morlino, in his 27 August Statement, did indeed mention Francis.  HERE  He addressed the issue of The Viganò Testimony, which explicitly concerned matters touching on Francis.  He wrote about Francis several times, including renewing his “filial affection” for him.  It was precisely in this statement about Viganò that Bp. Morlino did mention Francis

Bp. Morlino, in his 18 August Letter to the Diocese, did not mention Francis. HERE But there was no need to.  He was reacting to L’Affaire McCarrick and the PA Grand Jury.  He was addressing “sexual sins by bishops, priests, and even cardinals”.  He encouraged the people of the diocese to contact the diocese with any concerns and to pray and to do penance.  He explained the Church’s teaching about homosexuality.  He wrote about how “The sins and crimes of McCarrick, and of far too many others in the Church, bring suspicion and mistrust upon many good and virtuous priests, bishops, and cardinals,”

Should Bp. Morlino have included Francis in that list? Is that The Pill wanted?

The Pill went on:

Other bishops, including Cardinals Donald Wuerl of Washington and Joseph Tobin of Newark announced that they would hold services of penance on the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, which was yesterday.

First, the Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross, as per the liturgical calendar of the Conference of England and Wales, remains 14 September, tomorrow as I write.  However, note “other bishops”, which would exclude Chaput, Morlino and Olmsted.

I don’t know what is going on in Phoenix and in Philadelphia, but I do know what is going on in Madison.

In his 18 August Letter to the Diocese Bp. Morlino wrote:

Finally, I ask you all to join me and the entire clergy of the Diocese of Madison in making public and private acts of reparation to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus and to the Immaculate Heart of Mary for all the sins of sexual depravity committed by members of the clergy and episcopacy. I will be offering a public Mass of reparation on Friday, September 14, the Feast of the Triumph of the Holy Cross, at Holy Name Heights and I ask all pastors to do the same in their own parishes. In addition, I ask that all priests, clergy, religious, and diocesan employees join me in observing the upcoming Autumn Ember Days (Sep. 19, 21, and 22) as days of fasting and abstinence in reparation for the sins and outrages committed by members of the clergy and episcopacy and I invite all the faithful to do the same. Some sins, like some demons, can only be driven out by prayer and fasting.

The Morning After Pill of UK catholics implied that while Wuerl and Tobin and “other bishops” really care about Francis and victims, Morlino, Chaput and Olmsted don’t.  That’s mendacious in the extreme.  It is both mendacious and professionally incompetent.

It is no surprise that The Tablet would solidly support the green ink brigade that is Team Francis.  It is pathetic, but not a surprise.

I haven’t posted this for a while.  Let’s see if it still works!

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  1. JamesA says:

    What good timing, contemporaneous with the desperate attempt to smear Judge Kavanaugh with a prank committed when he was in HIGH SCHOOL.
    The Left, be it political or ecclesial, has absolutely no shame, concocting one lie after another to try to damage good men. As disgusting as their behavior is, it is highly instructive to watch them destroy themselves with the very falsehoods they employ against the just.

  2. JARay says:

    I weep when I remember just what a fine, truly Catholic weekly the “Tablet” used to be. I remember urging my father to make it one of his weekly purchases. It WAS the highly respected VOICE of the Catholic Church amongst the general, respectable, public in the British Isles 50 years ago. Alas, that all went away about 30 years ago!

  3. JustaSinner says:

    The press lying, or making things up, or failing to disclose all pertinent information, or cleverly editing out crucial information? NO WAY!

  4. teomatteo says:

    ” is no surprise that The Tablet would solidly support the green ink brigade that is Team Francis. It is pathetic, but not a surprise.” — Fr z.
    And it is demonic.

  5. Bellarmino Vianney says:

    “[Bishop Morlino] wrote about how ‘The sins and crimes of McCarrick, and of far too many others in the Church, bring suspicion and mistrust upon many good and virtuous priests, bishops, and cardinals,'”.

    This is an important point. Bishop Morlino could have also added laity at the end of the list of those who are wrongly considered suspicious or mistrusted due to the sins and crimes of priests, bishops, Cardinals., etc.

    It just so happens that there are laypeople who serve God through daily or frequent reception of the Sacraments and daily Holy Hours and Adoration in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament.

    Unfortunately, it also just so happens that most/many Churches and Adoration Chapels are connected to schools.

    This layperson may wrongly be considered suspicious for frequenting God’s House because it is located on the premises of or nearby schools.

    Most people do not understand why a lay person enjoys praying a Holy Hour every day along with Daily Mass, weekly confession, daily studying of Scripture, etc.

    This is because many people within the Church think that everyone goes to heaven no matter how much they pray, sacrifice, etc.

    In other words, many people go through life thinking (“presuming”) they are going to heaven no matter how much they pray or how well they follow the Gospel. However, these very people may end up in hell (this is theologically possible by way of committing a Sin against the Holy Spirit and then dying in the state of this mortal sin. One common path to this point is by presuming that one is permitted to lie and be “duplicitous” in one’s actions “so that…” or “for a ‘greater good'”. One may hear others say, “well, I will lie here for the sake of a ‘greater good'”. Nope. There is an absolute norm against lying and an absolute norm against duplicity. This presuming one “has a right to be duplicitous”, along with presuming one may commit sins of the flesh, are probably the most common causes of damnation.)

    Relatedly, one can guarantee that Satan would gladly support the removal of several bad/guilty priests, bishops, and Cardinals as long as there is even one innocent and good priest that also goes down with them.

    One can also be sure that secularists/liberals and worldly politicians/government entities would gladly ruin the lives of guilty homosexualist priests so that they could also ruin the life of an innocent and good priest.

    Good priests and bishops speak the Truth “in season and out of season.” This means they will regularly rebuke homosexuality, contraception, abortion, etc. On the other hand, worldly, liberal, pro-“LGBT”, anti-life, and anti-soul secularists despise Truth and therefore try to ruin the lives of those who oppose homosexuality, contraception, abortion, etc.

    Because schools are closely associated with most Catholic Churches, and because the standard or “precedent” is currently “guilty because this government entity says so”, it will now be easier for Satan to ruin the lives of innocent priests through the use of half-truths which are spun into blatant lies. (Just look at how apparently dis-honest the FBI has been regarding the “investigation” of the so-called “Russia collusion” with President Trump. Notably, the FBI also investigates sex abuse cases, right? Should one necessarily trust the government? Nope. Sorry folks.)

    (For the record, this comment should not be considered to be the same reasoning used by P. Francis regarding “the Great Accuser”. False accusations are from Satan. True accusations are not from Satan. There are indeed too many gravely evil homosexaulists within the Church, and they should be publicly accused/rebuked and removed from ministry.)

  6. maternalView says:

    The point needs to be continually made that there seems to be a connection between sexual abusers & people who covered up and liturgical abusers. I’m not hearing anyone claiming “oh he was so holy. Always going to adoration!” There maybe some but not many.

  7. Edward Dunai says:

    As I’m in the Diocese of Phoenix, I can say that Bishop Olmsted has been wonderful in this entire situation. When the situation first blew up he immediately called for masses for forgiveness and penance, encouraged confession, and made a point of advertising the means to report any misconduct, as well as backed full accountability for the failures of the hierarchy.

    When Archbishop Vigano’s letter came out, Bishop Olmsted immediately vouched for his integrity, faithfulness, and truthfulness and called for a full investigation of the situation both by the church authorities *and* by laity, so that it wouldn’t be swept under the rug. He likewise has been encouraging priests here in the diocese to preach on the situation.

    This entire situation has been very upsetting. I’d been lapsed away from the church for over twenty years but returned to the fold in late 2016 (interestingly, I’d felt a variety of pokes and prods from God to return, then finally did a google search for the closest church, called them and scheduled a meeting with the Deacon there for the day after the 2016 election. Haven’t looked back since). The discovery of just how deep the rot went came close to driving me away again, but decided to instead double down and pray more fervently. The Enemy is inside the gates, and it falls upon all of us to stand up and be counted. Will we allow evil to triumph, or will we stand up and say “No, you will not win. God has won the victory, you have no power here.”

    And, as Father Z says, I’ve been going to confession!

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