My View For Awhile: From the Starfield, back to Benghazi

I’ve headed homeward.

Tonight, for 11 September, I will make myself watch


For various reasons I find it very hard to watch this and other movies like it.  I’ll watch it early enough so that I don’t dream it afterward.

Hillary belongs in jail.

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  1. JamesA says:

    Amen, Father. She will surely need God’s mercy. As will I.

    Thinking back to 9/11, I had not yet fully returned to communion with Holy Mother Church and had no idea who your august person was, but I was blessed to be able to attend Mass at the beautiful (and good) Jesuit parish in New Orleans, Immaculate Conception.

  2. Kathleen10 says:

    I can’t watch things like this. I have never seen the Twin Towers fall in video or on tv. Not once. After it actually happened, I asked my family over and over, did the tower fall? Did the tower fall? The people, the people…the souls. All I could do was repeat it.
    It is a curious phenomenon of our time, evil flourishes. This world is hard to take. And more people are about to take a hit, in the Carolinas. Please God, in your mercy, help all the people and poor creatures in the path of this terrible storm. Amen.

  3. AA Cunningham says:

    The entire Soetoro misadministration belongs in jail.

  4. hwriggles4 says:

    The United 93 movie that was made for the A&E network was pretty good. Frankly, I thought this television version was better than the theatrical release. The men and women on this flight probably saved either the Capitol building or the White House.

    Let’s Roll!

  5. Semper Gumby says:

    “Hillary belongs in jail.” For several reasons, yes. (Along with others from the 42nd and 44th Administrations, but I digress. Back to Benghazi and 9/11.)

    A 2016 op-ed from the Deputy Chief of Mission for Libya:

    “The Benghazi Committee’s report graphically illustrates the magnitude of her failure…Her decision to allow the Benghazi consulate to be separate from the CIA annex divided scarce resources in a progressively deteriorating security environment. U.S. personnel assigned to Benghazi tried to overcome this severe disadvantage through an agreement that the security personal from each facility would rush to the other facility’s aid in the event it was attacked. The division of our security resources in Benghazi is the root cause of the “stand down” order controversy so vividly portrayed in the movie “13 Hours.”

    Another article:

    “On Aug. 8, 2012, Stevens sent a two-page cable to the State Department entitled “The Guns of August: Security in Eastern Libya” and noted a dangerous “security vacuum” in and around Benghazi, as well as the presence of terrorist training camps. He was ignored.”

    An article on Benghazi hero Kris Paranto and his Twitter suspension several days ago for a blunt response to Obama’s deceptive and offensive charge of “wild conspiracy theories”:

    “As Paranto’s defenders noted, Farrakhan, Hamas and Ahmadinejad all maintain Twitter accounts.”

    Then there’s this. Jamie Glazov in 2016 wrote a nine-point plan to prevent another 9/11. It was reposted on Sep. 11, 2018. Facebook suspended him on September 11, 2018.

    Glazov’s points were common sense, such as labelling the enemy accurately and ceasing “partnerships” with the Muslim Brotherhood.

  6. Fr. Kelly says:

    As hard as these things are, a little perspective can help.
    In 2000, St. John Paul II restored to the Roman Calendar today’s feast, which had been removed for some inexplicable cause.

    The feast of the Most Holy Name of Mary, which had previously celebrated in various places in Spain, was established in the Universal Church by Pope Innocent XI in thanksgiving for Our Lady’s victory over the Muslim Turks at Vienna through the arms of Jan Sobieski and his indomitable Polish warriors.

    This restoration was especially timely since the following year, Al Quaeda saw fit to recommence hostilities with what they judged to be a weakened and divided Christendom on September 11, 2001. The Church responded the very next day with what for many places was the first celebration of this feast day in over 30 years.

    We are in an amazing Month in which Our Lady has historically shown her power three times in a measurable, world rescuing way.
    September 12 at Vienna
    October 7 at Lepnto and
    October 10 at Tours.

    In 732 on October 10, she strengthened the arms of Charles Martel and his 25,000 Frankish heavy Infantry to withstand the repeated onslaughts of the Umayad heavy cavalry until, after a flanking attack by Odo of Aquitaine with a small troop of light cavalry, the muslim invaders withdrawal was turned into a devastating rout from which they never recovered. Their advance into Catholic Europe was stopped cold and their 700 year retreat began that afternoon. All at the hands of Our Lady.

    Then in 1571, on October 7 in the Bay of Lepanto, the formidable Turkish Muslim fleet which had been threatening to invade Europe through Italy was destroyed by the much smaller but more maneuverable ships of Don Juan of Austria under the banner of Our Lady of the Rosary.

    112 years later, in 1683 (335 years ago) on the morning of September 12, Jan Sobieski led about 20,000 Winged Hussars supported by about 56,00 assorted infantry from both Polish and allied Imperial forces. Their precipitous charge cleared the field in front of the city sending the 300,000 man army of Mustapha in ignominious rout. When Sobieski returned to the city triumphant, he prostrated himself before the altar and said, “veni, vidi, Deus vicit!” He then sent the captured Turkish standard to the Pope in Rome. On it was inscribed “Death to Christians”
    When the call for help had gone out to the Christian Princes, it was the poles who responded under the protection of Our Lady and the leadership of the “Unvanquished Lion of the North” Jan Sobieski. On the way to Vienna they stopped at Czestochowa to receive Our Lady’s blessing on their arms.

    This war is still going on and we must not forget it. Our Lady is our Queen. Holy Mass and Sacraments are our shield. Our weapon is her Rosary.

    We have been rescued over and over again, and now through the sacrifices of Archbishop Vigano arising from his Testimony given on the Feast Day of Mary’s Immaculate Heart on August 22, we have another opportunity for an even greater victory. For now the attack is as much from within the Church as from without. Let’s make use of our spiritual weapons. As Fr. Z keeps telling us, GO TO CONFESSION. Go To Mass, Pray Holy Hours, make acts of Reparation, and through it all, pray the Rosary. Under Mary’s Banner, and though the power of Her Son, we will win this one, as long as we stay faithful.

  7. Lepanto ! says:

    None of you have to go but we are the only help they have.

  8. SKAY says:

    Yes she absolutely does belong in jail and others in that administration also.

  9. Semper Gumby says:

    Fr. Kelly: Outstanding comment.

    During the 20th century Poland was at the center of several decisive events. As you point out there is St. John Paul II. In the 1980s JP II and Reagan overtly and covertly supported Solidarity. In 1989 elections were finally held in Poland, beginning a cascade of events leading to the fall of the Berlin Wall later that year.

    In 1920 just after the end of WW I Lenin sent the Soviet Army west to conquer a defeated Germany and a weakened Western Europe. Near Warsaw that summer, at a battle also known as the “Miracle on the Vistula,” the Poles clobbered the Bolsheviks. Lenin is quoted as saying that the defeat was a catastrophe for Communism. Some military historians place the “Miracle on the Vistula” on the list of history’s decisive battles.

    During the 1930s Polish intelligence agents, cryptographers, and mathematicians cracked the puzzle of National Socialist Germany’s “Enigma” cipher machine (though, even in 1945 the Allies were still unable to decrypt every Nazi message in its entirety). A Polish cryptographer actually reverse-engineered the rotor-and-switchboard design of the Enigma.

    When the Soviets invaded Poland from the east in 1939 soon after the Nazis invaded from the west, the Polish Cipher Bureau was evacuated by the French and British intelligence services to France. After Hitler invaded France the next year the Poles were evacuated to England, to a manor in the English countryside known as Bletchley Park. The Bletchley Park Enigma decrypts, code-named “Ultra,” provided critical insight (though only partially) into the thinking of Hitler, the Nazi High Command, Nazi troop movements, and U-boat deployments. Some military historians write that the “Ultra Secret” was decisive to Allied victory in WW II. Bletchley Park also developed what is regarded as the world’s first computer to tackle the Enigma cipher.

    God bless Poland.

    hwriggles4: Let’s Roll indeed.

    Lepanto: Well done.

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