My View For Awhile: Humidity Edition – UPDATED

UPDATE 29 Sept:

I billed this as the humidity edition and I wasn’t kidding.  It has been hot and humid summer in Mad City, but “humid” is equivocal.

The sojourn in Florida was good, insofar as I had the chance to visit my mother for a few days.  She’s doing quite well.   It was, as I mentioned elsewhere, interesting to watch with her the Kavanaugh hearing the other day, given that she spent many years as a police detective investigating exactly the sort of thing that the woman alleged happened.  I don’t think I mentioned what she thought about her testimony before the Senate’s Judiciary Committee, but… she didn’t buy it.   She pointed out some real problems with her presentation, particularly in her demeanor, her claims that there were certain things she didn’t understand, etc.  Afterwards, she was on the phone with her woman friend of many years who was also a career cop: she had the same sense.   Both of them reacted the same way on similar points of her time before the committee.  So, that was pretty interesting.

Otherwise, there was a fair amount of coping with the heat and humidity, as was expected.

Now, back north, where the leaves are changing.


People are chatty today. Texts are pouring in. When I got onto the ground my phone spooned like a pinball machine. People even turned and looked.


Originally Published on: Sep 24, 2018

Leaving a place of high humidity (at least right now a oh dark hundred) for a place of even higher humidity.

I’ve been exchanging texts this morning with friends about the betrayal of our Chinese brethren.

And I forgot my Kindle! It will be well-charged when I get home. So I’ll be reading off a smaller than usual screen for a few.


I got a post written in the lounge. I still have an article to write for the paper.

When they say “comfort”, they are not using the word in the same sense that normal people understand by the word.

In self- defense I have my earbuds in and a tune near max.

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  1. JonPatrick says:

    The betrayal of the Chinese Catholics has convinced me that there is truly a diabolical element at work in our Church. No one can believe they are truly that naive to believe the Chinese Government will honor its promises.

  2. Gab says:

    Bon voyage, Fr Z. Wish you a most excellent journey.

  3. Roy Hobbs says:

    Father… you sure do get around!

    And what a lovely picture of MSP.

    Safe travels.

  4. benedetta says:

    I’m glad to hear that you had a good visit with your mother, Father. She sounds very formidable.

  5. SKAY says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your mother’s views about the testimony at the judicial hearing.
    Even though I do not have her kind of technical job experience that adds so much
    to her opinion. I definitely agree with her. There is a lot of information out there about
    this woman’s background and even if half of it is true there are many reasons to be suspicious of her motives even above some of the problems with her testimony.
    I keep thinking about the Duke-lacrosse accusations by the woman in that case. One hundred
    Duke professors signed a letter supporting the woman and against the young men. It turned out
    she lied and many young lives and the lives of their families were turned upside down because of her lies that we were told that we had to believe.

  6. Nix89 says:

    Hey Fr. Z, we know a little about humidity here in SE Oklahoma. We were transferred here from NW Illinois 20 yrs ago and I still get homesick for the upper Midwest this time every year.
    Your mother’s take matches my own.
    Mrs. Kavanaugh’s expression during the judge’s statement brought to mind depictions of our Blessed Mother at the foot of the Cross. Hope that’s not blasphemy.
    Though I am not music app savy, I gather you are including a play list with your post. Leo Kotke!!! I thought I was the only one to remember Pamela Brown!
    Even got to see the artist in concert at WIU back in the day.
    God Bless you and Mary Keep you.

  7. clare joseph says:

    Nix 89, I also remember ‘Pamela Brown’. Can hear it playing in my head as I write this. Heard Leo Kottke in concert in San Francisco many years ago.
    It is crushing about the Chinese Catholics. So many faithful men of the Church in China who endured years of imprisonment and torture for the sake of the true faith….

  8. mattg says:

    That’s quite the flight line of 717’s!

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