VIDEO: Pro-abortion propaganda v. Catholics in NYC

Take a look at this propaganda video from a pro-abortion group in NYC.

Listen to what the respective sides chant.  Listen to the claims.

Think of how the Left and the Democrat Party of Death is calling for public action that is, in effect, violence.

NYC4AR – This Church Harasses Women from Erin Sheridan on Vimeo.


Their sacrament is abortion, which feeds directly into the demonic forces that demand human sacrifice.

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  1. Gab says:

    They “assaulted” them by praying the Rosary.

    Good! Should be more of it.

  2. John Grammaticus says:

    Taking down the roses and grinding them into the street………… enough said

  3. Pius Admirabilis says:

    Our Holy Mother Church is the only one who defends us against those satanic forces. Maybe it was not a good idea to watch this video before going to bed. I feel for those holy people, especially for the religious among them, who had to endure this travesty. This is unbelievable.

    On the other hand, those pro-abortion activists pretty much fit a certain stereotype: Hipsters, New Age hippies, homosexuals, social rejects. And their shouts were absolutely ridiculous. “Abortion is healthcare, and healthcare is a right”? Do they in their degeneracy really think that this actually makes sense? Let us ignore natural and Divine law for a moment here. This doesn’t even make sense from a purely logical point of view. How can people support this? Do they not understand what they are saying? This is mind-boggling.

  4. Matthew says:

    Abortion isn’t health care, no matter how many times someone chants it.

  5. RunsOnDecaf says:

    Our side was so beautiful, good, true. A peaceful procession with Our Crucified Lord at the front and Our Lady of the America’s leading us to Him. The propagandists didn’t do a very good job of making us look like assaulters. Crushing roses underfoot? They just looked angry and blood thirsty. Kyrie eleison.

  6. omgriley says:

    St. Louis de Montfort, in his book The Secret of The Rosary, explained that each Hail Mary is like a beautiful rose offered to Our Lady. The more Hail Marys we say devoutly, the more we shower Our Lady with spiritual bouquets of roses.

    With that in mind, the worst part of this video was watching the young woman stomping on all the roses. It was painful.

  7. JonathanTX says:

    Did the people that put up the roses and pamphlets really think they wouldn’t be immediately removed by the protesters though?

  8. Johanna says:

    I have a friend who is a working actress and also a evangelical Christian. She mostly reads for plays, commercials and independent films. She was telling me the other day about the alarming number of scripts she has received for horror films where the villan is a bloodthirsty Christian. She said it was every fifth or sixth script she has read recently, and she found it disturbing.

  9. SanSan says:

    So very sad to see these pro aborts in action. They are deaf to the Truth. Keep praying for their conversion. Our Blessed Mother will triumph! God bless the pro life warriors who continued the rosary unabated.

    When that guy said he was given a “concussion” by the pro lifers I almost spit out my coffee! Kind of hard to do since we don’t fight with fists…..just our rosaries!

  10. Deacon-X says:

    So we protest the “assault” of a protestor by calling for the on demand murder of children.

    What a sick and vile culture. Honestly, I am worried about the Apocalypse because of my own sinfulness, but I would welcome taking my chances to rid the Earth of this pestilential mindset

  11. Gaetano says:

    The act of trampling those roses says more than any thousand words that could be said on the subject. Wow.

  12. MrsMacD says:

    The Roses being crushed makes a nice parallel with the beautiful innocence they love crushing, in their sacred abortion right.

    The noise,
    Ears closed,
    Heart heardened,
    No room for gentle Jesus,
    Nor room for sweet Mary,
    Love crushed,
    Prayer purged,
    The noise.

    My eldest son has a friend. He and his father were praying for an end to abortion with an organised group. and the boy, saw one of these pro-aborts pushing a fence down over an old man, who was praying. The man was roused in this 12 year old kid and he shoved the fence back at the person who was pushing it down onto the elderly gentleman. The next day the headlines read,”Anti-abortionists assault protester.”

    They don’t care to be fair as long as they win their right to kill.

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