URGENT PRAYER REQUEST: Australia and removal of all abortion restrictions

From a reader…

Dear Fr Z I read your Blog all the time. At the moment we have some horrendous legislation before our parliament, with voting to commence next week. The vote will be an attempt to remove all legal restrictions concerning abortion (ie., up to term with minimal restrictions and safeguards) It is truly horrendous and soul destroying. Could you please pray and ask your prayer warriors to pray for us here in Australia (QLD) To especially petition Our Lord for a profound change of heart in all of our Politicians and for the defeat of the Legislation.

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  1. Late for heaven says:

    I’m on it now

  2. Tamara T. says:


  3. Gab says:

    Yes please pray for us down here in Australia. These horrendous abortion “laws” are already in effect in the state of Victoria and woe betide any doctor who refuses to perform them or even to advise against abortion. They be jailed. There are two people on trial currently for praying the Rosary near an abortion clinic. And the Australian bishops remain silent.

    And already in another state, South Australia, priests can be jailed for NOT breaking the seal of the confessional if a person confesses to child abuse. And the move is on for this to be law in other states.

    Mother of God, pray for us.
    St Mary McKillop, pray for us.

  4. HighMass says:

    Just read another Catholic website and one of the topics to read says quotes Bergolio as saying,

    Pope most worried about ‘polite’ demons” funny he should follow his own advice and clean house with his cronies who he has so much trust in. Cupich should be the first to be removed.

    Slight chance of that happening!

  5. Adelle Cecilia says:

    Yes, I recently read of some Australians pushing to legalize “post-birth-abortions,” for any or, even, no reason, since that’s how abortions work, anyway, and because mothers have a right to change their mind, after the fact, as well… =(

  6. psgarbi says:

    My rosary on October 13 will be prayed for this intention.

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