PHOTOS – Pontifical Requiem for Deceased Priests

Quickly, some photos from tonight’s Pontifical Requiem Mass celebrated for the deceased priests and bishops of the Diocese of Madison. The Extraordinary Ordinary, Bp. Morlino, celebrated the Mass and did the absolution of the catafalque.

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  1. Spinmamma says:


  2. Sseprn says:

    Thank you for sharing, Father. Another example of the True, Good and, especially here, Beautiful.I used to serve High Mass in Latin, in my youth. Miss those days.

  3. mibethda says:

    In the first two photographs, unless I am mistaken, it appears that the Assistant Priest (the cleric standing and then kneeling to the immediate left of Bishop Morlino during the Canon) is vested in a chasuble. Is that observation correct? I was under the impression that under the General Rubrics of the Code (135 e), an Assistant Priest in a Pontifical Mass was obligated to vest in cope.

  4. mibethda says:

    Actually, I was mistaken – I see from the photograph in the subsequent article that it is a cope with what appears to be a Y shaped orphrey.

  5. Our Lady of Good Help says:

    My husband and I were able to attend this most beautiful Holy Requiem Mass. It was well worth the few hour drive. Thank you Father Z, Bishop Morlino, Fr Heilman, Fr. Ripperger and all the other Holy priests for this great gift. God Bless you in your efforts to bring us this most Sacred Liturgy.

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