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Sweden has started “chipping” its residents

From Fabiosa: Have you ever thought that the science fiction film gadgets would be accessible in real life? And we aren’t talking about computers and mobile phones. Where some people are pleased and delighted about the advent of new technologies, … Read More

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Black Friday Online Shopping

Folks, please do me a favor. If you are shopping online today (lot’s of discounts), please use my Amazon search box on the right side bar. Even if you spot something at another site, just highlight/copy what you want elsewhere … Read More

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More garbage from Germany: Communion for Protestants

That caput malorum omnium, Germany, has produced another nasty that will take years of effort to clean up, if it can ever be cleaned up. LifeSite has it.  A German bishop, Felix Genn of Münster, published a guide about the pastoral care … Read More

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