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VIDEO: A few good men and The Present Crisis

A few…

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Beans v. the East – @MassimoFaggioli cheapshots Orientals

Ubiquitous and relentless self-promoter Massimo “Beans” Faggioli has eructed yet another oh-so clever tweet: Like Orientalism, Catholic Ad Orientalism assumes a certain role of Western civilization in global Christianity — Massimo Faggioli (@MassimoFaggioli) November 18, 2018 Huh? I haven’t paid … Read More

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The effect of the Extraordinary Form on vocations to the priesthood

From a reader… In recent weeks I recall reading here and elsewhere some encouraging speculation and projections about the numbers of vocations produced by traditional vs. non-traditional types of communities. I’ve discovered that my parish seems to support those projections. … Read More

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Dinosaur Media attack on Catholics who uphold Faith and Morals

UPDATE 20 Nov: Dreher’s take.  HERE Originally Published on: Nov 18 ____ From NBC comes a piece of sheer anti-Catholic homosexualist propaganda. A few points as a prelude. The homosexualists are working together with their allies in the dinosaur media to shift … Read More

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Truly pathetic musings at the Fishwrap about priesthood and those halcyon days of Vatican II

The Fishwrap sure lived up to its name this time.  Fishwrap (aka National Schismatic Reporter) has gushy piece about a reunion of old men who were seminarians of class 1966 at the Pontifical North American College in Rome.  The arrived in Rome in … Read More

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