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Contrasts of projected visions of the Church

At Church Militant, Michael Voris posted a sort of summary video commentary in the aftermath of the Synod (“walking together”).  What caught my eye comes at the end of his video commentary.  Michael juxtaposed images of the Summorum Pontificum procession … Read More

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VIDEO: A reaction to a first Traditional Latin Mass

This is pretty interesting. Here is a thoughtful young man with his observations about participating at a Traditional Latin Mass for the first time.

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GREAT NEWS! Baronius Press “Roman Breviary” AVAILABLE AGAIN!

This is great news for all those who have been seeking out the wonderful reprinting of the The Roman Breviary by Baronius Press. It is at long last back in print. I wrote about it in 2012. This is a … Read More

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Birettas and Berettas

This is different. Priests officially opening a new shooting range in Poland earlier this week pic.twitter.com/qF2w7JH5bV — Notes from Poland ?? (@notesfrompoland) November 4, 2018 I have a problem with both of these guys, who don’t seem ever to have … Read More

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“It is just a building.” – UPDATE: Like Planned Parenthood selling off baby parts.

UPDATE 5 Nov 2018: Here’s the deal.  I’ve been thinking about this demolition thing.  It’s not just a matter of demolishing a church and then selling the property. What happens is that scavenger experts come in and inventory all the … Read More

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