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Wherein Fr. Z rants

More and more I’ve been musing, under the shadow of shifting demographics and the Church’s self-devastation wrought by those in the stratosphere of power, about the short and long term of the Novus Ordo and TLM.  I’ve been wondering if, … Read More

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A solid “state of the question” VIDEO about The Present Crisis

When we write scholarly papers or monographs or theses, or even in depth blog posts, analyzing a burning question, we often begin with a status quaestionis section: What is the state of the question? This morning Michael Voris posted a “Vortex” … Read More

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In how many ways is this creepy?

We might make a list of how many ways this is a creepy. From Fox: Man, 35, reportedly marries computer hologram Surrounded by nearly 40 people, a 35-year-old man reportedly married a virtual hologram earlier this month. Akihiko Kondo, who … Read More

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