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Did an alien vessel just pass by? The mystery of Oumuamua.

Fascinating piece today at Spaceweather: DID AN ALIEN LIGHT SAIL VISIT THE SOLAR SYSTEM?: It sounds like a tabloid headline, but in this case it could be real. Mainstream researchers from the Harvard Center for Astrophysics have made the case … Read More

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My While For Awhile: Election Day Edition

I’m off to southern regions to visit my mother for a few days.   Florida is hotly contested.  I hope that my mere presence in the state will tip the election. My flight is delayed. Most Delta lounges these days … Read More

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JUST TOO COOL! Move to rename Hubble’s Law… for a priest

A reader alerted me to something for a Just To Cool entry, or perhaps Look! Up In The Sky! There has been a recommendation to rename, or rather amplify the name of Hubble’s Law after Fr. Georges Lemaître.   HERE … Read More

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