CNA Exposé: Archbp. Francis Chullikatt, Holy See’s former Observer at the UN

A long and disappointing read is available at CNA about Archbishop Francis Chullikatt the Holy See’s unfortunate former permanent observer to the UN , apparently a “nasty little man”.   It’s hard to imagine – or maybe it isn’t – how he has kept his head.

There is one curious thing, however, that caught my eye in the piece.


Terrence McKeegan, a former legal advisor to the Holy See’s mission to the U.N., told CNA that after he signed a one-year contract to work for the mission, Chullikatt arbitrarily cut his wages.

“On or about December 10 of 2013, I myself was informed by the nuncio that starting in 2014, he would only pay me half of the salary we had contractually agreed upon,” McKeegan told CNA.

McKeegan also noted that, beyond his contracted position, he was expected to serve, unpaid, as legal advisor to the non-profit Path to Peace Foundation, a legally distinct U.S.-based private foundation affiliated with the U.N. mission. McKeegan said he was not given access to records for the foundation, or invited to attend meetings.

The foundation, he said, helps fund mission operations and staff salaries. It also, according to its tax filings, has funded scholarships, seminars, and a U.N. internship program founded by Fr. Thomas Rosica.


Fr. Thomas “Ctrl+C” Rosica?


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  1. FrAnt says:

    The depth of filth and corruption in the Church is legion. How can a man with several credible accusations of wrongdoing move on to another prominent position in the Church? Where is the mercy shown the people who must endure a corrupt member of the clergy? Pope Francis is living up to his statement, “Who am I to judge?” Lord, how long must we endure this evil? Come and set your Church free. St. Joseph, protector of the Church. Pray for us.

  2. acardnal says:

    I can make a good guess where McKeegan’s misappropriated salary was spent . . . and it wasn’t reprogrammed to building a wall.

  3. Joe in Canada says:

    Arrgh! Those pesky interns!

  4. Atra Dicenda, Rubra Agenda says:

    Defrauding laborers…

  5. You will find a Francis Chullikatt among the presbyterate of every diocese in the land. You wouldn’t treat a dog the way they treat their parishioners. Eventually a wise bishop brings them to heal. Sometime, however, they get promoted, as this prelate was already well-practiced in his dubious behavior.

    Pray for our priests, for the Evil One seeks them out, to strike at the heart of the fold, that the sheep may scatter.

  6. Traductora says:

    Very bizarre, and of course the ugly head of Rosica rears again.

    That said, this priest is very typical of many Indian priests in my diocese. We’ve had a couple of problems, but the “problems” usually seem to be with women, which at least is normal. And this did not involve major harassment or corruption. It was sort of pathetic that he was so clueless that he was busy sending his missives to everybody in the diocese…sort of like “nitey-nite baby,” but not quite, because the latter suffered no ill could consequences since he’s white, wealthy and an FOF (Friend of Francis).

    The big problem is that while many of them are well meaning and decent, and are not harassing anybody of ether sex, they are not very well educated and in many cases very difficult to understand in English (to the point of being incomprehensible). On the diocesan level, they’re affordable because India has a surplus of priests and we aren’t producing many of our own. Still, it’s hard to imagine in this case why such an incompetent person was appointed to such an important position.

  7. stuart reiss says:

    Traductora yours are sweeping generalisation about Indian priests, verging on racism. Quite inappropriate. The last time I was in the US, in North Carolina, I couldn’t understand a word of what the priest said in his ‘sermon’, and he seemed to be a typical heterodox product of a North American seminary, no doubt a FOF as you point out. However, there’s PLENTY of excellent North American priests and Bishops, as much as there are very good Indian priests and Bishops, from the sub continent. And thank God, they have an abundance in vocations.

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