Does anyone have a 1959 Cantus Passionis? Post-1955?

You know what would be really useful? A reprint of the 1959 Cantus Passionis. I think that was the last version published before the Flood struck.

It could be that the traditional movement is heading in the direction of the pre-1955 Holy Week… and other rites. It could very well be. In that case, there are still quite a few editions available, even in the three volumes, of the Cantus Passionis. But given that there wasn’t a very long period to settle in after 1955 before the massive and largely uneeded, unsought innovations were artificially imposed by the rogues of the Consilium, there aren’t many copies of the 1959 edition around.

Does anyone out there have one?

Can we work something out for a reprint or a high quality two-color PDF that we could print and bind?

And before some well-intentioned folks jump in with, “I have a 1953 version!  Will that help?”  Well…. no, given that I’m looking for a post 1955 edition, not a pre-1955 edition.

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  1. Kenneth Wolfe says:

    From this PDF…

    …a beautiful typeset was done for Good Friday here:

    The person that posted that also noted this book is available:

  2. Forgive the repeat of my comment on a previous post.

    Yes, there is a published (in print) version of the Passions (all four) according to the norms of the 1950s reforms. The only “problem” is that the music is that proper to the Dominican Rite. But I would thank that better than nothing. Here is a link to the order page:

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