Ritual bowl for demonic Pachamama placed on St. Peter’s altar at closing Mass of #AmazonSynod

Robert Moynihan is a long-time vaticanista.  In his latest “Letter #59, 2019: In plain sight“, he looks into the pagan element worked into the closing Mass of the Amazon Synod (“walking together”).  We had speculated about whether or not the wooden demon idols of Pachamama, a demon goddess to whom human sacrifice was offered, a kind of “mother earth” embodiment, but clearly demonic, would be involved at the closing Mass of the “walking together”.   Nope. No demon statuette.

That doesn’t mean that Pachamama, the demon pagans worshipped with human sacrifice, wasn’t being openly honored during the Mass, and even put on altar of St. Peter’s, above the bones of the Apostle!

Moynihan at great length establishes with reference to video of the closing Mass the bringing forward at the offertory a bowl with a plant that that Francis instructed Msgr. Guido (that poor man) Marini to put on the altar.  Of course gifts at the offertory are NOT to be placed on the altar, much less trash like this.

What was put on the altar?

A bowl of dirt with various plants, one with red flowers.

Those are ugly plants.  Since they are not beautiful, they must have some other meaning or purpose.

Skipping to the point… Moynighan posted:

Then, after further searching, I learned that a bowl of soil with plants in it is often connected with ceremonial rituals involving Pachamana.

There is one among many websites that describes the ritual (link):

“If it is difficult for you to move to a natural space to offer to Mother Earth, do not worry, you can perform your own ritual at home:

“- Use a bottle or flower pot full of dirt, there you proceed to make a hole, it is recommended to do it with your hands to connect with the energy of the ritual[This goes back to what happened in the Vatican Gardens… the pagan, demonic ceremony.]

“- A kind of well is made, and food and drinks are poured for the enjoyment of the Pachamama.

“- The food option is extensive, one can place anything from fruits to Creole foods and seeds. In the case of drinks, chicha, natural juices, honey, wine, even coca leaves are suggested.

“- Then we proceed to cover it with dirt and flowers.

“Every year more people join in and they learn to leave our daily work and reflect and realize who we are, where we are and have this gesture of recognition and thanks to Mother Earth, which we say is humanity, the earth, the air, the animals, the water, the fire, which is everything that makes our life.”

Also: “You should never miss something red, it is the favorite color of the Pacha!  [Red flower.]

So it seemed that the bowl of flowers presented at the offertory of the final Synod Mass, and then placed on the altar during the consecration, may have been connected with a ritual of veneration, and thanks, to Mother Earth, known as Pachamana…

So the images were not in the basilica, but perhaps an offering to Pachamana, in a bowl, was…

Ann Barnhardt has the goods on this black bowl.  HERE  She has several posts.  In summary….

These black bowls, the same as the one with the red flower on the altar of St. Peter’s, were all over the place in the Synod Hall.

They were all over the church Santa Maria in Traspontina, where all the evil displays and presence of this demonic shaman and women religious were found all day.

The black bowl was in the pagan Vatican garden ceremony in honor of Pachamama:

Look on the left.

A closeup shows there is a symbol on the bottom of the upturned bowl.  Ann may have found a version of that symbol, which is, surprise, for Pachamama.

Detail… rotated.

With a red flower in honor of the demon goddess on the altar at St. Peter’s at the direction of Francis.

So, an obvious of statue wasn’t placed on or near the altar of St. Peter’s Basilica, but this instrument with the demonic symbol was placed on the mensa of the altar of Sacrifice directly over the bones of Peter himself.

The implications of this are, frankly, horrifying to contemplate.


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  1. guatadopt says:

    “Pleased to meet you…hope you’ve guessed my name”

  2. Sieber says:

    Any similar displays in the Pauline Chapel?

  3. dbf223 says:

    Good grief. “When you see the abomination of desolation standing in the holy place, then let those in Judea flee to the mountains. A person on the housetop must not go down to get things out of his house, a person in the field must not return to get his cloak. Woe to pregnant women and nursing mothers in those days.” What about those in the midwest USA – where should we flee?

    [To a well worn pew in a church or a familiar spot on the floor of your home where your knees can make their mark. The Traditional Latin Mass and the Rosary.]

  4. Amerikaner says:

    Looks like the enthronment folks that Malachi Martin alluded to back when are still around and doing their thing. Makes you worry about what sorts of ceremonies are being held in secret.

  5. Cy says:

    Is this the behavior of a Pope?

    See too; in the images and video posted by Barnhardt, that Bergolio’s hand-picked employee and organizer of this Synod Cristiane Murray — see how she placed the “tucum ring” atop the Ring of St. Peter and Bergolio smiles.


    How much doubt is necessary to become meaning?

  6. John21 says:

    I take it that this is the desolating abomination of our time…what an honor to be alive for these crazy days.

  7. ThePapalCount says:

    Lord, what would you have us do? Lead us. Guide us.
    Where must we look to find your Church?

  8. RosaryRose says:

    Reviewing battle plans. Praying daily rosary, going to confession regularly, making sacrifices, fasting. I would absolutely not be surprised to see a Bishop in white climbing over the bodies of fallen religious. (Predicted at Fatima)

    I just heard about St Padre Pio’s warning of three days of darkness. Is that a true warning? Never heard of it. Seems pretty serious.

  9. Ages says:

    How can this be anything else but apostasy?

  10. Lurker 59 says:

    Yes. Also because Pachama is an earth demon, a wooden figure is more of an image and the potted plant — really the earth that the plant is growing from is — would be a physical manifestation. A more true idol is created from that which the demon is because of part of the worship is about the creation of totems/talismans/true idols that attempt to bind the demon to that which they are so that the shaman can control/appease the demon during ritual, especially ritualistic sacrifice of some kind. Pagan worship of this kind is not a symbolic worship form. For example, a Buddha statue is a symbolic representation of Buddha and is just a statue. Potted plants, might not be a potted plant. You’d have to know how potted plant was created if it was just picked up from a local florist (thus a symbolic representation) or if it was ritually created to be a physical localization of the demon. (Was it ritually created during the Vatican Garden pagan ceremony? Looks possible.)

    At the very best, it is new-age claptrap that has its roots (pun intended) in demonic prayer forms. At worst, it is the direct thing. You need an expert on the Latin American occult practices to distinguish.

    A huge problem is Pope Francis’ “humility”. He might just have done something without thinking from his cultural and Latin American Jesuit background but he is precisely prideful enough to want to stick it in the eye of his “enemies” and go full bore when warned about things. Obstinance from wounded pride is a hard thing to overcome.

    I do wish that the Vatican Gardens ceremony would be looked into a bit more because that looks like an initiation ceremony of some sort.

    It is a very good thing that Catholics are using demon worship to describe these things. There is a marked difference between different forms of paganism. Fertility cults are nasty ancient things and as I have pointed out elsewhere, they are not strictly about life but are very much entwined or twined with death. It is death worship in as much as it is the worship of life.

    It is better to worship Zeus than this type of stuff. This is OT Baal level paganism. People make a lot about Assisi but Buddha was a real person and the religion is more of a philosophical system. This is a demon, even if derivative new-age claptrap. People are tricked by a Ouiji Board because it looks cute and sounds harmless. So too will people be tricked by the kitsch arts and crafts level demon idol and “potted plant”.

  11. swvirginia says:

    I always thought that nothing could be on the altar except bread and wine to be consecrated. I just don’t understand how some dirt and plants could be present on the altar during the consecration–do the dirt and plants become consecrated?

  12. OssaSola says:

    Isn’t P-mama also fond of baby llamas and guinea pig sacrifices? But I digress. While of course I say a daily rosary, I’m adding a creme brulee torch to my everyday carry in case I need to step up to the altar, heist an idol, and roast it in the parking lot.

    I am the Catholic Maccabee!

  13. Jacob says:

    This comment at Rorate where someone copied something written by Dr. Moynihan the day the conclave began has always given me the chills. It was prophetic.

    “It is a dangerous time. Pray for us.” I wonder if that cardinal is still living.

  14. Cy says:

    Another issue is that some Amazonian ‘activists’ (for lack of a better word) promote/view the concept that indigenous plants (drugs like ayahuasca) can be “indigenous forms” of “Communion.” I’m not a botanist so don’t know what was in that bowl.

    Here is an account from a “lay missionary” from Peru:

    *** “The radical solution is to replace our “western” sacraments with the sensitive signs used by the aborigines themselves to enter into “communion” with the cosmos — for example, ayahuasca. This is the suggestion of Polish lay missionary, Miss Dominik Szkatula: “The constitutions of the Church tell us that there is no Christian community without the Eucharist. It is a humiliating thing [for indigenous people], to say that [indigenous communities] are incomplete. There are different ways in which people communicate with God. Imagine my surprise one day, I had been here [in Peru] for a while, as a young Indian man told me: ‘We communicate with God through ayahuasca.’ Why not? Through the plants, they are closer. In our [European] countries, we say, ‘I will go to rest in nature.’ But here they have it inside, they communicate with plants, on the hill. … What we contemplate in chapels, in the Blessed Sacrament, they contemplate in another, also good way.” She concludes by saying that if the Synod is held to make the Church stronger in the Amazon “so that we have more seminars to clericalize and sacramentalize, it will be a failure.” ***


  15. Lurker 59 says: It is better to worship Zeus than this type of stuff.

    Scripture says ALL the gods of the Gentiles are devils. Psalm 95:5.

  16. jdt2 says:

    Thank you, Father. I don’t know if this is the work of men who are all very stupid, vindictive or horribly evil, but very upsetting to behold.

    Mother of God, protect the Church.

  17. Fr_Andrew says:

    An SSPX priest who is a friend passed me their Superior General’s commniqué calling for a day of penance and Masses of reparation.

    Sounds like something we could and should all do, if not more!

  18. Steven says:

    The near-inevitability of such an occurrence as this is part of what drove me to the FSSPX, despite living in a “good” diocese. Water finds its level, and the level of the post-conciliar Church is heresy, apostasy, and idolatry. May God have mercy on us all.

  19. Lockwood says:

    What was in the black bowl placed on the altar seems to have been intended to be a lot more than just a ‘plant’, and probably more than merely a veneration of the P-demon. The National Catholic Register article linked to a comment from Mark W on the P-prayer post earlier today includes the following:

    “The plant, which filled a small pot, had been grown during the three weeks of the synod from seeds of corn brought from Brazil, the person who brought the seeds explained in a brief interview.”

    From the same article:

    “Francis used a new pastoral staff, which the Vatican said was a gift to him from the synod. Made in dark wood with a simple Latin cross at the top, the staff also included the inscription “IHS” and what appeared as indigenous depictions of the four Gospel writers.”

    “What appeared as indigenous depictions of the four Gospel writers”……? Frankly I am afraid to think about this.

  20. TRW says:

    Spiritual chastisement.

  21. Robert_Caritas says:

    If I were a priest I would be saying masses to ask God to break whatever occult magic was done during the Synod. I would also say a few exorcisms. The long form Saint Michael one was actually specifically written by Leo XIII for such evil entering the Vatican:

    “Where the See of the Blessed Peter and the Chair of Truth have been set up for the light of the gentiles, there they have placed the throne of the abomination of their wickedness, so that, the Pastor having been struck, they may also be able to scatter the flock.”

    I can testify from aiding in deliverance in ministry that such prayers are *very* effective. Years of suffering can simply be stopped sometimes with a simple and *properly aimed prayer* at the specific demonic link.

    So now that you have the actual pictures and even the name of the demon, by the power of your priesthood, *break the occult links.* This will clear a lot of room for the Holy Spirit and holy angels to work in the Vatican, now when they are very much needed.

  22. Kathleen10 says:

    When Notre Dame burned we wondered. What did it portend. Here we are months later and our pope has broken the First Commandment for all the world to see. He has blessed the manifestation of a demon idol on sacred ground, and encouraged the worship of that false demon by the faithful.
    Things cannot possibly just go on as before, because nothing is the same. Even the destruction of the priesthood, the introduction of a new order for female diaconate, the fact that he has not confirmed his belief in Christ as divine, all these pale in comparison to what he has done. There is no excuse, we all saw it, we are all capable of using simple Catholic understanding to identify this for what it is.
    We await the Cardinal or bishop who will publicly warn the faithful and identify this man as a heretic.
    What comes after that only God knows, but that is what needs to happen. Please God, raise up that man who will put You and the flock before themselves.

  23. tho says:

    These abominations all began with Vatican II. Pope Francis and his idol worshippers are the fruit of liberal modernism. We are reaping what Pope Paul VI, and his open the windows predecessor said that we should do. Now we have “make a mess” Pope Francis, doing what he said he would do.
    What I, as a half educated layman suggest, is that we close the windows, clean up the mess, and go back to where we once were. At least then we were sane, not insane.

  24. GregB says:

    I’m not sure if anyone has already commented on it but I find the fertility idols to be an odd choice. Don’t Pope Francis and his globalist elite environmentalist type buddies back an environmentalist anti-fertility agenda of population control? Most, if not all, of the developed nations are below replacement birth rates. Talk about cognitive dissonance.

  25. Kathleen10 says:

    hey guatadopt, exactly.

  26. NBW says:

    Pray, and fast. This is unsettling to see. I am saying all my prayers in Latin from now on!

  27. LeeGilbert says:

    May another take his office.

  28. Benedict Joseph says:

    The placing of this pagan pot of dirt on the high altar during celebration of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is another example of the subterfuge employed by the Bergoglians. Subterfuge: the defining characteristic of this element within the Roman Catholic Church. What else need be said? Who might be thought to be the father of subterfuge? Of deception? Of lies?
    For a time I thought these people were simply closeted atheists with a romantic attachment to their childhood Catholicism. Bad as that would be I’m not so sure anymore.
    “The implications of this are, frankly, horrifying to contemplate.”
    Indeed they are.

  29. Spinmamma says:

    Alas! We are beginning to learn the true meaning of “Lamentations.”

  30. Marion Ancilla Mariae II says:

    From Prayers and Devotions to Saint Peter: “O Jesus, living cornerstone and Head of Thy Church, which Thou hast redeemed, purchased, and cleansed with Thy holy Blood, preserve her, Thy spouse, from sacrilege, heresy, and schism; unite all her members in faith, hope, and charity; let the daily Sacrifice of the altar, and prayer, never cease, but be for ever presented to Thy heavenly Father to obtain us grace and blessing, pardon and salvation. Amen.”

  31. The Cobbler says:

    …Mother Earth, which we say is humanity, the earth, the air, the animals, the water, the fire, which is everything that makes our life.

    Pinging the back of my brain…

    I arise today through a mighty strength:
    The invocation of the Trinity

    I arise today through the strength of Heaven
    The light of the sun
    The radiance of the moon
    The splendor of fire
    The speed of lightning
    The swiftness of wind
    The depth of the sea
    The stability of the earth
    The firmness of rock

    God’s shield to protect me
    God’s host to save me
    From snares of devils
    From temptation of vices

    I summon today all these powers between me and those evils
    Against every cruel and merciless power that may oppose my body and soul
    Against incantations of false prophets
    Against black laws of pagandom
    Against false laws of heretics
    Against craft of idolatry
    Against spells of women and smiths and wizards
    Against every knowledge that corrupts man’s body and soul

    I arise today through a mighty strength
    The invocation of the Trinity

  32. PetersBarque says:

    The jig is up. The emperor has no clothes. Jorge is not Catholic and for that matter, neither are a vast number of slimy bishops and cardinals who don’t care who they scandalize along their blazing path to destroy Tradition. But they do not own the Church. The day is far spent, people. It is time for us to figure out how to ban together to either fraternal correct these bastards or kick them the hell out of the Church.

  33. Suburbanbanshee says:

    There was a lot of this junk going on in the US, back in the Eighties and beyond. Remember all the terrible pictures of the crucified “Sophia,” and all the stupid Astarte raisin cakes?

    The major difference is that people could more easily recognize that junk, and either resist it or beat feet. Picking some weird political version of some Andes goddess is a little more obscure.

  34. FN says:

    @GregB: I suspect that the choice of a fertility idol makes a horrifying kind of sense. In the olden days, fertility cults often demanded human sacrifice. The cult of modernist ideology also demands human sacrifice, to the tune of millions of unborn babies every year. It’s the same old thing in modern clothing: to “save” our “mother earth,” we must sacrifice our babies. I write this with my own adorable newborn by my side and my heart breaks for all the other little ones cruelly deprived of life and love. May God protect the innocent in these dark days, and may the Cardinals be inspired by the Holy Spirit to stand up and denounce this apostasy.

  35. Rob83 says:

    It isn’t just the smoke of Satan nor just a crack in the Vatican these days. Profaning the high altar of St. Peter’s on the feast day of Christ the King with a demonic bowl is about as clear a declaration of war against Christ and the Church as it’s possible to make.

    Recent events have brought to mind the plot of a novel written in the late 90s that featured a scenario where the real pope was presumed to have drowned although unbeknownst to the cardinals and nearly everyone else, the pope survived but was incapacitated for quite some time while an anti-pope, seemingly validly elected, was running amok.

    The more time passes, the more it seems the only explanation that squares with the Church’s teaching on the office of pope is that Benedict is still the one holding that office, even though he is not publicly calling Bergoglio an anti-pope nor trying to claim he is the sole and rightful pope. Not exactly the meaning I would have thought of for “the one who should speak will fall silent”.

  36. Ages says:

    One can imagine a time when the Catholics of Rome would rise up and haul the Pope himself out and cast him into the river for doing this, together with his idols. And the same would happen in every diocese and parish that supports this project. They have no fear, they are bold in what they do.

    Prayer is fine, but faith without works is dead. If it is now up to the laity to preserve the faith, then the laity ought to bring about the appropriate fear of God in the apostates who run the church. The time to be meek and mild is over.

  37. Kostadinov says:

    on the third photo, that is Susan of the Parish Council, isn’t it?

  38. rtjl says:

    It seems to me that fertility religions almost always only appear to be about fertility. They are really about sex and, at best, sympathetic magic intended to make the crops grow. Somehow, they always seem to end up requiring the death of the children who are an undesired consequence of the sex that is at the heart of the fertility rituals. Baal and Astarte always end up requiring Moloch. And so it is in our day.

  39. JonPatrick says:

    @tho: “These abominations all began with Vatican II”. It actually goes back much further. VII was just the opportunity for the Modernists to put into practice what they had been planning all along. Check out Dr, Taylor Marshall’s book “Infiltration” for a good readable explanation.


  40. Marion Ancilla Mariae II says:

    I would like to pray that our Catholic people would face head on the difficult task of respecting the holy office of the Roman Pontiff, and the offices of the various cardinals and bishops, while yet realizing that some (not all) of the men who currently occupy these positions are no longer practicing Catholics.

    Why should we be so shocked? Millions among the Catholic laity no longer practice their Catholic faith, denying His right to kingship over their lives, yet continue to receive Jesus in Holy Communion. Millions among the Catholic laity more have abandoned Him altogether, walking away from The true Church and embracing others (especially Pentecostalism and non-Denominational Christianity). Millions of Catholics have committed the most abominable sin of abortion, or assisted another to procure abortion, or have professed to others their support for this abomination.

    So, again, why should we be shocked? God gives the Church the shepherds we deserve. And for those of us who have striven to remain true to Him, He Himself will lead us. Follow His standard, His banner. But remain loyal to THE OFFICE OF THE ROMAN PONTIFF. And pray for the man who currently occupies it.

  41. I think Moynihan is overreacting.

    That potted plant looks to me like exactly what it is: a potted plant.

    I don’t think the plants in the bowl are ugly: They look like rainforest shade plants, the kind of things that people have growing in their homes as houseplants, stuck into a bowl (which actually is kind of ugly) that says “Amazon.” The whole thing looks like a souvenir, analogous to those pots full of cacti that you can buy in the Southwest. The pots will typically say “New Mexico” or “Arizona” or whatever. As for the red flowers, lots of rainforest plants have red blooms–to attract birds, bats, insects, or whatever spreads their pollen. They’re very pretty.

    Not that a potful of plants belongs on a Catholic altar–but nowadays a lot of junk gets planted on altars: canned goods for the food drive, symbols of what the readings are supposed to be about, etc. My theory is that the woman carried the pot of plants up to the sanctuary and no one knew what to do with it so they stuck it onto the altar–a far corner of the altar, you’ll notice. Of course it should have been placed somewhere else, but I think that the general feeling was probably that it was a harmless symbol of the Amazon’s ecology. After all, wasn’t the synod actually supposed to be about the Amazon’s environment–before the German bishops decided to turn it into a referendum on married priests and women deacons?

    Furthermore, Moynihan fails to offer any actual proof that pots of houseplants are ever part of any actual Pachamama ceremony in the Amazon. His link doesn’t show any–only that the color red seems to be associated with the Pachamama. So I’m not losing any sleep over that particular pot of potted plants–except to note that it, like the hideous pregnanat “fertility symbol” did not belong inside a Catholic church.

    One of the strange things about the reporting on this synod, is that no one, absolutely no one, ever consulted with a professional anthropologist or archaeologist over whether any of this stuff, and especially the cheesy preegnant-lady statue, is actually an authentic part of Amazonian indigenous religion. That statue looks as though it was mass-produced for the tourist trade–which explains why there are so many of them. Latin America–and indeed North America–is full of phony rituals that claim to be authentically indigenous but were actually invented last year by some self-styled shaman. The rituals are full of environmental hoo-hah–because tourists love that kind of thing. Lots of candles and woo-hoo-hoo–along with those little altars that are basically blankets covered with yard-sale junk that look exactly like Wicca altars–and Wicca is itself a 20th-century creation that in no way resembles primordial spirituality of any kind. Why are reporters so lazy?

    Finally, did the Roman police actually dredge those statues out of the Tiber–or is that just what people are hoping? How did they find them? Did they float, not sink? Did the cops use a net? It would be fascinating to see what other things people throw into the Tiber.

    [You are kind, too kind in your attempt to explain away that bowl and plants and red flowers. But you are wrong. And the Pachamama stuff is real, truly demonic. And you don’t want to see anything in the Tiber, believe me.]

  42. For what it’s worth, as an Orthodox deacon (responsible inter alia for the altar space, holy table, etc.) I was taught that we NEVER put potted plants of any kind on the holy table. No soil on the holy table ever, full stop. Unfortunately, it happens out of good intentions, but thinking clerics should prevent it. (I don’t think what is happening on your side is out of good intentions.)

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