ACTION ITEM: Another young family man with ALS, “Lou Gherig’s Disease” – UPDATED

A little while ago, I posted about a young priest with ALS, Fr. Dana Christensen.  He has asked people to pray to Ven. Fulton Sheen for a miraculous complete cure.

Another affliction of ALS has stuck another young man I know, Rintaro Arakane, who does IT for the Diocese of Madison.  This is a great young man, with a family, a wife and infant daughter.

A GOFUNDME drive has been organized for Rintaro.


For example, how about praying to Ven. Augustus Tolton for a complete, swift and durative cure for Rintaro’s ALS?

Please couple that with giving up less than what you might spend on a Big Mac meal – heck, give up a meal! – for a donation?

It can be more than a Big Mac, too.

Will you help?   Lot’s people making even small donations turn into a powerful force.

You’ve done this often to great effect.  This is one of the ways this blog can bring forth corporal and spiritual works of mercy.

Tell them Fr. Z sent you!

The campaign was started a few days ago.  Let’s see if we can’t hit that mark so that they can raise the amount!

Here’s where they are now.

UPDATE 4 February 2020:

You did it!

I hope they raise the fundraiser goal.

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  1. JTH says:

    I wonder Father if Mr. Arakane has considered umbilical cord stem cell therapy. I hear it does wonders for all types of ailments.

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