There are so many things wrong with this.

The homosexualist activist Jesuit comes out with this.

There are so many things wrong with this.

First, Joe Biden may be Catholic, since he was baptized into the Catholic Church, but he is, objectively, a bad Catholic.

Second, networks might say that Biden will be President, but that isn’t necessarily what is going to happen.  Networks don’t get to decide that.

Third, “On Eagles Wings” and “Catholic culture” do not belong in the same sentence.

Fourth, Biden mentioned “On Eagles Wings” and Martin and his friends start calling each other?  Really?

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  1. As soon as I tuned in to the election coverage, it became clear that something was going on, and that the media, including Fox News, were in on it. You had networks calling states for Biden (a) before their polls closed; (b) 30 seconds after their polls closed; (c) with .0007% of precincts reporting in; (d) when the numbers showed Trump in the lead. Then there was the stopping of counting in swing states (curiously, states run by Democrats). Why was that necessary, if Biden were really winning? The networks’ stunt yesterday of calling the election for Biden is more of the same: pure psychological warfare, designed to dispirit Trump supporters, pressure Trump into conceding, and pressure us into pressuring Trump to concede. The vast and deep corruption throughout our society, and throughout our Church is staring us right in the face.

  2. Danteewoo says:

    Don’t worry about a Biden presidency. He’s as Catholic as the pope!

  3. Liz says:

    Gross. It all fits though!

  4. jhogan says:

    I was unimpressed by Biden’s speech. If it was a call for unity, it was a very lackluster one. He will not be President-Elect until the Electors vote in December—if he actually wins the vote then.
    As to “On Eagle’s Wings”, it is a favorite of the Modernists. I confess I enjoyed it until I came in from the cold (i.e. Modernism). I now find it wrong, particularly at liturgies.
    Tongue-in-cheek, it clear that Detroit and Philly are amateurs at the arranging of votes. They need a training seminar from the Chicago Dems who are the experts at vote arranging. After all, they have been doing it for decades. They always knew exactly how many votes they needed to win on the first go-around—none this “discovering” additional votes to be counted.

  5. JPCahill says:

    Marvelous. The unmentionable praises the unthinkable for quoting the unsingable. (You try hitting that first note spot on. One can probably do it after a few years at Jullliard. The rest of us . . . not so much. Not that we’d want to.)

  6. Michael Haz says:

    Donald Trump is more Catholic than Joe Biden, and Trump isn’t Catholic.

  7. Semper Gumby says:

    You who dwell in the shelter of the CHAZ
    Want Biden dictator for life
    Say to Warlord, “My ballot
    My vote for a dollar.”

    And he will raise you up on Nazgul wings
    Teach you how to guillotine
    Make you to commit arson
    And mock Jews and Christians in Gulag

    …fortunately, Chuck Norris was spotted early this morning galloping furiously across Texas hill country, shouting “Non possumus! Non possumus!”

  8. Semper Gumby says:

    Anita Moore O.P.(lay): Good points. Chris Wallace, first debate moderator, is a registered “Democrat.” Arnon Mishkin, Fox News Decision Desk director, is a registered “Democrat.”

    Michael Haz: Good point.

    jhogan: Mayor Daley, or Boss Daley, probably gave the 1960 election to JFK. Boss Daley’s son Bill Daley was Al Gore’s 2000 campaign chairman. “Never go against The Family.”

    By the way, James Martin SJ has a book out in February “Learning to Pray” endorsed by Bp. Barron WOF. The 2009 book “The Saint and the Sultan” about St. Francis of Assisi’s “peace mission” to the Sultan was endorsed by James Martin SJ (PBUH) and Horan of Babylon (PBUH). A good biography of St. Francis of Assisi was written by a commenter here, Augustine Thompson O.P.

  9. WVC says:

    Trump had the White House exorcised. He asked for and received a statue of Our Lady of Fatima. He sent out very Catholic proclamations and messages on most if not all Holy Days (not just Christmas and Easter but even Ash Wednesday and All Souls Day). But none of that counts because, you know, Orange Man Bad!

    Biden – yeah, he’ll bring back the old school Catholic culture. You know, Borgia style.

  10. WVC says:

    I heard about Bishop Barron endorsing Martin’s book. A WOF in sheep’s clothing? Just remember, it’s the Trads that are the REAL problem!

  11. Beltway Catholic says:

    I know this is an adolescent and sophomoric remark, but why does anyone take that nerd seriously? Is there a way we can shove him into a proverbial locker or knock his books out of his hands? Where are the cool kids when we need them?

  12. clare joseph says:

    Thank you!

  13. clare joseph says:

    The ‘Thank you’ is to Michael Haz.

  14. James C says:

    If you think that’s bad, wait till you see President Biden making war on babies, families and the Church while receiving communion every week from Cardinal Gregory. I can’t even!

  15. tho says:

    While attending a funeral mass, with all the eulogies, they played On Eagles Wings, and for a moment I thought I was in a roller skating rink.

  16. Michael Haz says:

    @ clare joseph – you’re welcome!

  17. bartlep says:
    Check out Attorney Sydney Powell explaining the HAMMER and SCORECARD. It appears that SCORECARD was used in 2012 in helping to elect Obama. It also helps to explain stopping the vote count on election night (when Trump was ahead in the battleground states; “computer glitches”; “internet outages”; GOP overseers blocked from polling stations.

    Most interesting is that Trump was winning in a landslide until these various “irregularities/shenanigans “ started going 100% in Biden’s favor. I’ve only taken one college statistics class but I know this is statistically impossible!

    Seeing the USCCB sending a welcome to Biden and asking for unity puts their credibility into the minus column for me! The deep state does not only exist in our politics but in our Church as well.

    St. Michael the Archangel…

  18. APX says:

    It makes logical sense that the Yahoo would mention the Yoohoo song.

  19. WVC says:

    @bartlep – it’s hard not to think that if it weren’t for the Pro-Life issue the USCCB would just flat out endorse anything and everything to do with the Democrat party, and even the Pro-Life issue they’re happy to downplay whenever possible.

  20. Suburbanbanshee says:

    If you want contemporary Catholic culture injokes, Chapter 10 of The Mandalorian had somebody reply to “May the Force be with you” with “And also with you.”

    But yeah, this is more like a reference to the Woman fleeing the dragon to a hidden place than to the song. Brrrr.

  21. Padre Pio Devotee says:

    Over 2,000 years of tradition and culture—-and the bone thrown to Catholicism was “On Eagles Wings.” A sloppy, sentimental song from one of the weirdest time in church history: the Mid 1970’s. I concur Father, “On Eagles Wings” and Catholic culture should not be in correlated with each other.

  22. MmeScherzo says:

    The US Coven of Commie Bashups have congratulated Biden as well. I guess it’s official….or possibly officious. We shall see.

  23. Semper Gumby says:

    bartlep: Speaking of the internet, you may be interested in a group known as “Defeat Disinfo.”

    This “group” is advised by retired Army general Stanley McChrystal, who a few years ago insulted VP Biden, was fired by Pres. Obama and recently endorsed Joe Biden for President.

    “As reported at RAIR Foundation USA, “Defeat Disinfo” reportedly uses taxpayer-funded technology “developed to counter Islamic State propaganda” to attack President Trump’s handling of the coronavirus. Defeat Disinfo is “an extension of” Main Street One, which floods social media with leftist narratives. While Main Street One is hired by unions and political campaigns to push an agenda, their strategy is to use existing (sometimes paid) social media influencers to appear organic.”

    “On October 6th, a left-wing super PAC encouraged followers to fund an ad blast on Facebook bashing the President’s handling of the Chinese coronavirus. Defeat Disinfo, advised by retired Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal, was founded to discredit President Trump via social media. Their most recent campaign is aimed at conservatives who have attended the president’s rallies. In particular, Defeat Disinfo is targeting Trump supporters in Duluth, MN and Middletown, PA.”

  24. JMody says:

    WVC – comparing the Borgias to the Bidens is a slur of the first order – I and the Borgias await your apology. ;)
    USCCB credibility … an oxymoron if ever there was one.
    Fr. Jimmy’s pants tingle when someone plays “On Eagle’s Wings”? Not surprised at all …

    But then today was the reading about the ten virgins, … and five are foolish …

  25. JPaulZ says:

    Imagine the Choir of Angels singing “On Eagles Wings” while escorting to heaven, a million aborted infants from the US each year. Brought to you by the Democrat party and enabled by V.P. Biden. Though it is difficult to imagine the Choir of Angels singing “On Eagles Wings”, well maybe impossible to imagine.

  26. ladydi_prays says:

    When Oh Lord will this heretic be given his just desserts and stripped of his priestly title???

  27. NOCatholic says:

    “On Eagle’s Wings” was popular in the Charismatic Renewal when I was heavily involved in the ’80s and ’90s. I’m still fond of it, although that like many other such songs is not really suitable for liturgical use (even though it frequently is so used).

    But that Joe Biden would make reference to it is appalling. The charismatics that I knew would never have approved of Biden’s pro-abortion stance in opposition to Church teaching. (Nor, I’m pretty sure, would they approve of Fr Martin’s playing footsie with Church teaching about same-sex acts).

    If Biden chooses to wear his religion on his sleeve, the next four years are going to feature a lot fo controversy between Biden and faithful Catholics.

  28. PostCatholic says:

    “On Eagles Wings” is merely poetic license with “Qui habitat in adjutorio Altissimi.” et seq. Insipid tune, granted, but it still seems entirely recognizable as Psalm 91. It’s even quite a bit more faithful to its source than say, “Joy to the World” is to Psalm 98, “Cantate Domino.” (See? It’s years since I read Divine Office but you never lose the memory of those incipits!)

  29. kurtmasur says:

    At least JFK was a Catholic attending the TLM (when the Extraordinary Form was still the Ordinary Form).

    Joe Biden? Ha! At the most he’s an NO president who is catholic with a lower case “c”. Double yuck.

  30. LarryW2LJ says:

    I’ve been away from the blogosphere for a while. I take it Fr. James said nothing when “Ave Maria” was sung AT the White House a few months back? BTW, I’d rather listen to “Ave Maria” than “On Eagles Wings” any day.

  31. Bev says:

    I am told by a friend who studied under the man who authored On Eagle’s Wings that the man who wrote the song hates the song and will flunk students who bring it up.

  32. The Masked Chicken says:

    So, I had to look into the music for, On Eagle’s Wings, as a musicologist, and the reason it is so hard to sing is that it is either a brilliant piece of avant-grade Catholic music or the most subversive offense to sight-singers in Catholic history. It is in D major, but the melody starts on a G major chord (subdominant, so, okay), but, then, Fr. Joncas starts the singing on the 7th note of the scale, the subtonic, C#, which just happens to be a tritone (augmented fourth) from the G bass of the G major chord. The tritone was called, Diabolus in Musica, the devil in music, a term that may go back to Guido of Arezzo, in the 11th Century. This makes the song almost impossible to start. I mean, name one piece of music that starts on the subdominant as a tritone. It is almost never done. The composer is either a genius or incompetent, at least with regards to how he started this piece of music. Perhaps, this is tone painting, with the “snare of the fowler,” being represented by a tritone, but I think that is stretching the interpretation.

    One could be a spooky conspiracy theorist and suggest that the psalm on which the song is based, psalm 91, was the psalm used to tempt Christ in his second temptation in the desert, but that would be unfair to the author, especially, since the psalm is, also, used in Night Prayer II for Sundays in the Liturgy of the Hours. This is an example of how selective reading can brand one as either a hero or villain. In fact, I am pretty sure that Fr. Joncas would never have thought that the song could be a tribute to temptation instead of a hymn of trust. Still, my points are two-fold: 1) this really is a poorly written song in some respect (unless the composer is using brilliant tone painting, which I doubt), and, 2) how easy it is to rashly judge based in incomplete evidence.

    The Chicken

  33. WVC says:

    I don’t know. Could’ve been worse. He could have made his reference to “Gather us in.”

  34. samwise says:

    Fr Joncas is in residence at UST. His writing is Orthodox
    Unfortunately, “On Eagles wings” has been lumped in w/ other Gather hymnal garbage that will soon fall like a house of cards. COVID-19 prevents people from singing & thankfully this has been a great opportunity for Gregorian chant! The only Latin Biden knows is a misuse (in his debate w/ Paul Ryan) of De Fide Doctrine. Otherwise, he is publically flaunting his officiating of gay weddings, etc

  35. NOCatholic says:

    WVC: ‘Could’ve been worse. He could have made his reference to “Gather us in.”’

    For the record, I never encountered “Gather Us In” or its even more evil twin, “Sing a New Church” in the Charismatic renewal. Encountering either in liturgy is the one thing in NO Masses that turns my stomach. Both are incredibly narcissistic.

    Masked Chicken: Yes, it is a difficult song to sing, for the musical reasons you mention, and that reflects on the composer. Thanks, though, for defending the lyrics against nefarious interpretations.

    kurtmasur: JFK was a conventional Catholic for his era. Among other things, he was a fourth degree member of the Knights of Columbus, very much a mainstream Catholic organization. Whether he would have preferred the NO or the TLM is impossible to know for certain.

    What is true, is that JFK was a Catholic without public conflicts with Catholic doctrine. The same cannot be said for Joe Biden.

  36. WVC says:

    @Masked Chicken – so, you’re saying it ISN’T a song about Middle Earth? Now I’m really confused.

  37. WVC says:

    @NOCatholic – I would say, though, that JFK had lots (and lots and LOTS) of private conflicts with Catholic doctrine, especially on the moral teaching side of the house. But, by the looks of Hunter Biden’s laptop and emails, so does Joe Biden. So I guess they do have some things in common!

    Philosophically, though, I think one can certainly draw a line from JFK that leads to Biden. From the beginning to the culmination of “Yes that’s what I privately believe but I won’t let my Faith interfere with how I make political decisions.”

  38. LarryW2LJ says:

    We owe “While I’m personally against abortion ……….” to Mario Cuomo and his misguided spiritual advisors.

  39. teomatteo says:

    Nice to read that Chicken. I think i know now why that songs starts bad… and all these years i thought it was my tin ear.

  40. PostCatholic says:

    The Masked Chicken, thank you for breaking down the music theory of the song. I’ve always found it a bit insipid and like you, difficult to sing. I do think the lyrics are quite faithful to the text of Qui Habitat, though, no?

  41. Rob in Maine says:

    I have it written in my last will and testament that Amazing Grace and On Eagles Wings will NOT be sung at my funeral.

  42. seeker says:

    Bev-made my day, laughed out loud.
    Masked Chicken – you’re a musicologist? Cool. Very much enjoyed the analysis of OEW.
    WVC-thanks a whole lot for a second horrible song in my head.
    The USCCB congratulating two of the most ardent supporters of abortion and gay marriage is US political life have now rendered themselves useless to both orthodox and name only Catholics. Does one of the ‘Cs’ stand for China?

  43. KateD says:

    Oye Vey!

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