ASK FATHER: Bishop says no TLM on weekdays

From a reader…


It seems that the diocese has disallowed the celebration of any daily Masses to be in the EF, after finally adding an official EF to the regular Sunday schedule.

You’ve said multiple times that a priest is allowed to celebrate Mass in the EF if he so desires, is it really licit for a bishop to say
that they cannot be said (at least “publicly”) on any day other than Sunday?

I’d be interested to read what the diocese really says.

A bishop can’t prevent a priest from offering the Traditional Latin Mass during the week.  Some have tried a tricky game of “requiring” a daily Novus Ordo Mass.  That only seems to inhibits a priest from offering a TLM on his own volition, considering the general principle against bination. Virtually all dioceses grant to priests to binate, and COVID-1984 even to trinate.

Moreover, a priest is permitted a day off.  What he does on his day off is his own business.  If in the morning of Father Bueller’s Day Off the doors of the church should be unlocked – as on every other day – precisely at 8:45 a.m.…

Anyway, it is hard to comment more without the authentic text the diocese gave to the priests.

Lastly, this libs don’t get it.  The more they try to suppress it, the more it will grow.  That is because this is of God.

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  1. exNOAAman says:

    “…Father Bueller’s Day Off…”
    Good one ; an inventive writer could run with that.
    On the last line , ” the more it will grow”; I pray you’re right Padre.

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