For you who voted for Democrats in the last election, please give this statement some thought.

From LifeSite:

Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she should be able to get communion even though she is a pro-abortion Catholic. The ardent abortion advocate insists she can use her own judgment on whether or not she is eligible to receive the sacrament despite winning pro-abortion awards and blocking a bill to stop infanticide.

“I think I can use my own judgment on that,” Pelosi said of receiving Holy Communion.


For all of you who voted for Democrats in the last election, give this some thought.

“or obstinately persevering in manifest grave sin”

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  1. GregB says:

    Adam and Eve kept their own counsel when they ate the forbidden fruit. The Jews also did their own thing when they built the golden calf, breaking a solemn blood covenant. The “Our Father” says: “Thy Kingdom come. Thy Will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.” We pray this just before receiving the Eucharist. How many people really mean it?

  2. ChrisP says:

    Have been pondering this attitude more and more lately, in the light of the sublime lives and preaching of St Bernadine of Siena and St Leonard if Port Maurice.

    As many here will know, both great saints indicated God’s judgement manifests in phases, and as the human heart becomes more obstinate in sin en masse, His mercy withdraws and His justice proceeds.

    And nothing can stop it, because we asked for it. Individually and collectively.

    Ave Maria, ora pro nobis. St Joseph, Terror of Demons, Lover of Purity, intercede for us.

  3. CasaSanBruno says:

    Such horrors of sacrilegious Communions ought to move us to more fasting, penance, and Holy Hours of reparation to the Sacred Heart.

  4. Chrisc says:

    In those days there was no king in Israel, and everyone did what was right in his own eyes.

    One could substitute shepherd for king, I think.

  5. grateful says:

    There but for you, go I?

  6. JonPatrick says:

    The most charitable act would be for the clergy involved to refuse her communion but this has not happened although her bishop has spoken out. The Vatican has quashed even the timid efforts of the bishops to make a statement on this. God’s judgement will fall equally on them as well as the politicians for their lack of charity.

  7. JustaSinner says:

    Well now, sorry Father, but I’m not listening to YOU anymore! I’m going with the advice and council of the Living Saint, Saint Nancy of San Francisco. She’ll NEVER lead me astray and the path with her will be SO easy…not hard like yours!

  8. “I think I can use my own judgment on that,” Pelosi said of receiving Holy Communion.

    And God will use His own judgement on her.

  9. rtjl says:

    Yup. You can indeed use your own judgment on that. But you need to understand that it won’t be final judgment.

  10. JTH says:

    Bishop Rene Gracida excommunicated a Catholic woman who owned and operated an abortion clinic.

    Too bad we don’t have such bishops today.

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  12. Semper Gumby says:

    Pelosi is setting herself up for a big surprise.

    JTH: There are a few bishops working on denying Communion to so-called “pro-choice” politicians, may their ranks increase. Then there’s bishops such as Tobin and Cupich. Recently, Cardinal Muller told Raymond Arroyo that “I think these two bishops [Tobin and Cupich] came to Rome as members or representatives of the Democrat [Death] Party but these two bishops are representatives of Jesus Christ.”

    Many societies around the world allow, even encourage, dismembering a baby in the mother’s womb and selling the body parts for profit and experimentation. That situation is unsustainable. The Second Nuremberg Trial will be one for the ages.

  13. KateD says:

    “Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she should be able to get communion even though she is a pro-abortion Catholic”.

    Satan believes he should not have to submit to God.

    Like father, like daughter.

    Pray for the scales to fall from her eyes, for her heart and intellect to be moved to compassion for the innocents murdered through abortion and for her conversion to Catholicism.

    And, if this is how badly she mis-interprents the plain text of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, is it any wonder that she also doesn’t legislate well?

    Pelosi and Biden obviously have a fundamental inability to comprehend very plain text. It really shows that they believe it’s okay to completely disregard the rules before them and do as they wilt and call it “Catholicism” or “Constitutional”.

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