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In Reykjavík, 50 years ago today, there was one of most interesting of games between defender Spassky (white) and challenger Fischer (black), Game 13.

It was back and forth but it seemed to be a draw. At move 42 they adjourned (which is something that doesn’t happen now). Fischer stayed up all night working on it and was able to force a … victory. The Soviets were convinced only a draw might be possible. When Spassky resigned, he remained in his seat going over what had happened in shock. People look at the game even now and struggle with it: Black Fischer pulled it out with his rook trapped in the corner by a bishop and pawn: a king and five pawns against a king and rook. Download the PGN.

Meanwhile the drama about row removal and accusations from the Soviets of chemical or electronic mind control are going on.

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