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Canadian Anglicans vote to unite with Rome

From the blog canterbury tales: A recent meeting of leaders in the Anglican Catholic Church of Canada (ACCC) voted to unite with the Roman Catholic Church through the Apostolic Constitution created by Pope Benedict XVI.  [Do I hear an “Amen!”?] … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Mass obligation and Traditional Anglican Communion

From a reader: Can a Roman Catholic fulfill her Sunday Obligation at a Traditional Anglican Communion church that is part of one of the Pro-Dioceses awaiting the construction of the Ordinariate for the United States? In the Code of Canon … Read More

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SSPX reaction to the Anglican Ordinariate and the recent converts

Long-time participant HE alerted me to the following from the site of the SSPX. They are happy about the reception of so many former Anglicans entering into the Roman obedience. As you know, Anglicans are able to enter full union … Read More

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An Anglican priest on his way in opines

A reader alerted me to a blog written by an Anglican priest making his way into the Roman Catholic Church and the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham for Tunbridge Wells in Kent. Keeping in mind that Catholics do not … Read More

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What do you give up when you convert?

When Anglicans in England come over to Rome, they will give up a great deal. In many cases they may have to give up their churches. For you in the burbs, that wouldn’t be a big deal.  But consider how … Read More

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Anglican Archbp. Williams is in Rome. No, he is dry. No swimming.

From CNA: Vatican City, Nov 18, 2010 / 02:28 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- The head of the Church of England, Archbishop Rowan Williams of Canterbury met privately in Rome with Pope Benedict XVI on Nov. 18. The meeting comes at an … Read More

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5 Anglican bishops intend to use Anglicanorum coetibus

Keep repeating: Benedict XVI is the Pope of Christian Unity. From the UK’s best Catholic weekly, the Catholic Herald, comes this about Anglican bishops who will be coming into unity with England’s Church of origin the Catholic Church. Five traditionalist … Read More

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Need another reason for Anglicanorum coetibus?

If you were looking for another reason why the Pope Benedict, the Pope of Christian Unity, issued the provisions of Anglicanorum coetibus, take a look at the liturgy recently perpetrated at an Episcopalian church in Pittsburgh. The whole this is … Read More

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TAC Archbp. Hepworth on Anglicanorum coetibus

In the Church Times (Issue 7663 – 29 January, 2010), an Anglican publication which is not connected with the Anglican hierarchy we find this. My emphases and comments: Archbishop Hepworth: took up ARCIC and “got what we wanted” GRAHAM HOWARD … Read More

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The Pope of Christian Unity address the CDF

Remember to refer to Pope Benedict as "the Pope of Christian Unity"… for indeed he is. Liberals will try to cling to what they perceive as their right to define what ecumenism means as well as with whom and how … Read More

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Benedict XVI’s Anglican provisions like the razing of ecumenical Berlin Wall

In your discussions of things ecumenical, remember to refer to Pope Benedict as "the Pope of Christian Unity". A reader alerted me to the following piece In the Canadian daily The Globe and Mail by Ian Hunter, Ian Hunter is … Read More

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Good reason #65648 for Pope Benedict’s Anglican Provisions

Not long after Anglican Archbishop Williams stood up in public and waved to the planet wearing funky colored gloves, in the wake of his comments that Benedict XVI’s provisions for traditional Anglicans could be seen as "theologically rather eccentric", I … Read More

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Nothing “eccentric” about this theology! Nosirrie!

Whose theology is "eccentric"? The Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury opined that for some (no doubt himself included) Benedict XVI’s provisions for Anglicans are "theologically rather eccentric". This from the fellow who recently got together with friends for an ecumenical conflab … Read More

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Anglican Archbp. Williams: Benedict XVI’s provisions seen as “theologically eccentric”

I think Rowan Williams, Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury, likes the word "eccentric".  It seems to be a word he understands inside and out. A few alert readers sent me links to an article in the Daily Telegraph  which has comments … Read More

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KABLAM! An unforeseen consequence of Anglicanorum coetibus

Well well…. Anglicanorum coetibus is a gift that keeps on giving. Anglicans are asked to respond to certain challenges in order to come into Catholic Communion. They must make choices about who they desire to be. To be Catholics, and … Read More

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Australia: Holy See tells Catholic diocese not to host Anglican ordination of women

Yes, you read that correctly. I picked up this story from an Australian source theage.com.au. I get the sense that, in the past, the local Catholic diocese in Victoria had allowed Anglicans to have ordinations in a My emphases and … Read More

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Third (final?) phase in Catholic/Anglican dialogue?

From CNA: Third phase of Catholic/Anglican dialogue to include cooperative investigation of ‘divisive‘ issues Vatican City, Nov 27, 2009 / 02:33 am (CNA).- An interview on Vatican Radio Wednesday morning revealed that the third phase of official dialogue between the … Read More

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Card. Kasper: Anglican conversions – fruit of authentic ecumenism

From CNA: Vatican City, Nov 23, 2009 / 01:22 pm (CNA).- Cardinal Walter Kasper, president of the Pontifical Council for Christian Unity, explained last week that the entrance of  Anglicans into the Catholic Church is the fruit of authentic ecumenism … Read More

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Benedict XVI grants an audience to Archbp. Williams

From today’s meeting between His Holiness the Vicar of Christ and the Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury:

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The Tablet’s Anglican Provision: No Popery!

The attacks on the Holy Father and his provisions for Christian Anglicans are getting worse… right on schedule. The liberals are having a grand mal twit. England’s ultra-dissenter fishwrap RU-486 (aka The Bitter Pill aka The Tablet) has this with … Read More

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