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Notes concerning SCOTUS same-sex decision Obergefell v. Hodges

Here are a few points of interest concerning  SCOTUS same-sex decision Obergefell v. Hodges. My patented emphases and comments. First, see the comments of Phil Lawler: So now is it ‘hate speech’ to deplore the Obergefell decision? The ink was barely dry … Read More

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Fr. Z kudos to Archbp. Vigneron

When I hear about the “New Evangelization”, I often wonder when the “Old Evangelization” concluded. For your Just Too Cool File. Archbp. Vigneron of Detroit did some sidewalk evangelization! The group that organizes this is St. Paul Street Evangelization. “This … Read More

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Archbp. Vigneron defends statement on Communion and supporters of same-sex marriage

From LifeSite: Detroit Archbishop defends his stance that gay ‘marriage’ supporters should not receive Communion DETROIT, Sept. 24, 2013 (LifeSiteNews.com) – Despite strong criticism and a public rebuke from another bishop, Detroit’s Archbishop Allen Vigneron has reaffirmed his insistence that … Read More

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MSM attacks Archbishop Vigneron with the help of liberal Catholic collaborators

Some days ago Archbp. Alan Vigneron of Detroit stirred the anthill (which is what bishops are supposed to do when it comes to faith and morals). He reaffirmed that Catholics who actively, publicly promote unnatural, same-sex “marriage” are acting in … Read More

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CNN insinuates that Archbp. Vigneron “dialed back” his words about promoters of same-sex marriage and Holy Communion

There is a deeply flawed, perhaps even mendacious, piece on CNN about Archbishop Vigneron’s comments about Catholics who promote same-sex marriage and reception of Holy Communion.  I posted about that HERE. The CNN article suggests, implies, hints, that the Archdiocese … Read More

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Archbp. Vigneron: Catholics who push same-sex marriage should not receive Communion

A regular commentator here, the distinguish canonist Ed Peters, was quoted in an interesting article in the Detroit Free Press. Archbp. Vigneron made a clear statement about receiving Holy Communion if you advocate same-sex marriage. This is in the Freep: … Read More

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Archbp. Vigneron warns about dissenters ball in Detroit

It is hard to know just how much effect this will have, but the Archbishop of Detroit had no choice but to issue a public statement about an upcoming conference of dissent to held in the Archdiocese entrusted to his … Read More

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Detroit’s Archbp. Vigneron stands up! POLL ALERT on STEM CELLS!

This comes from Freep… Detriot Free Press. NB: POLL ALERT!  There’s a poll in the right-hand column of that article, asking whether you favor or oppose embryonic stem cell research. My emphases: Even in petri dish, life merits protection I … Read More

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