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VIDEO about the Chartres Pilgrimage: Guardians of Tradition

For the second time today I choked up a little. The first time was this morning during Mass.  The profundity of the moment, place, act smothered me and I could barely breathe. Let not the partaking of Thy Body, O … Read More

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A message to those attacking traditional liturgical worship: “You’ve already lost.”

Look at the average age of these priests! A demographic time bomb is heading towards Francis and Uncle Arthur. https://t.co/fqnbGLuJqX — Damian Thompson (@holysmoke) June 6, 2022 Be a Custos Traditionis:  HERE

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2020 PENTECOST PILGRIMAGE from Paris to Chartres

I had a note from one of the organizers of the great Pentecost Chartres Pilgrimage. I am not sure what’s going to be the situation re: pandemic in a couple weeks, but I want to make known some information about … Read More

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Great concelebration photos during Chartres Pentecost Pilgrimage

During my last Rome visit I posted a photo of real concelebration: three priests at the same time saying their Masses at three altars in the nave of a Roman church. Today I found a great series of pics at Messa … Read More

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Paris: Day 2 – Chartres and a new clerical style?

I’ve barely been online all day. What a change. Today we went to Chartres. I have great memories of this place, which intimately tied with my personal history. Great controversy surrounds the cleaning of the interior. People will ask me … Read More

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Eye-candy from the annual Chartres Pilgrimage

The liturgical eye-candy specialists at NLM have posted some great photos of the annual pilgrimage to Chartres Cathedral (for those of you in Fridley, that’s a big, pretty church in France). Sample.     We need more processions. Anecdote:  One … Read More

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