Wherein Fr. Hunwicke amuses

Today at his engaging spot, Mutual Enrichment, Fr. Hunwicke amuses.

He begins with a riff on the stole Benedict XVI wore when he visited England.

He ends with a suggestion that if Francis is really interested in “the peripheries” would would name both Archbishops Chaput and Viganò to the College of Cardinals.

May I add that, for a long time, those who simply want to have traditional worship and doctrine have been the most maligned and marginalized in the Church?   If you are looking for a periphery, you don’t have to look very far.

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  1. Jacob says:

    This anecdote has been at Wikipedia for a long time. It has never been sourced, but it is funny. I thought of it seeing your cartoon, Father.

    During a USO tour by a number of players in 1944, Medwick was among several individuals given an audience by Pope Pius XII, who had been Cardinal Secretary of State before his elevation to the papacy. Upon being asked by the Pope what his vocation was, Medwick replied, “Your Holiness, I’m Joe Medwick. I, too, used to be a Cardinal.”

  2. tho says:

    As a long time baseball fan, and a New Jersey resident, your comment about Joe “Ducky” Medwick made me smile.

  3. Amante de los Manuales says:

    On Pope Francis, Bishop Gracida has called for an investigation into the validity of his election. Do you have any thoughts on that, Father?

  4. Midwest St. Michael says:

    Just so folks know, the St. Louie Cardinals *do not* wear red uniform tops (at Spring Training they do).

    This is a lot of fun none-the-less. :^)

    Having said that – Go Cardinals beat the Bravos!

  5. mlmc says:

    It is difficult to explain, while remaining charitable, any reason for the fact the ArchBp Chaput has not been named Cardinal already. For the last 100 years EVERY ArchBp of Philadelphia has been elevated to the college of cardinals. His writings are always worth reading and in interviews is is unfailingly both meek & strongly orthodox. Ii pray his resignation is not accepted & he becomes the 1st Native American cardinal.

  6. Grabski says:

    Sadly, the reason Abp Chaput has not and will not be named a Cardinal is too well known.

  7. Cincture says:

    The reason why is well known to us in his private and public presentations.
    Another parting shot can be found here:

    So it continues in his warning:
    Friends of the Bridegroom: For a Renewed Vision of Priestly Celibacy, written by Cardinal Marc Ouellet, was released Oct. 2. The English translation of the book was published by EWTN Publishing.

    “I am not against the fact that there is a debate, but I think at this time of history and of the Church there is a need of reflection…” he said. “And so, my intervention is to substantiate the debate, to give something substantial to aid discernment.”
    “I remain skeptical out of convictions and knowledge of the Catholic tradition in the Latin rite, so I think this has to be very much taken care of in the debate,” he continued, adding that he remains open to what will happen during the synod.

    “That being said,” the cardinal continues, “new paths of the future will bear evangelical fruits if they are consistent with a complete proclamation of the Gospel, sine glosa, which does not sacrifice anything of the permanent values of the Christian tradition.”

    He says in the book that “pastoral creativity” is needed in order to be attentive to cultural characteristics while addressing the lack of priests, “but we must first verify the quality of the witness of missionaries, who can effectively transmit the faith when it permeates their entire lives and unambiguously motivates their lifestyle and evangelizing activity.”


    I have not read the book, such as to further discern Cdl Ouellet’s motivations, intentions or sense of the faith in its ur-epochal journey under God’s historical intentions. But when he purportedly by this article’s reporting, mentions “pastoral” without mentioning doctrinal, it would seem the two have intentionally not yet met in his exegesis; unless we await his definition of “complete proclamation” of the Gospel, and then too, “quality,” “entire lives,” and ‘unambiguous motivation of lifestyle’; “evangelizing activity” perhaps being an interesting acquiescence notwithstanding its phrase-word choice.

    Who I am I kidding; this is a whole lot of truck-driving hole created wreck of which intention is to exactly sacrifice permanent values of the CATHOLIC tradition.

  8. Cincture says:

    To be clear that what follows the ‘so it continues in his warning’ is not Abp Chaput’s comments, but my segue to a cited view to that which is an exemplar of his warning.

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