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I sometimes listen the podcasts of the Benedictine monks at Norcia, in Italy.  They record and post on demand recordings of their hours and Mass.  Alas, they tend to go flat, a problem many groups have when singing psalms and which I find pretty annoying.  It only takes one person on one side who isn’t really paying attention or who has a hard time with pitch to drag everyone down.  Otherwise, the Benedictines at Norcia sing well. It a nice to hear the hours sung as they ought to be.  They provide a great service in making their hours “on demand”.

Now I see that the Benedictines at Le Barroux have an iPhone app and that they are streaming their hours live!  Very cool.


This is GREAT… if you live in the same time zone. Most of the world does NOT.

Alas, they do not seem to be archiving their recordings and making them “on demand”, which would be a HUGE advantage.

Years ago I visited Le Barroux.  They sang the best Gregorian chant I had ever heard live.

I hope they archive their hours and make their them on demand… soon.

Otherwise, on this app they have a few recordings such as their bells and a few chants to give you an idea of what and how they sing.


It would be great if they could figure out how to allow you to schedule the playing of their Angelus bells.

There is also a button for donations, which you might consider using right after you use mine.

If they get their act together and make their hours “on demand”, through an app or through a page as do the Monks of Norcia, I could see myself listening to them while drinking Mystic Monk Coffee!

Mystic Monk Coffee and Gregorian chant hours sung by monks streamed to your iPhone… it doesn’t get much better.

So… for the monks at Le Barroux… Do what the monks at Norcia do.  Make those hours on demand.  Train three or four of the men to record, archive, and stream their hours.  If they need a better internet provider for this, maybe we can find one for them.

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  1. pelerin says:

    I read about this on another blog yesterday and when I went over to the site the monks had just started singing Compline. Beautiful.

  2. jrainesk9 says:

    Just got back from a visit to the FSSP seminary. Beautiful Gregorian chant for Lauds, Sexts, Vespers and Compline. The honor shown to Our Lady at Compline is worth the trip to the middle of nowhere.

  3. AnAmericanMother says:

    When we sing very long chants and it’s cold and damp outside, everyone tends to go flat.
    We borrowed two bells out of the handbell set – a fifth based on the final – and rang them at the end of each line. Nice effect, and problem solved!

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