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US NEWS & WORLD REPORT: front cover photo of Extraordinary Use

This week’s cover story on U.S. News & World Report is about the return to traditional forms of worship in various religions. Here is some of the article.  It is not all about the older form of Mass: A Return … Continue reading

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Can anyone tell what this is?

I think this might be Shishin but I am not sure. Anyone?

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“Real priests wear rosacea!”, or “What color is liturgical rose?” – Fr. Z explains

Yesterday I was delighted both to attend a Mass with rose vestments (though they were sorta pink) and to use true rosacea. I am in good company in not wanting to wear pink, or confuse it with liturgical rose, or … Continue reading

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Good news from Tacony, PA

This is good news from the blog Philadelphia Roamin’ Catholic.  My emphases: To-day we had a new celebrant for the Traditional Latin Mass at Our Lady of Consolation in the Tacony neighborhood of Philadelphia. Until now the 2 p.m. Latin … Continue reading

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Madison (WI): Bishop celebrates Missa Pontificalis

Yesterday, the Bishop of Madison, H.E. Robert Morlino, celebrated a Pontifical Mass in the older rite with the help of members of the Institute of Christ the King. I am waiting for details. You might remember that Bishop Morlino had … Continue reading

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About UK trip… Oxford

I have been getting notes from the head of the Newman Society at Oxford, asking for a reply. I did reply, but I think you are not getting my mesasges. In any event, I am contemplating a trip to the … Continue reading

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Where are you?

It is fun to look at the stats for the blog to see where people are… more or less. Here is a snapshot of some of your locations during the last 5 minutes or so. Keep in mind this is … Continue reading

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17 December

We have come to the last days of the Church’s preparation for the feast of the Nativity of the Lord.   Let’s look at the proper Collect for 17 December in the 2002 Missale Romanum: COLLECT: Deus, humanae conditor et redemptor … Continue reading

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WDTPRS: O Antiphons – 17 December

On December 17th we enter into that final stretch of our Advent preparation. In the Church’s solemn prayer of the hours, at Vespers, the great "O Antiphons" are sung. Today we have the first. Years ago, I made a little … Continue reading

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Archbp. Marini’s book presentation in London

From Petrus we learn more about Archbp. Piero Marini’s new book. (My translation). Now Msgr. Piero Marini takes aim: "The Roman Curia against the Second Vatican Council" VATICAN CITY – In a book published for now only in English and … Continue reading

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The Bishop of Rome

Papa Ratzinger, His Holiness Rome’s Bishop is… well… acting like a bishop. He burys the dead, namely his "hinge-men", Cardinals, who are of the clergy of Rome.  He consecrates altars in new churches. He meets the folks.   He wears … Continue reading

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Today, ante diem xvi kalendas januarias, is the 1st day of the ancient pagan Roman celebration of Saturnalia.  Saturnalia was a festival in honour of Saturn.  There were banquets and people wore a soft floppy hat called a pileus. No … Continue reading

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