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NCR: another editorial whine about Pope Benedict and liturgy

The ultra-leftist National Catholic Reporter has another predictably whiny editorial against the Holy Father’s vision for the Church and his moves to reform the liturgy. My emphases and comments. Issue Date:  December 28, 2007 Liturgy reform: No going back When … Continue reading

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The future of the Congregation for Divine Worship

From the site Palazzo Apostolico we find this bit.  Keep in mind this is consistent with the usual back halls murmuring anytime the main chairs of dicasteries come into play.  The following is typical of Roman curial speculation.  My translation: … Continue reading

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“The Christmas Feast is already a fading memory…’

Over at the anecdotal place there is a great entry with a post-Christmas debriefing by W.H. Auden, which I share here. This is a wonderful way to sharpen your sense of the Octave of Christmas, which we are still celebrating. … Continue reading

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