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How wouldst thou vote in our “Thou v. You” poll?

Maybe we could have a petition…. "What if we just said ‘Thee’?" …  How wouldst thou vote? n {democracy:38}

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Avenging elephants in India didn’t forget

The great pastor of Blackfen, His Hermeneuticalness, has an interesting post: Last July, as you may remember, Christians in the Indian state of Orissa were subjected to severe persecution. A 22 year old nun was burnt to death, an orphanage … Continue reading

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Sen. Nelson sold himself

Sen. Nelson (D-NE) gets from Pres. Obama and Sen. Reid (D-NV) federal money for Medicaid … for Nebraska… pretty much forever? Sen. Nelson is apparently okay with other states paying for Nebraska’s free ride. Sen. Nelson must be okay with … Continue reading

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WDTPRS: 4th Sunday of Advent – COLLECT (2002MR) – POLL!

The Collect for this Sunday is the Post-communion of the Feast of the Annunciation (25 March) in the 1962MR. Most of you who recite the Angelus know this prayer.  This time we also get the WDTPRS version since we want … Continue reading

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