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A wise, but tardy, fortune cookie

I’m sure you all remember BUGNINICARE! Here is a great note from a reader: If only Bugnini had been into Chinese dining…

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PIZZA RAT LIVES! The legend continues.

This one is especially for Fr RS who really liked the recent Grizzy Bear v SUV post. One of my urban heroes is dear old Pizza Rat. A New York City Subway rat hit pay dirt one day with a … Continue reading

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Grizzly vs. Toyota Sequoia

Car jacking is a real threat.  You don’t want to walk away from your vehicle, unlocked, keys within.   It is best to lock the door and take your keys lest you have an unwanted visitor. That said, here is … Continue reading

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10 September 1957 – Pius XII to Jesuits

A priest friend of mine sent me the text of an Allocution to Jesuits made by Pius XII on 10 September 1957 (AAS 49 – pp. 802-812).  I haven’t found it in English and I don’t have the time today … Continue reading

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No Garbage Post!

The other day I forgot to hit PUBLISH!  Grrrr… Il Monsignore Illustrissimo e Reverendissimo Presidente delle Strade would have been disappointed in me.  I mean… I post a lot of garbage, but… well… These old “no dumping” signs are all … Continue reading

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Wherein Fr. Z relates a brutal tale of sudden realization and horror

in S. California, in the exotic periphery of Bakersfield, a priest friend zoomed up to the door of where I was staying and gruffly said, “Get in the car!”. “Ralph!”, quoth I, “Is something wrong?” “Just get in the car!”, he … Continue reading

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I can’t resist.   This is from my friend Greg DiPippo: A scene from the soon-to-be-released film “Alien: New Covenant.” (An early press release from the studio accidentally omitted the word “new” from the title.) The xenomorphs have mated with … Continue reading

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“Ad orientem” – No more excuses!

I’m having a really hard day, but this lifted my spirits. From a priest friend: That settles it. No more excuses!

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Z’s Law strikes!

I’m experiencing Zuhlsdorf’s Law today. I’m just back from Rome.  I fly out again tomorrow.  I have an enormous To Do list and a lot of it involves internet. Today… total internet service outage where I am.   Internet, TV, phone. … Continue reading

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Important research with implications for feminist geography

Allow me to preface this with the reminder that I hate squirrels. That said, I promise you I am not making this up. I was alerted to this from the – no… really… Journal of Feminist Geography. No… really. Here is an … Continue reading

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Cellos, differently

I ran across this again. A little fun for Saturday. It reminds us that tool can be used in a variety of ways.

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Fun with papal reporting!

Friday needs a little fun. Sometimes Homer nods and sometimes Google translate applies the soporific! From the other day via Google and HERE Ummm… something was lost in translation.  Thanks, Google, for the chuckle! And there’s this, which I … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Universe!

Fun! This is from History: On this day in 4977 B.C., the universe is created, according to German mathematician and astronomer Johannes Kepler, considered a founder of modern science. Kepler is best known for his theories explaining the motion of … Continue reading

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I reject sexism in every form, and all its pomps, and all its empty works.

At the Fishwrap (aka National Schismatic Reporter) there is an interesting piece by our old pal Phyllis Zagano which merits a little – just a little – attention. She never misses an opportunity to work in tidbits about the disparity of … Continue reading

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23 April is “Talk Like Shakespeare Day”! Newly discovered act of a rare play….

After Masses this morning, TLM and NO, I had lunch and nap. I awoke with a start. Today, I suddenly realized, is… TALK LIKE SHAKESPEARE DAY! Yes, it is the birthday of the Bard. In the past I have encouraged … Continue reading

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