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Fr. James Martin’s spin on the CDF smackdown of the LCWR

The spin continues.
Another example comes from Fr. James Martin, SJ of America Magazine.    (Remember his Twitter campaign to show appreciation of the nuns?)
Martin’s arguments against despair over CDF’s smackdown of the the LCWR do not convince.   This is … Continue reading

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Fishwrap starts to spin Holy See’s smackdown of the LCWR

Let the games begin!
The Fishwrap (aka National Schismatic Reporter) is now between a rock and a hard spot.
The NSR and LCWR are practically one flesh.  At the same time, NSR has been crooning about Pope Francis new “humble” style.
I have … Continue reading

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Recent LCWR statements – context for the Holy See’s smackdown

Today the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith smacked down, hard, the Leadership Conference of Women Religious.  This is, as you may remember, the group of leaders of communities of women religious (not all the religious themselves, but the … Continue reading

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Will this be the moment the National Schismatic Reporter crowd turns on Francis?
This is new.  It does NOT refer to their meeting of some months ago.
From news.va:

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Dominican Sisters compete in the American Bible Challenge

The next stage of the American Bible Challenge is on tonight, Thursday, at 9 pm EDT on the Game Show Network
This gameshow tests the contestant’s knowledge of baseball trivia.
Among the teams competing are the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the … Continue reading

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Nuns and Ohio voter fraud

A priest friend sent me this. I wonder Sr. Simone Campbell thinks about this.
From Cincinnati.com:
A Greater Cincinnati nun is suspected of illegally casting a ballot for another nun who died before last November’s election, a new case of alleged vote … Continue reading

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Beastly reporting by Barbie

The abdication of Pope Benedict is yet another opportunity to see how ignorant most of those contributing to the mainstream media can be when it comes to the Catholic Church.
A case in point is The Daily Beast who has someone, … Continue reading

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March For Life VIDEO! Obama for the … Unborn?!?

Some people are getting it.  Liberals, even – to their eternal shame liberal catholics – are hijacking pro-life language as a way of promoting strict gun-control as if it were a pro-life issue.  What they are really trying to do is silence … Continue reading

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The Ghost of Lib-Mass Yet To Come

Someone sent me a link to an article in Hell’s Bible (aka The New York Times) about “experimental worship” and moving beyond institutional church… sort of like what the National catholic Reporter praises.
There is some pretty crazy stuff in the … Continue reading

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National Catholic Reporter teams up with Ford Foundation backed entity to hide the truth about the Holy See’s ‘Doctrinal Assesment’ of the LCWR

Every year around Christmas and Easter, the usual hyenas emerge from the brush to worry at the Church’s heels.  This year, as a little gift to the Christ Child, the National Catholic Reporter (aka Fishwrap) has teamed up with an … Continue reading

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