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NB: Some of you are writing email along the lines of “I’m not registered to comment, but will you please post what we are doing at St. Unthread in the Glen?”


Register and post it yourself.  That’s why I have this post.

I have a special connection to Madison and a special interest in Holy Innocents in Manhattan, so I posted about them.

In the future, you can get me involved at your place and them I’ll have a special relationship with you!

And while I’m at it… check up what is going on at the great Assumption Grotto in Detroit where my good friends. Fr. Bustamante and Fr. Perone gloriously rule.  Below.


On 15 August, Feast of the Assumption, in the traditional Rituale Romanum there is a prayer for the blessing of herbs, flowers and fruits.  HERE

These occasional blessings, attached to feasts, help us to experience more fully the rhythm of our marvelous sacred liturgical year.  God gives us gifts in seasonal rhythms.  The Church, the greatest expert in humanity there has ever been, helps us to accept them and use them with gratitude for the good of both body and soul.

Here are a sample of the blessing prayers:

Let us pray.
Almighty everlasting God, who by your word alone brought into being the heavens, earth, sea, things seen and things unseen, and garnished the earth with plants and trees for the use of man and beast; who appointed each species to bring forth fruit in its kind, not only for the food of living creatures, but for the healing of sick bodies as well; with mind and word we urgently call on you in your great kindness to bless these various herbs and fruits, thus increasing their natural powers with the newly given grace of your blessing. May they keep away disease and adversity from men and beasts who use them in your name; through Christ our Lord.
All: Amen.

Let us pray.
God, who through Moses, your servant, directed the children of Israel to carry their sheaves of new grain to the priests for a blessing, to pluck the finest fruits of the orchard, and to make merry before you, the Lord their God; hear our supplications, and shower blessings in abundance upon us and upon these bundles of new grain, new herbs, and this assortment of produce which we gratefully present to you on this festival, blessing them in your name. Grant that men, cattle, flocks, and beasts of burden find in them a remedy against sickness, pestilence, sores, injuries, spells, against the fangs of serpents or poisonous creatures. May these blessed objects be a protection against diabolical mockery, cunning, and deception wherever they are kept, carried, or otherwise used. Lastly, through the merits of the blessed Virgin Mary, whose Assumption we are celebrating, may we all, laden with the sheaves of good works, deserve to be taken up to heaven; through Christ our Lord.
All: Amen.

Let us pray.
God, who on this day raised up to highest heaven the rod of Jesse, the Mother of your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, that by her prayers and patronage you might communicate to our mortal nature the fruit of her womb, your very Son; we humbly implore you to help us use these fruits of the soil for our temporal and everlasting welfare, aided by the power of your Son and the prayers of His glorious Mother; through Christ our Lord.
All: Amen.

And may the blessing of almighty God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, come upon these creatures and remain always.
All: Amen.

They are sprinkled with holy water and incensed.

Take lots of herbs, flowers and fruits to your parish priest for blessing!  You might have to explain what’s going on.

I invite you to post below your opportunities for Holy Mass in the Extraordinary Form.

In these USA, since it is a Saturday, the Assumption is not a Holy Day of Obligation. In the UK the feast is transferred to Sunday.

Meanwhile, I want to point out that Assumption marks the 5th anniversary of uninterrupted celebrations of the TLM at Holy Innocents in Manhattan!  

At Holy Innocents in Manhattan there will be a Solemn Mass at 1 PM.  After Mass there will be Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament and a Solemn Te Deum.  Holy cards will be distributed.

Holy Innocents is the only parish in the Archdiocese of New York with a TLM daily.  They also have Vespers on Sundays.

Also, Bishop Morlino will celebrate a Pontifical Mass at 11 in the Diocese of Madison.  HERE

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  1. TWF says:

    Unfortunately the Assumption is never a day of obligation in Canada :(. Fortunately that doesn’t stop Holy Family (FSSP parish) here in Vancouver from celebrating a high mass at 9 am this Saturday. I was at their solemn high mass for the Transfiguration last week- always a treat. There are a couple other parishes that have regularly scheduled Sunday EF masses but I am not sure if there are any other options for the Assumption, as I think Holy Family may be the only parish with a daily EF mass.

  2. Imrahil says:

    Which brings me to the somewhat related general opinion that…

    the reason that it’s not a holy day of obligation is that people who, generally, have jobs, don’t have that much of a burden – given it is, alas, not a public holiday.

    I see no reason, though, that parishes shouldn’t, all the same, celebrate it with many opportunities to assist at Mass, worthy of a first-class feast.

    Sunday obligation is a moral minimum that ensures not giving up religious practice altogether: and while I won’t pretend I always do more myself, still without doubt the objective should-be status is that people come of their own free will and do not painfully restrict themselves to the minimum. Now there are a couple of occasions without obligation where many of the faithful will, in fact, come, such as Ash Wednesday, Good Friday liturgy, etc.; and Assumption surely is among them.

    – And, in countries that have a general 5-day work week, we really might wonder whether this sort of dispensations is necessary for feasts that fall on a Saturday. –

    (And these are the days I’m especially thankful that where I live, it’s an obligatory and public holiday.)

  3. APX says:

    Calgary’s FSSP is celebrating the external solemnity on Sunday and the regular day Saturday morning. Why, I do not know.

  4. ReginaMarie says:

    Thankfully the Dormition of the Mother of God & Ever-Virgin Mary (Assumption) has remained a Holy Day of Obligation on the Eastern tradition.

    In giving birth you preserved your virginity,
    In falling asleep you did not forsake the world, O Theotokos.
    You were translated to life, O Mother of Life,
    And by your prayers, you deliver our souls from death.

    Neither the tomb, nor death could hold the Theotokos,
    Who is constant in prayer and our firm hope in her intercessions.
    For being the Mother of Life,
    She was translated to life by the One who dwelt in her virginal womb.

  5. WYMiriam says:

    “In these USA, since it is a Saturday, the Assumption is not a Holy Day of Obligation.”

    Begging your pardon, Fr. Z, but the way this is worded makes me cringe and my teeth curl up. May I respectfully say that the Solemnity of the Assumption is always a Holy Day of Obligation, although this year, since it falls on a Saturday, the obligation has been abrogated since the bishops still (to all appearances) think that it’s tooooo haaaaaaaaard for Carl and Cathy Catholic to come to Holy Mass twice in one day, let alone two days in a row?

  6. jhayes says:

    At Holy Innocents in Manhattan there will be a Solemn Mass at 1 PM. After Mass there will be Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament and a Solemn Te Deum. Holy cards will be distributed.

    If Dr. Peters is looking in, I’d like to hear his view on whether the 1 PM Saturday Mass satisfies the Sunday Obligation. I believe he has said that in the past but I don’t know if anything has changed. [I say No, it doesn’t.]

    The list of Saturday Masses on the website includes a 12:00 (Noon) Mass on some Saturdays. My recollection is that Dr. Peters said that that would also satisfy the Sunday obligaion.

    Only on 2nd Saturday of every month, in conjunction with the 2000 Hail Mary’s devotion: 12 Noon
    Latin Mass: 1:00 pm
    The Rosary: 3:00 pm
    Vigil Mass for Sunday: 4:00 pm

  7. Fr. Hamilton says:

    I will offer a Low Mass for the Assumption at the daily Mass/Adoration Chapel at St. Monica Church, Edmond, Oklahoma, on August 15 at 7:30 am. All are welcome to attend!

  8. pookiesmom says:

    This Saturday for the feast of the Assumption North American Martyrs Parish (FSSP) in Seattle, WA will offer an 8 am Low Mass at the Holyrood Cemetery Chapel( where the incorrupt body of the first bishop of the state, Bishop Augustin Blanchette is interred!). A High Mass will be celebrated at St. Alphonsus Ligori Church at 11 am. In Tacoma at Sts. Peter and Paul Church Father Kenneth Baker SJ will offer a noon Low Mass. Deo Gratias!!

  9. Maximilia says:

    If anyone is in the Bay Area of California, the San Jose apostolate of the Institute of Christ the King will be celebrating two Masses in the Extraordinary Form at Five Wounds National Portuguese Church. We will have a Low Mass at 7:30 am and a Sung High Mass at 7:00 pm. Our sister Institute apostolate in Oakland at St. Margaret Mary’s will also be offering a Low Mass at 10 am.

  10. JonPatrick says:

    In Central Maine, the Traditional Latin Mass will be offered at 9:30 AM Saturday at the Basilica of Sts. Peter and Paul, Bartlett St. Lewiston ME (upstairs in the main church). I think it will be a Missa Cantata but not sure.

  11. jaykay says:

    Imrahil says: “And, in countries that have a general 5-day work week, we really might wonder whether this sort of dispensations is necessary for feasts that fall on a Saturday.” I agree absolutely. I mean, attending Mass on two consecutive days, oh the humanity.

    Thankfully, it remains a Holyday of Obligation here in Ireland, with no “transfer” to the following Sunday.

    One of the younger priests in my parish had been discussing with me over the last few months the possibility of having a TLM (the first in our church since 2005 – that was a funeral) and we had more or less agreed that it would be on (or as near as possible to) 15th August. He had some friends who would act as deacon and subdeacon, and I was to whip-in a choir. Unfortunately, he has just been transferred to another parish so it can’t happen now as he has to move rather quickly but when I spoke to him he is still keen to do it. Maybe we’ll aim for 8th December.

  12. Robert_H says:

    Sacred Heart of Jesus parish in Grand Rapids, Michigan will have a TLM Missa Cantata for the Vigil on Friday, 14-August at 7pm.

  13. John Nolan says:

    The feast is transferred to Sunday in England and Wales, but not in Scotland (although I gather it’s not a Day of Obligation). Also it’s only transferred in the Novus Ordo calendar so at the Oxford Oratory there will be an EF sung Mass on the Saturday at 12.15 pm. Strictly speaking a Mass beginning after midday on Saturday would fulfil the Sunday obligation (this is the interpretation of English canonists). However, since British Summer Time applies (GMT+1), it actually starts before noon, which is a natural time division.

    Ironically, the transference of HDO has benefited the EF in bi-ritual parishes.

    I came across the blessing of the herbs for the first time last year, at the Pontifikalamt in the Kaiserdom, Speyer, Germany.

  14. SubjectVerb says:

    St. Anthony’s in King George, VA is having a High Mass at 9 am on Saturday. We’re traveling on Saturday unfortunately, but our Novus Ordo parish is having a Vigil Mass on Friday so we are able to attend. We’re belong to St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception in Fredericksburg, VA. The Arlington Diocese is such an wonderful place :)

  15. Fr. Thomas Kocik says:

    I will celebrate a Low Mass for the Feast of the Assumption at 10:30 am in the daily Mass/adoration chapel of Holy Ghost Parish in Tiverton, R.I. (O.F. Mass at 9:00 am, same place.)

  16. StWinefride says:

    Excellent idea in article below – as the article mentions: wouldn’t it be great if the bells of all the Churches in the world ring out on August 15th at noon in support of persecuted Eastern Christians?!


  17. lizaanne says:

    At Assumption Grotto in Detroit – we do it up right!!

    An entire day of holiness — ending with a beautiful Lourdes procession!!

    See the entire schedule here: http://assumptiongrotto.com/

    HUGE collection of photos from a previous year (scroll down to the bottom for all the Catholic eye candy links): http://te-deum.blogspot.com/2006/09/assumption-2006-photo-post-23-parting.html

    If you are in the area — please come!!! It will be a fabulous celebration of Our Lady!!

  18. MattH says:

    Church of All Saints in Minneapolis, Minnesota: “Join us on the Feast of the Assumption, 10 am, for a Solemn Pontifical High Mass at the Faldstool with Bishop Andrew Cozzens, FSSP Superior General Very Rev. Fr. John Berg, North American District Superior Fr. Gerard Saguto, and FSSP Bursar Fr. Simon Harkins.”

  19. Imrahil says:

    Dear St. Winifrede,

    great idea.

    Would have been an even greater idea though (if you suffer…) if that had been done yesterday. To each feast its proper significance.

    (At first glance 3 o’clock sounded better than noon, too; yet as the ringing is about the still-being-peresecuted Christians, rather than the martyrized ones, noon is actually the better choice.

    For a rather unsymbolic reason, 3 o’clock in the morning would be a great choice too – of course with all bells available until the last person in the village has awoken. Ringing up all people from their comfort of sleep might fit better, and certainly will be more recognized by the public at all, than a mere extension of the noon Angelus, which is in fact done everyday at noon.)

  20. Solemn High Mass with choir and orchestra (Haydn’s Creation Mass) this Friday for the Vigil of the Assumption, 7 pm, at the Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul, in Philadelphia!

  21. joan ellen says:

    Fr. Harold Potter will offer, what he calls, the Old Mass at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday at St. Stan’s in Dorr, MI. Some of us may stay for a Holy Hour or 2 as well in Honor of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

  22. joan ellen says:

    “Thankfully the Dormition of the Mother of God & Ever-Virgin Mary (Assumption) has remained a Holy Day of Obligation on the Eastern tradition.”

    I am so very eager to learn of the feasts, etc. celebrated in the Eastern tradition. I also like the use of the words Eastern tradition. Thanks.

    St.Winifride: “…wouldn’t it be great if the bells of all the Churches in the world ring out on August 15th at noon in support of persecuted Eastern Christians?!”


    The idea of the bells being rung on the Feast of the Assumption sounds very ap-peal- ing.

  23. FXR2 says:

    Fr Z.,
    I would request prayers for the mother of Fr. Robert C. Pasley, the Pastor, of Mater Ecclesiae Roman Catholic church in the Diocese of Camden, NJ. His eighty-five year old mother has recently been hospitalized for adverse medication reactions. On to top of all this she has just sustained a fall breaking ribs and puncturing her lung landing her in Cooper Medical Center, the local trauma center.

    I am sure if Father Pasley was not so busy he would invite everyone able to attend our annual Assumption Mass. In his words:

    Please, join us on Friday, August 14, at 7 p.m. for the Choral High Mass of Thanksgiving, The Feast of the Assumption, at the Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul, 18th Street and Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia, PA, with The Rev. Robert C. Pasley, Celebrant and Preacher.

    The Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul is truly amazing, and our Choral High Masses are legendary! Please join us!


  24. DM says:

    In the Archdiocese of Toronto there will be six different TLMs offered for the Assumption this year. Both of the Toronto Oratory’s parishes will have one, Holy Family Church will have a Low Mass at 8:30am, and the other, St. Vincent de Paul will have a Solemn High Mass at 10am.

    In addition, St. Lawrence the Martyr in Scarborough will have a Low Mass at 10am. St Joseph’s Church in Mississauga will have a Solemn Mass at 11am. St. Patrick’s Church in Phelpston will have a Missa Cantata at 10am, and finally Immaculate Conception Church in Port Perry will have a Missa Cantata at 10am.

  25. FXR2 says:

    Please say hello to Fr. Heffernan for me!


  26. EFOF91 says:

    Holy Name of Jesus Church

    245 Prospect Park West
    Brooklyn, NY 11215

    Traditional Latin Mass at 1PM

  27. Chon says:

    Portland, Oregon: Friday, August 14, 7:30 p.m. Holy Rosary Church. Pontifical High Mass (1962 Missal) for the Vigil of the Feast of the Assumption, featuring Byrd’s 1605 Gradualia setting. With Bishop Basil Meeking. Sponsored by Cantores in Ecclesia. www byrd festival. org

  28. pj_houston says:

    Houston, Texas: Annunciation Church will have a Missa Cantata for the Friday Vigil Mass at 7pm, and a solemn high Mass on Saturday at 11am. Regina Caeli Parish (FSSP) will have a 7:30am high Mass on Saturday morning in the FLC.

  29. pookiesmom says:

    FXR2, I will!! Fr. Heffernan is a great priest and gives the best sermons–he doesn’t mince words!

  30. Dick Verbo says:

    Indianapolis, IN, Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary parish, 7:00 PM, Friday, August 14, Vigil Mass in the Extraordinary Form, sung.

  31. WaywardSailor says:

    Saint Adelaide Parish
    708 Lowell Street
    Peabody, Massachusetts
    Solemn High Mass at 10:00 a.m.

  32. DM says:

    In Vancouver, Holy Rosary Cathedral will have a High Mass for the Vigil of the Assumption at 7:30pm on August 14th. It will be celebrated by one of the assistant priests of the cathedral, with assistance from the FSSP community in Vancouver.

  33. gloriainexcelsis says:

    St. Joseph the Worker Parish in Tyler, Texas, has a new pastor. Father Joseph Terra, FSSP, recently of Phoenix, AZ, has come to us. At the end of August, Father Wolfe, FSSP, now in Dallas, will join him. Our small congregation will, for the first time, have two priests. Father Terra is still recovering from the brutal beating of a year ago when Father Walker was killed during a break-in. Father Scott Allen, FSSP, first pastor when we became a parish , now has a teaching position at the school connected to St. John Vianney in Maple Hill, Kansas. Low Mass in the Extraordinary Form for the Assumption on Saturday will be at the usual 9 a.m. time at St. Joseph the Worker. Daily Mass, M-Th., is at 7 a.m., on Fridays at 11 a.m. with Adoration, Benediction (6 p.m.)and Mass (7 p.m.) weekly. Sunday Mass is at 10 a.m.

  34. jhayes says:

    I’ve now located Dr. Peter’s December 2014 post on his blog in which he quotes several European canonical commentaries on the earliest time for a Saturday Mass to satisfy the Sunday Obligation and concludes by writing:

    Plainly, these scholarly authorities hold for a start-time much earlier than is argued for by Huels. But, even if these overseas authors are not correct (and Huels has some good arguments besides Canon 17 on his side, though, frankly, so do the others), they constitute, I think, a large enough school of thought to allow for doubt of law considerations to enter this discussion in support of Catholics who hold any Mass attended beginning at 12:00 noon of the day previous as satisfying their next-day attendance obligation.

    Bottom line, this very practical question (over which, unlike the two mentioned above, there is no serious dispute among experts) needs to be investigated more fully, and settled authoritatively.


  35. StWinefride says:

    Dear Imrahil, ringing Church bells at 3 o’clock in the morning without many complaining would have been possible about 50 years ago but it’s 2015… sigh.

    Dear Joan Ellen – “ap-peal-ing” – very funny!


  36. TWF says:

    Thank you so much for posting this! I didn’t realize that the cathedral is hosting an EF high mass for the vigil! This is fantastic news. I will make sure I’m there. I just checked and I see there is also a solemn high mass scheduled for the 28th to be celebrated by my one time spiritual director Fr William Ashley. Im ecstatic.
    For non-vancouverites the EF is not a normal staple at the cathedral, but the masses are always very reverent. Latin polyphony, chant and incense are typical of the main Sunday OF mass, the various priests in residence will come in to help distribute communion at almost all masses to avoid EMHC unless truly nexessary, confessions are heard 3 times a day, 6 days a week and there is almost always a line, and best of all…the altar rail is in place and USED at all OF masses (with the option of also receiving standing along the centre aisle).

  37. MAJ Tony says:

    Holy Rosary (La Chiesa del Santo Rosario) 525 Stevens St. Indianapolis, IN 46241
    Friday, August 14, 2015
    7 p.m. — Extraordinary Form (Sung*) Assumption of the B.V.M. (1st class)
    Saturday, August 15, 2015
    10 a.m. — Ordinary Form Assumption of the B.V.M. (Solemnity)
    *I’m in the choir/schola. Rehearsal is tonight. Not sure what Mr. Reese has up his sleeve.

    @John Nolan “I came across the blessing of the herbs for the first time last year, at the Pontifikalamt in the Kaiserdom, Speyer, Germany.” Lovely place, worthy of the introit “Terribilis est” by all means, and it was the ancestral cathedral to one of my grandparents. I’ve been there twice and last time heard Nigel Short’s “Tenebrae” in concert (after touring the cathedral during their rehearsal).

  38. MAJ Tony says:

    Correction, 520 Stevens, not 525. We’re right across the street from ELI LILLY downtown.

  39. Elizabeth R says:

    From the bulletin of the St. Louis Cathedral:
    “On Saturday, August 15, we celebrate the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Though not a day of obligation, the normal daily Saturday schedule will be augmented with Masses celebrated at 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 am.”

    There will also be the regular monthly Rosary Procession to Planned Parenthood.

  40. joan ellen says:

    St. Winifride, thank you, and also for the bell idea. Even if the bells are not rung at noon at my parish, I’m going to try and do a Holy Hour either before noon or after noon in support of the ringing of the bells at noon on the Feast of the Assumption for persecuted Christians.

    Also: am so grateful to the above posts. The posting of the Masses on the Feast of the Assumption, or the vigil, is so faith, maybe the word is, enhancing to me. Something I’m in dire need of. Thanks. An Our Father going up for all of you.

  41. Chon says:

    DM: Which Vancouver? The one just across the Columbia River from here, or the one across the international border? :-)

  42. goodone121 says:

    In my parish, St Pat’s, Fayetteville, NC, there is a Mass (gratefully, of Pope Paul VI-I have trouble learning languages other than English), at 6:15 PM the day before and day of at 9 AM, with Blessing of the Child in the Womb at each (source; I am trying to get my only full sibling, a pregnant sister, to go with me.)

  43. Benedicite says:

    Our Lady of the Assumption, Warwick Street, London will have a 12 noon Low Mass (1962 Missal) on Saturday August 15th.
    On Sunday the 16th it will be the 10:30 am Solemn Mass (Ordinariate). At 3pm there will be Solemn Evensong for the Solemnity of the Assumption, followed by Procession of our Lady and Benediction at St Patrick’s Soho.

  44. Athelstan says:

    In the greater Washington DC area, we at Juventutem DC have sussed out the Extraordinary Form Masses being celebrated for the Assumption, for Fr. Z readers in the area:

    1. Priory of the Annunciation of the B.V.M. (Canons Regular of the New Jerusalem) – Solemn High Mass (Anticipated Solemn High Mass for the Feast of the Assumption,)

    Fri. August 14 @7:30 pm
    301 South George Street, Charles Town, WV 25414

    There is to be a candlelit procession and Solemn High Mass in anticipation of the First-Class Feast. The proper prayers of the mass will be in Gregorian Chant, but the ordinary prayers of the mass will be polyphonic. Additional motets are also to be sung. Light refreshments and coffee to follow the mass.

    2. St. Francis de Sales Catholic Church – Low Mass

    Sat. August 15 @8:00 am
    Convent Chapel (at rear of parish campus)
    2015 Rhode Island Ave NE, Washington, DC 20018

    Low Mass, in the newly renovated Convent Chapel. Parking is available. The parish is a 25 minute walk from the Brookland-CUA Metrorail stop on the Red Line. The Mass followed by an opportunity for the Blessing of Herbs and Flowers.

    3. St. Mary Mother of God Parish – Low Mass

    Sat. August 15 @9:00 am
    727 5th St NW, Washington, DC 20001 (Chinatown)

    4. St. Anthony Mission – High Mass

    Sat. August 15 @9:00am
    10299 Millbank Road, King George, VA 22485

    This is being advertised as a High Mass, followed by the Blessing of Herbs and Flowers.

    5. Priory of the Annunciation of the B.V.M. (Canons Regular of the New Jerusalem) – Low Mass

    Sat. August 15 @9:30 am
    301 South George Street, Charles Town, WV 25414

    6. St. Thomas Apostle Catholic Church – Solemn High Mass

    Sat. August 15 @10:00 am
    2665 Woodley Road, NW, Washington, DC 20008

    This is a Solemn High Mass. Before Mass, there will be Breakfast served at 8:30 am, ending at 9:15 am for a spiritual conference in the upper church. Confession is available before mass. There is street parking available, and the parish is two blocks from the Woodley Park stop on the Red Line.

    7. St. Michael Catholic Church – Missa Cantata

    Sat. August 15 @10:00 am
    7401 St. Michaels Lane, Annandale, VA 22003

    8. St. John the Beloved – Missa Cantata

    Sat. August 15 @12:00 noon
    6420 Linway Terrace, McLean, Virginia 22101

    9. Saint Alphonsus Church – Low Mass

    Sat. August 15 @12:10pm
    114 W. Saratoga Street, Baltimore, MD 21201

    10. St. Lawrence Church – Low Mass

    Sat. August 15 @12:30 PM
    6222 Franconia Road, Alexandria, Virginia 22310

    11. Saint Leo the Great Church – Low Mass

    Sat. August 15 @1:30pm
    3700 Old Lee Highway, Fairfax, VA (between U.S. Route 50 and Main Street in Fairfax)

  45. Darren says:

    Tonight 8/14 in Philadelphia, 7 PM at the Cathedral Basilica of Sts. Peter and Paul
    Fr. Robert Pasley & Mater Ecclesiae’s Vigil of Assumption Mass


    Tomorrow 8/15, 11 AM at St. Anthony of Padua Church in Jersey City, NJ
    457 Monmouth Street, Jersey City, NJ 07302


  46. Herrgottswinkel says:

    Birmingham, Alabama: a Latin High Mass at 10:45 a.m on Saturday, 15 August at Blessed Sacrament Church:

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