Intentions for Friday Mass as thanks to you

On Friday 6 July in the Vatican Basilica there is observed the Feast of all the Holy Roman Pontiffs…. Omnium Sanctorum Romanorum Pontificum. This sounds rather like… well….

In the newer calendar it will be the feast of St. Maria Goretti, whose shrine is in Nettuno, my neighboring diocese. Also, according to the Martyrologium Romanum Friday is the anniversary of the death of St. Thomas More. In the older, traditional calendar it is an open day without a particular Mass or saint.

Before I charge off to say Mass on Friday I will check this entry and bring your intentions with me to the altar.

It is something I can do to show my thanks to those who participate and who have been materially helpful.

I am not sure at what hour I will say Mass on Friday. I will wait for my usual server who has a morning errand. Happily, Mass is always exactly on time in the Sabine Chapel: it is scheduled to start when I bow to the Cross, put my biretta on, and head to the altar.

I will close comments when I go to the chapel on Friday.

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  1. John G. says:

    Father – a quick prayer for John G. (me) in Scranton, PA would be most welcome. Busy day tomorrow and can’t make Mass. God bless and thanks for all you do!

  2. I'd prefer to remain anonymous on this one says:

    Dear Father,
    Please pray for my vocation, ut videam. I’m not sure, but it seems the Lord is calling me to the priesthood.

    Thanks for all, Father. May the Lord bless you.

  3. Seminarian says:

    Father please pray that I will be able to overcome the struggles that are preventing my full discernment.

  4. Miguel Garcia says:

    Dear Father,

    Please pray for my fiancée and I as we enter the Sacrament of Matrimony next month (August 18th).

    God Bless you, thank you for all that you do!

  5. Cathy Dawson says:


    Please pray for our new FSSP apostolate in Fort Collins, CO. I’ve recently learned that we’re going to have a traditional Mass once a month for a trial period of year with an FSSP priest who will come up from Littleton. If we have the attendance and collections to support an independent apostolate, we will have our own priests and chapel. Please pray that we’ll be able to find a temporary place for this monthly Mass and for our success over the next year.


  6. Christopher says:

    Father, please pray for me (and all who ardently desire the will of God in this) that I should obtain all necessary graces to live in the virtue of celibacy.

    May God bless you.
    Holy Mary protect you.

  7. jmgarciaiii says:


    If you could bring, along with all the eminently worthy intentions, a prayer for my youngest boy (Davy, 8) who is undergoing a new, experimental-yet-promising treatment for autism…I’d be inexpressively grateful. In any event, Father, you and your intentions are always in my prayers.



  8. kms says:

    Pray for my MIL Carol S. who is undergoing emergency surgery. Thank you.

  9. Father,

    Please remember all the holy priests, who have been openly critisized by their own and their Bishops for saying the Traditional Mass. Many a holy priest has suffered with the faithful in the catacombs of the 20th and 21st centuries. I would especially ask you to remember Msgr. Belluomini and Fr. Sotelo who have greatly served the faithful in the diocese of Fresno.

  10. LPD says:


    Please remember my wife. She has a most important exam on 1 August.

  11. Stephen Morgan says:


    Of your charity, in thanksgiving for my ordination to the diaconate on 24th June.

    Stephen Morgan
    Portsmouth, England

  12. Johnny says:

    Fr., PLEASE pray that my wonderful wife returns to the Catholic faith. Thank you for your service to Our LORD!

  13. John Kusske says:

    Please pray for my sister to come back to the faith, and for safe travels for my father and me as we go out to visit her family in Seattle tomorrow (he from Minnesota, I from Japan). And of course, please keep on praying for the Church in China!

  14. Father, of your charity, please pray that I can discern whether I have a religious vocation or not.

  15. berenike says:

    “potrzebne Å‚aski” (needed graces) for my paternal grandfather and maternal grandmother.

  16. Tim says:

    Father, please pray for the continued perseverance of my wife and children in their faith, as well as for my parents, brothers and sisters…some of whih desperately need to get to confession.

  17. For those suffering from addictions of any kind, especially for my dear friend R, and for their full healing.
    For the perseverence for those undergoing persecution for the sake of the Church, especially for K and M.
    For my own vocational discernment.

    Thank you and God bless you, Father!

  18. Tim says:

    Father, please pray for the continued perseverance of my wife and children in their faith, as well as for my parents, brothers and sisters…some of whih desperately need to get to confession.

  19. John says:

    Please, pray for the mercy of God for myself and for all of my family.

  20. Vincenzo says:

    Father, please pray for the health of my grandmother. Thank you.

  21. Ryan S. says:

    Fr. Z,

    I’ll be entering the seminary in the Fall. Please pray for me! Thanks very much.

  22. Anne says:


    Please pray for the health of my unborn baby. I am only 7 weeks along, and am 43 years old and
    am anxious since I am older this time.
    This is our 6th child and our entire family is ecstatic, as I have
    experienced secondary infertility for many years, and our children have so wished
    for another sibling.

  23. WRiley says:

    Father please remember a five year old boy named Peter who has brain cancer.
    His parents, Mark and Christine, are both converts to the faith and exemplars of Christian suffering.
    Thank you father, you are in my prayers. Will Riley

  24. Tim says:

    Dear Father, Please pray for my sister and her family as they begin a new life in a new house/city/country.

    Sancta Maria Goretti, ora pro nobis.

  25. Pater, OSB says:

    Please give thanks to God for the gift of priesthood we have received (myself only recently) – May we all be made worthy of the graces received!

  26. Diane says:

    For all blogging priests, seminarians and religious. May God grant them the graces necessary to strengthen the faith of readers and to bring many more home to the Catholic faith.

    Please also include in your intentions all priests and religious who have been unjustly persecuted via the internet.

    Thanks Father!

  27. Joe says:

    Reverend Father,
    Please pray for my friend Michael, that he may complete his Marine Corps training in peace and safety and return home safely to those of us who love him.
    Thank you, Joe

  28. of your charity says:

    For the conversion of my family, especially my parents, grandparents, and sister.

  29. Tim Ferguson says:

    please pray for the parties and families involved in the marriage cases on which I’m working.

    Molto grazie

  30. Jon says:


    Please pray for my uncle, and my wife’s cousin, both of whom are afflicted with terminal lung cancer.

    Thanks, Father!

  31. John Giglio says:

    Please pray for my wife (Kidney Failure), my family and world peace!

  32. Mike says:


    Please remember my father who is livimg with Alzheimer’s disease and my mother who is caring for him. Thanks.

  33. Argent says:

    For a mutual friend, B, who is being ordained this weekend. For K in her discernment. For me in my work in my parish’s liturgy committee…for perseverance, charity, patience. Thank you. And I’m praying for you as well.

  34. anonymousfrom Sweden says:

    Please pray for those who oppose the Old rite and for those who cause scandal to others. For the conversion of Scandinavia to the catholic Faith.

  35. Eric says:


    Please pray for my wife and our unborn child (expected soon).

  36. Austin Welsh MD says:

    Please pray for my wife’s mother who was recently diagnosed with myelofibrosis (gradual destruction of the bone marrow). There is no real cure and the family is very anxious. Thank you.

  37. David says:

    The Latin Mass Community in South Bend, IN will come to end on July 15th due to the transfer of our priest. please ask the the Lord to provide a priest and a parish church for us to offer the Traditional Latin Mass. Thanks.

  38. Janet says:

    Father, please pray that my two sons will return to an active faith as Catholics. Thank you and God bless you!

  39. some guy says:

    Father, Please remember all of our military chaplains and their very needy flock, and please pray for an increase in vocations to the military chaplaincy and an increase in generosity on the part of our bishops in releasing good priests for service to those who serve us all. God bless, and thanks.

  40. Eric says:

    Well I usually hate to ask for things, but I do enjoy the site and noticed this so here goes: I am taking the NYS Bar exam July 24-25 and need all the help I can get. Thank you Father!

  41. Different says:


    Please pray for my wife and daughter as they are traveling today.

    Thank you.

  42. Lynne says:

    Father, please pray that my daughter and husband will return to an active Catholic faith.

    Thank you and God bless you!

  43. GCC Catholic says:


    Please pray for my family who is having a hard time caring for my elderly grandfather, and for me, that I will follow God’s will in my seminary studies in the fall.

    Thanks and God Bless.

  44. dcs says:

    Please pray for a special intention for my wife and me.

    Thanks and God bless.

  45. WBJ says:


    Please pray for healing my brother Sean, who suffers from schizophrenia.

    Thank you and God bless you.

  46. MDL says:

    Please pray for me that I might be given the clarity of vocational call.
    Gratias tibi ago.

  47. irishman says:

    Please pray for my two sisters, who are both pregnant. For my wife & young son, and for me – a poor sinner.

    Confitemini Domino quoniam bonus

  48. Jennifer says:

    Dear Father,
    Please pray for my family.

    Thank you, and God Bless you!!

  49. Raymundus says:

    For the cause of canonization of the Servant of God Simon Brute’ de Remur, Bishop of Vincennes. Also, for my vocation. Danke!

  50. Dave says:

    For a special intention.

  51. I will close this at 0930 EDT (= 1630 CET).

    So many heartfelt intentions….

  52. matt says:

    Dear Father,

    If you could please pray that my wife would become a Catholic.

    Thank you,


  53. Matt Kennel says:

    Please say a prayer of thanksgiving to God for my conversion. Today would be, liturgically, the third anniversary of the day I decided to become Catholic. Please also pray for me as I enter Franciscan University in the spring to start my masters in theology.

  54. Irulats says:


    Please pray for my wife, daughter, family and I.

  55. James R. A. Brown says:

    Please pray for me and my son, Jacob, that we would both serve the Lord with all our being.

  56. For my son, Paul, for his return to the Faith, and for his plans for higher education. And for my parents, Dorothy and Paul, in thanksgiving for 55 years of marriage this past month.

  57. Benedict says:

    For two friends headed off to the seminary this fall. That I will be able to follow them if it is what God wills. And for my family.

  58. MikeJH says:

    Father, please pray for the unity and peace of Christ in His Church and throughout the world. May God bless you.

  59. Fr. Paul says:

    Please pray for me and all my intentions.

  60. Thurfier says:

    Please pray for one of our priests who is undergoing a severe test of his faith and also for the happy reception of the motu proprio in our diocese.

  61. SMJ says:

    For my sister, my family, the Pope and all the souls in purgatory.

  62. Intentions, which I have read, have to close now. I am off to the chapel.

    Thank you all. And kindly say a prayer for one of my intentions.

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