UPDATE: SSPX Bp. Williamson vs. female Doctors of the Church

I posted an entry the other day about statements made by the excommunicated SSPX bishop Williamson in which he takes exception to the naming of females as Doctors of the Church.

I closed down the comments on that entry when I saw that some people just weren’t getting the point.

However, after closing down the combox, more than one person sent me a really interesting tidbit of information.  Here is just one of the notes I got on the same subject:

I found something
today that I thought you might find interesting. And you closed the comments on
Bishop Williamson’s opposition to female Doctors of the Church before I could
post it.

In the Roman Catholic Daily Missal by Angelus Press the little blurb on St.
Teresa of Avila before the Propers of the Mass (page 1454) states in part:

"On account of her invaluable works on mystical Theology, she may be
considered one of the greatest Doctors of the Church."

I certainly found that interesting considering Bishop Williamson’s beliefs and
the connection between Angelus Press and the SSPX.

Hee hee!

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