I fixed the “threaded” or “nested” comments feature.


I added links at the bottom of each entry so that you can email, print, and share posts to various social networking sites.  I added just a few social networking sites I have heard of.  There are options for several dozen more that can be added, depending on interest.


I have a do list I am working on.

  • Figure out how to insert a DATE partition on the page, as the old them had.  You will remember that there was a separator for each day so you could easily see which entries were posted on which day. [DONE]
  • Find the place and insert code for the padding in the left margin of the entry-title. [DONE]
  • Soften the color of the entry background a tad. [DONE]
  • Think though the typography. [DONE]
  • Consider ads for good Catholic projects. [ONGOING]


Many thanks to the great Vincenzo for the header!

There is still a great deal to be done. But as you can see the blog is not imploding. Tomorrow will bring some modifications including, I hope

  • a mobile theme [DONE]
  • a good registration form [DONE]
  • tweaks to the theme [ONGOING]
  • a better comment form [DONE]
  • some sort of header [DONE]

The header, I understand, for this theme must be 940×198 pixels. In the meantime…

[CUE MUSIC] Buy some coffee!

When you’ve had a tough day fighting aftershocks of The Vortex…

… reach for that handy mug of Mystic Monk Coffee!

Refresh your supply now!

It’s swell!

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