IRELAND 20-22 Oct: TLM Workshop for Priests

In his pastoral letter to the faithful in Ireland, Our Holy Father said that a return to traditional Catholic practices is necessary.

From a reader:

Seminar for Priests and Seminarians
who would like to learn to celebrate the
Extraordinary Form
of the Latin Rite
or who would like to do a revision course in the basics of liturgical Latin and
formation in the rubrics
conducted by Fr Fr Simon Leworthy  FSSP
Cresslough Co Donegal
In superb surroundings on Atlantic coast
Wednesday 20th  – Friday 22 October 2010
Cost  110 euro including full board
Contact Pronsias  074 97 37 307
Early Booking requested
Organised by
The Latin Mass Society of Ireland

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  1. Magpie says:

    The problem here in Ireland is that there are not enough priests to meet the demand for the TLM. Let’s hope and pray many take advantage of this offer. I know there are priests who want to go but can’t get time off.

  2. May this prosper. Praised be Jesus!
    Our prayers and penance for this great work from our little monastic community…the devil is surely at work, esp. in Ireland…what a great gratitude we in the US should have towards the Irish Church, who has given us so many priests and religious that has made us what we are today…even with all the problems, we owe a great gratitude to the Irish priests and religious who have taken care of our orphans, widows, staffed our parishes, have been bishops, have served the needs of the poorest of the poor…maybe they weren’t perfect but they have served us well; may the Catholic Church in Ireland be blessed in every way!

  3. Fr Matthew says:

    Wish I could go, but it’s a little far… and I hope to be ready to use the E.F. before the course actually happens, because I’ve been asked to fill in for another priest who offers the EF Mass here but will be absent later this month. I’ve already done some study and practice, but need the last push to be ready for “prime time”.

  4. verdi says:

    Magpie, I agree there are many priests interested but there are many more opposed. Let us pray even one decade of the Rosary daily that at least some of those interested will find way to attend and those opposed will look more closely at the advantages.

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