NYC – 30 Jan – TLM and talk by Martin Mosebach

In New York City on Sunday the 30th of January, there will be a Solemn Mass at 5 P.M. at the Church of Our Saviour at 59 Park Avenue (at 38th Street) followed by a lecture in the undercroft at 7 P.M. by prize-winning German novelist and writer on the liturgy Martin Mosebach.  The subject of the talk will be “The Old Roman Missal: Loss and Rediscovery”.

Mass will be celebrated in the “Extraordinary Form” with music provided by the St. Mary’s (Norwalk, CT) Schola Cantorum: Palestrina’s Missa sine nomine, motets by Palestrina and Victoria, and all the proper Gregorian chants.  David Hughes directs the Schola.

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  1. Martial Artist says:


  2. Martial Artist says:

    Sorry, hit the wrong button.

  3. Childermass says:

    I assume Fr. George Rutler is the celebrant?

  4. Mass is at 5pm.

    That’s right. It replaces the usual 5 P.M. Mass. The 9 o’clock Missa Cantata in the Extraordinary form will also be celebrated that day.

    I assume Fr. George Rutler is the celebrant?

    Fr. Rutler is the pastor of the Church of Our Saviour. It’s not yet certain who will be the celebrant for the Mass. If it is announced in advance, it would be announced at the web site of the Society of St. Hugh of Cluny, which is sponsoring the Mass and talk.

  5. quovadis7 says:

    Anyone know if Mr. Mosebach’s talk will be recorded and made available online afterwards via download/podcast? I’m very interested in his upcoming speech, as I am sure quite a few WDTPRS folks are.

    About a year ago, I read his very insightful book “The Heresy of Formlessness”. I highly recommend it to all WDTPRS visitors & fans….

    Pax et benedictiones tibi, per Christum Dominum nostrum,

    Steve B
    Plano, TX

  6. Ef-lover says:

    For those who will not be in the city and for those who live closer to Norwalk, Connecticut:

    Wednesday, February 2 at St. Mary’s Church, Norwalk CT

    6:00 PM Solemn High Mass and procession for feast of the Purification
    8:00 PM presentation by Mr. Mosebach in parish Hall

  7. AndyKl says:

    QuoVadis7: I just finished Heresy of Formlessness. I highly recommend it!

  8. gloriainexcelsis says:

    I also recommend “The Heresy of Formlessness,” originally written (in German) in 2003, when the Tridentine Mass was an Indult. My yellow highlighter was very busy.

  9. says:

    I, too, highly recommend the Mosebach book, and will be in attendance at the Mass and talk in NYC. Herr Mosebach is a briliant writer, and gave me great hope that our sacred liturgy can, and will be preserved. He has been an inspiration for my renewal of faith and devotion to the EF Mass.

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