Homosexual activists attack iPhone examination of conscience app for confession

No surprise here.  The Guardian in the UK has an article about homosexual apologists attacking the new iPhone app to help people make a good confession.

I reviewed the iPhone here with follow up entries:

In my review I pointed out the inclusion of homosexual activity in the examination of conscience.  NB: activity not orientation.

Let’s have a look with my usual emphases and comments protocol.

Gay rights groups attack iPhone confession app for Roman Catholics

Group claims app fosters ‘anti-gay spiritual abuse’ as it shoots up list of popular downloads

Jamie Doward and Gabriel Stargardter

The Catholic church has approved [First line of the article, factual error.  The “Catholic Church” did not approve this app.  One bishop in the USA gave the app an imprimatur.  An imprimatur does not mean that the “Catholic Church” approves of the content.  It means that nothing in the app is contrary to Catholic doctrine.] an iPhone app that helps guide worshippers through confession.

The launch of an iPhone app that guides Catholics through confession has prompted a furious response from gay rights groups, who accuse it [?  Do they mean the creators of the app?] of “promoting anti-gay spiritual abuse“. [A rather slimy choice of words.  They are trying to link language associated with the subject of clerical abuse of minors to this app.  Ironic, no?  Most clerical abuse of minors, by large percentage, was same-sex abuse of minors. Furthermore, I believe the hijacking of the word “gay” is an act of spiritual abuse of happy virtuous people everywhere!]

“Confession: A Roman Catholic App”, which costs £1.19 from the Apple iTunes store, has shot to 26 in the download charts, behind Sims 3 and Resident Evil 4: Platinum.

The app allows “a personalised examination of conscience for each user”, and has already won the backing of senior members of the Catholic church. A spokesman for the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales said it was a “useful tool to help people prepare for the sacrament of reconciliation”. [Is the spokesman a senior member of the Catholic church?  Perhaps readers in the UK can help with this.  Have any bishops there commented on this app?] Among the questions users are asked is: “Have I been guilty of any homosexual activity?[NB: activity. Homosexual activity is a sin.  It is deviant behavior, as is evident from man’s nature, from Scripture, and the consistent teaching of the Catholic Church which cannot err in matters of faith and morals.]

Wayne Besen, executive director of Truth Wins Out, a group that campaigns on behalf of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered (LGBT) people, accused the app of “helping to create neurotic individuals who are ashamed of who they are“. [The app is focused on action, not on the orientation.  Of course, the orientation itself is a departure from what is normal for a human being. But what is necessary to distinguish are the acts from the orientation.  The app does not go beyond activity.]

“This is cyber spiritual abuse that promotes backward ideas in a modern package,” said Besen. [Ho hum.] “Gay Catholics don’t need to confess, [They do if they commit homosexual acts!  Homosexual acts are intrinsically evil.  They are mortal sins.  Commit a mortal sin and die unrepentant and unconfessed and you will probably wind up for eternity in the state of separation from God which is called Hell. Sin = Death + Hell.] they need to come out of the closet and challenge anti-gay dogma. The false idea that being gay [This is either mendacious or the person saying this is a little thick.  The app doesn’t say anything about homosexual orientation.  The person who said this seems to think that people must express themselves genitally with a person of the same-sex if that is the orientation. I suspect this is a manifestation of the sexual obsession and enslavement that habitual and vicious deviant behavior can drag a person into over time.] is something to be ashamed of has destroyed too many lives. [Indeed? Repent, amend your life, friend, and go to confession to save your soul, no matter what the sins are.] This iPhone app is facilitating and furthering the harm.”

Gay rights groups have become concerned at the use of technology to target minorities. [For pity’s sake, that’s just silly.  As if homosexual groups haven’t ever employed technology to target the Catholic Church.] Besen pointed to the Manhattan Declaration app, which was released last October on the back of a 5,000-word petition drawn up by several Christian groups, and opposed LGBT rights and gay marriage. A furore among liberal commentators prompted iTunes to pull the app from its store. [To the eternal shame of Apple.]

A spokesman for the Confession App’s creator declined to comment. However, the company has insisted it did not write the questions, which were posed by Catholic priests.

Shocked!  I’m shocked!  The Catholic Church says homosexuality is not normal and, GASP, homosexual sex is sinful!  Imagine such a thing!  Imagine an app designed to help with confession might mention deviant sex!  Imagine!

I like this app more and more.

All compassion and charity is required towards our neighbor.  If our neighbor has a homosexual orientation, our homosexual neighbor should have compassion and charity just like everyone else.  It is never charitable or compassionate to say intrinsically sinful acts are good or indifferent.  They are evils which can result in the spiritual death of our neighbor whom we are called by the Lord Himself to love with the love He modeled on the Cross: charity – the love that looks to the good of the other.  It is a spiritual work of mercy to instruct the ignorant and to admonish the sinner.  We do so with compassion and charity.  Remembering that we, too, are ignorant sinners in many ways, we do so with humility.  We should not be indifferent to the spiritual peril of our neighbors.  It may or may not be our place in our relationships to “admonish” directly or with strength.  But in our actions and words we can admonish in ways suited to our positions and places.

Meanwhile, may I suggest to the readership that, if you have an iPhone, even if you don’t need or want to use it, you should immediately go buy this app?

I am not getting a percentage of the sale for the app, btw.

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  1. Philangelus says:

    In other news, the app also asks if users of the app have stolen anything, leading hundreds of thieves, pickpockets, tax evaders and embezzlers to take to the streets protesting that the Catholic Church has no right to judge what they do with their money (or rather, someone else’s money.)

    Last I heard, this app wasn’t mandatory for all Catholics to use, and it’s not a secret that the Catholic Church disapproves of homosexual activity.

  2. Rose in NE says:

    I was kinda on the fence about this app, but now I am definitely going to buy it.

  3. Bryan Boyle says:

    Just did. And will suggest those in my RCIA class who are facing their first Confession and Penance do the same.

    The best defense is a good offense. If this causes even ONE person to amend their ways, whether a homosexual or straight person towards the cause of righteousness and following a holy path…there is more rejoicing in Heaven over one sinner that repents than the righteous multitudes who have no need.

  4. Marc says:

    I own an iPhone, Nano iPod, and MacBook Pro, if Apple Computer removes this application from iPhone/iPad inventory then I am done with all Apple products.

  5. Fr Z, what is your opinion of MEA CULPA, similar app that also helps distinguish mortal from venial sins?

    Keep up the GREAT work !!!

  6. MKubes says:

    Sold! Now I’m just waiting for The Guardian’s writeup on the fury unleashed by millions of Womynpreests for this app’s obvious patriarchal sexism too.

  7. Dirichlet says:

    It’s almost hilarious how predictable these groups are. Let them be mad, I guess.

  8. cblanch says:

    I too, was on the fence until I read this. Bought it.

  9. [i]Gay rights groups have become concerned at the use of technology to target minorities.[/i]

    Hilarious. This histrionic language evokes the Death Star. The Empire strikes back!

    Actually, it’s more like insulin for diabetics. Homosexualists are laboring under several ridiculous assumptions: (1) there is no disorder in nature; (2) there is no such thing as a disorder that engenders a disordered desire; (3) if one feels a desire to do something, one should do it; and (4) one’s desires make up the core of one’s identity.

    If I could press a button and nuke these stupid assumptions, I certainly would.

    It’s like

  10. black biretta: Mea Culpa?

    Haven’t explored it. Perhaps the developers will send me a “coupon” for the app so I can check it out sometime.

  11. auntpat says:

    I too was on the fence but just went and spent the 1.99 just in spite!!! Is that a sin?

  12. Maria says:

    Fr. Z.,
    It is good that you stand so firmly for The Word of God. I have complete Faith in you as a Priest because you do not mince words and you always speak The Truth.
    May God Bless you more and more and more in your Faithful Obedience.

    I do not hate homosexuals (and I do not know of any Catholic who does) but homosexual practices are not acceptable if one wishes to be Catholic and part of The Body of Christ, we cannot enjoin our Lord to these practices any more than we can enjoin Him to adultery, fornication, and other mortal sin.
    In fact, we are forbidden to do so.

    Can’t they grasp this?

    The newspapers here in England are like anywhere else, they want to sell and if a bit of twisted scandal does so then they will sensationalise anything they can to sell.
    We know that The Holy Church is under attack worldwide and that there are some who even infiltrate our Church to discredit her.

    We also know that God will sort the wheat from the chaff and His sheep from the goats.

    As far as I am concerned, these newspapers are not worth the paper they are printed on when they write such idiotic reports in favour of the immoral, and when they use slanderous insults against Jesus Christs’ Church.

    May Our Blessed Lord Jesus protect all non practicing Catholic homosexuals who are trying to live a celibate decent life in accordance with Gods’ Will, and may St. Michael be as unmerciful to the enemy as the enemy is to all the oppressed and struggling wayward souls for whom Christ died and desires to save.

    With sincere Love in Christ,


  13. Rob Cartusciello says:

    If they’re protesting like this, we’re doing something right!

    I’ve heard more about the Sacrament of Reconciliation in the past two weeks than I’ve heard the past five years.

    Among the questions users are asked is: “Have I been guilty of any homosexual activity?”

    This is actually a less inclusive category, in that it does not ask about homosexual thoughts.

    Some people will never be happy.

  14. AnAmericanMother says:

    Well, I’m off to buy this app . . . just to irritate the know-nothing yahoos.

    (Is that a sin?)

  15. Genna says:

    From the BBC Home News website today:
    “Ministers are expected to publish plans to enable same-sex couples to “marry” in church, the BBC has learned.
    Equalities Minister Lynne Featherstone is to propose lifting the ban on civil partnerships taking place in religious settings in England and Wales.
    There are no plans to compel religious organisations to hold ceremonies and the Church of England has said it would not allow its churches to be used.
    Gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell said the change was “long overdue”.
    Civil partnership ceremonies are currently entirely secular.”

    Gays never wanted marriage. Oh no. Just equal legal rights to inherit, etc.
    From the equality law came the case, (funded by the Govt.-backed Equality Commission), won by two civil partnership gays against an elderly Christian couple running a small hotel who do not allow unmarried couples to share a double room. The hotel owners were fined for discrimination. Religious conscience and liberty were trumped
    Catholic adoption agencies have closed down or severed their connection with the Church because the law forced them to place children with gay couples.
    If the new proposal goes into law, wait for the first case against a priest.
    Please pray for the Dowry of Mary

  16. Animadversor says:

    Among the questions users are asked is: “Have I been guilty of any homosexual activity?”

    This is actually a less inclusive category, in that it does not ask about homosexual thoughts.

    I should think that a deliberately entertained homosexual thought would be considered “homosexual activity.”

  17. Supertradmum says:

    Freedom to do anything at anytime is the definition of anarchy. Pr0-LGBT rights activists are, basically, anti-intellectuals who want chaos, which IMO points to Satan, the father of chaos. I do not own a cell phone or even a land-line, so I cannot buy this app, but it seems to be generating much good thinking and support, besides turning one’s attention back to the great Sacrament of Penance.

  18. APX says:

    Furthermore, I believe the hijacking of the word “gay” is an act of spiritual abuse of happy virtuous people everywhere!

    MKubes says:
    Sold! Now I’m just waiting for The Guardian’s writeup on the fury unleashed by millions of Womynpreests for this app’s obvious patriarchal sexism too.

    **It’s actually possible for Womynpreests to create a profile as a female priest on it.**
    I was bored in a night class and was fiddling around with the app when I discovered a flaw. Once a profile is made, a female can go back and edit her profile and change the vocation to priest and it will work.

  19. mingione says:

    I’m also really interested in a comparison between Mea Culpa and this app. I’m trying to decide which to purchase and searching for a comparison mostly came back with news stories about the new app. Confession certainly has caught the press’ attention, but otherwise they seem very similar. I do like the idea of the passcode vs the username though.

  20. auntpat says:

    @mini gone: go read the first review on the app itself from someone who purchased if you haven’t already done so. Was compelling enough to make me save my 1.99 since I had already purchased this one.

  21. mingione says:

    @auntpat thanks! That review was extremely helpful

  22. K. Marie says:

    I would buy it, but I have yet to find it in the Android market.

  23. Kerry says:

    How terrible to choose to believe one’s identity and being are entirely determined by the places one chooses to put tongues or sexual organs. Thus more, and nothing greater…?

  24. Supertradmum says:


    When people forget that they are creatures of God, children of God and made in the Image and Likeness of God, and if baptized, sharing in the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, that identity is lost and new, banal ones are sought.

  25. jbosco88 says:

    How awful for people to realise they are judged by God’s laws, not ours.

    I think I’ll have to buy this App…before Apple pull it.

  26. Legisperitus says:


    … as they surely will.

  27. ray from mn says:

    Thanks for coming to the defense of the word “gay”, Father Z. It may be late in coming but if we can’t stop its use, it seems to me that we might make up our own synonym for the word “homosexual” and begin to use that. A list of pagan gods might be a good place to start. Bacchus? Bacchia?

    Secondly, homosexuals like to have us all believe all that they do when they get together is hold hands and smooch a bit. Maybe the developers of the Examination of Conscience Ap might add a few sins and details to its index:

    Particularly, sins of abuse of the body by engaging in activities that expose ones-self or others to sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV, AIDS, syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, etc., tears in the anus, the use of drugs and/or techniques intended to extend pleasure that contain a risk to life, sad0-masochistic practices, etc. might be included in that index.

    We are at war with them and they are on the offensive. We have to start telling people what they do.

  28. ChipL says:

    @APX… nice catch… We’re working on fixing an issue that makes it too easy to not set the birthday properly. I will make a fix to the edit user function to prevent that from happening…. So many situation that I never thought I would grasp.

    @FrZ We’ve been exchanging emails with the maker of Mea Culpa. His name is Travis and he seems like a really good guy. I’ll tell him to take a peek here and to send you a code for a download.

  29. pjleinen says:

    I sent the following letter to the Gaurdian – They never wrote back or responded. In fact, they never even tried to contact me for a response.


    In regards to the following article: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2011/feb/13/catholic-app-iphone-gay-rights
    I’m one of the co-founders of Little i Apps, LLC and co-creators of Confession: A Roman Catholic App. We actually released a statement as follows:

    There have been some questions lately over the use of “Have I been guilty of any homosexual activity?” within Confession: A Roman Catholic App. We realize the sensitivity of the subject matter and would like to point out that the aforementioned sexual act is deemed by the church to be sinful – not homosexuality or homosexuals. The Catholic Church teaches that homosexuals, like all people, are to be treated with “…respect, compassion, and sensitivity. Every sign of unjust discrimination in their regard should be avoided.” For more on the Church’s teaching on the issue, please refer to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, specifically paragraphs 2357 through 2359. The placement, wording and presentation of the question is in the same style as all previously asked questions within the application – no one sin in the database, in which there are hundreds, is given any more emphasis or distinction than others.

    We would also like to point out that there are several other sexual activity sins included in the program including masturbation, premarital sex, contraception, infidelity… all of which are addressed in a similar style to help the pennant prepare for Catholic confession.

    It is neither our intention nor belief that any group, no matter what their status in life, should ever be discriminated against.

    We please ask that you update your article accordingly. Please contact us that this statement has been received.


    Little i Apps, LLC

  30. kolbe1019 says:

    This is Wonderful!!!!!
    We need more and more and more of this!
    All you wealthy warbirds invest in Catholic apps and other things that make the moral relativisits fight like a monkey backed into a corner. All the drama means we are landing our punches.

  31. Konichiwa says:

    Philangelus: “Last I heard, this app wasn’t mandatory for all Catholics to use, and it’s not a secret that the Catholic Church disapproves of homosexual activity.”
    Yes! I wish the app had a Facebook option to click “like” on, because I would love to see the numbers go up in favor of the app.

  32. Charles E Flynn says:

    K. Marie,

    The developers report that they will look into creating an Android version. You can make your voice heard here:


  33. Thank you for this post. Your courage is an example to us so we can, as you, say the truth no matter what, to be against the world if the world is against the law of God.
    Well done!

  34. puma19 says:

    As Fr Z mentions homosexuality and mortal sin in the context of the Apple Conf App, I thought I would ask, why is it that a former senior Archbishop in the USA of a large diocese who has admitted his homosexual leanings etc and indeed a relationship involving huge amounts of money, has not been removed from his episcopal position? It seems that if acting out one’s homosexuality as a bishop then surely, surely this is a public scandal. is it not? yet this archbishop still seems to turn up at major functions, including the installation of his successor +1. If the Church is to be true then surely a successor of the Apotolic lineage ought have been removed from the episopacy and just made to retreat to a monastery? Yes? But this man has now gone to publish a book and indeed where does the money from that go?
    I am baffled that there seems to be double standards on this matter. Is it indeed a grave matter that a bishop be seen to be publicly homosexual? A former cardinal archbishop of Vienna brought huge discredit on himself. A former bishop in Belgium last year admitted having a relationship with his nephew before and AFTER he was consecrated a bishop. What is going on?
    So are these all condemned? It seems that ‘less sinful’ people are harangued and persecuted yet very senior chuchemen are just left to carry on as bishops without so much as a care in the world. [I am not sure what your motive is for posting this, but I will respond in this way: Jesus Christ made His Sacrifice to save sinners. The Church Militant is not a just museum for saints, but rather a hospital for souls who need healing. People sin. If they repent and mend their ways, they will be saved and heaven will rejoice. So, pray for those who have done so much damage.]

  35. albizzi says:

    Although unwillingly, this Iphone app for Examination of Conscience has hit the target: The Devil was taken unexpectedly when one sees how the gay activists are reacting.
    No doubt there soon will be available same competiting apps more friendly to the gay lobby. The Devil cannot stay long without striking back.
    The Vatican will be obliged to grant (or withdraw) official approvals.

  36. biberin says:

    I’m perfectly happy with my current examination of conscience, but I’m going to buy this before iTunes pulls it!!

  37. New Sister says:

    Father – in your commentary you mention the Church’s opposition to “homosexual sex,” which is, unfortunately, a common and misleading distinction I hear from many Church pastors. (or perhaps I should say, “from the few” pastors who address the topic at all.) I think we apologists for the faith need to be more explicit – and bold – on two points,

    1. The term “homosexual sex” is, in itself, inaccurate, since sex (and marriage) can only be effected between male and female. Better terms would be (IMO), “‘so-called’ sex,” sodomy, or mutual masturbation.

    2. “Homosexual activity” encompasses far more than just this form of so-called “sex.” It refers to willful thoughts, words, and deeds; direct (e.g., dwelling on impure thoughts; seeking to arouse them in others; etc.) and indirectly (e.g., attending, financing, or supporting gay-pride events; voting for so-called “gay rights”; etc.).

    I haven’t seen the app, but hope it delves into this kind of detail.

  38. puma19, what you see as a double standard is actually a single standard. It is best that we assume the people in question have confessed their sins and received absolution. Sins causing public scandal should have a public component to their resolution (a public repudiation of the sinful acts, for example), but might not require removal from their position.

  39. brandonkropp says:

    The iPhone confession app is the only thing I have bought from Apple since the decision to pull the Manhattan Declaration app. Maybe if they don’t pull the Confession app ill start buying stuff again. I hope they don’t because I really like Apple stuff.

  40. Tony Layne says:

    Don’t have an iPhone. Don’t want one. And I would be very, very surprised if Apple didn’t exercise its censorship powers to pull the Confession app.

  41. eucharisted says:

    “One bishop in the USA gave the app an imprimatur. An imprimatur does not mean that the “Catholic Church” approves of the content. It means that nothing in the app is contrary to Catholic doctrine.”

    But the Bishop is a Vicar of Christ and represents the Church. So I can see where the news article is coming from. [Sure. But people who know what they are talking about know better. I think journalists who don’t know what imprimatur means, and how could they have missed the word, they should probably find out. Also, I believe that the title “Vicar of Christ” is reserved for the “Successor of Peter”. Bishops are normally referred to as “Successors of the Apostles”. There are theological distinctions behind the terms.]

  42. New Sister says:

    I didn’t know Bishops were “a Vicar of Christ.” I thought this title was employed only in the definite (“the”) and upon the Supreme Pontiff, Successor of Saint Peter – ?

  43. eucharisted says:

    “[Sure. But people who know what they are talking about know better. I think journalists who don’t know what imprimatur means, and how could they have missed the word, they should probably find out.]”

    That make sense, thanks for the clarification :)

  44. Peggy R says:

    Wouldn’t the Left tell us to change the channel if we didn’t like what was being broadcast? That principle should apply here. I am concerned that social conservatives and Catholics may be denied access to modern social communications b/c of what we believe.

  45. Bornacatholic says:

    Homosexuals represent about 3% of the population but their public campaigns are 100% disingenuous mendacity. Any Christian who has not been criticised by them really isn’t acting like a Christian.

    Homosexuals are a nettlesome bore. They never shut-up and because of that, folks have about reached the end of their patience with them. Personally, I think laughter is the best response to their inane campaigns.

    The worse thing one can do is to become defensive which is what these public protests are meant to achieve; they are meant, at least in part, in trying to put normalcy in the Public Dock. And the the Judge (homosexual activists) hates to be mocked, jeered and laughed at.

    Christian Catholics would do themselves a favor to read what Juvenal wrote about Homosexuals back in the day (when homosexuals “married”) and to, especially, check-out St. Peter Damien’s,


  46. Maria says:

    In response to the last post made by Bornacatholic, I would like to say that although I understand where you are coming from, is it not a little unfair to label all homosexuals as ‘nettlesome bores” and tar them with the same brush.
    As with all types of people, walks of life, and communities, we are all different and there are many Christians I could label as nettlesome bores but won’t, and there are also some very good caring non active homosexuals who are sensitive and kinder than some heterosexuals.

    Please do’t label people all the same, it is not fair especially when decent people are already struggling with their intrinsic disability, sometimes forsaking a ‘comfortable’ domestic life because they are obedient to Christ, often feeling isolated, lonely, odd, and labelled by people more fortunate than themselves.

    I would agree with you that the Gay Rights Movement comes under your desription, especially when they are hostile, aggressive and appear to desire to force us into their wrongdoing at any cost.

  47. Newsflash: the Catholic Church is Catholic. In other news, water found to be wet.

  48. Bornacatholic says:

    Dear Maria. If a man or a woman speaks to you about their sexual habits they are a bore whether or not they are normal or homosexual.

    There has been an almost complete inversion of morality in America to the point where it is now thought acceptable to talk about sex publicly but not religion.

    Satan’s quite happy with our new values and mores but I see no reason to extend special compassion to those whose major weakness is the Capital Sin of Lust. Every one of us has one, or more, Capital Sins to which we are susceptible (I have more than one) and it does no good to point to the pagan culture we live in and claim that because it approves of homosexual sins that makes it more difficult for an individual to overcome their temptations to Lust.

    Just recall The Sins crying to Heaven for Vengeance. Of the four, only homosexual activity and murder are routinely spoken about by Christians as sins to flee; or else. IOW, homosexuals are at least hearing warnings about their sins and what it does to their souls.

    The other Sins crying to Heaven for vengeance are Cheating Laborers of Their Due and Oppression of Widows and Orphans yet entire industries have been created to do just that and those industries with their serious sinful exploitation of individuals in those categories are considered part and parcel of our capitalist system which is routinely praised.

    So, why aren’t those Capital Sinners singled-out and identified as individuals needing special compassion and understanding? It could be argued that because their Capital Sins are so infrequently identified by Christians as mortal sins, they are in more mortal danger and more deserving of our compassion.

  49. Robbie J says:

    Little i Apps, LLC wrote:
    “We would also like to point out that there are several other sexual activity sins included in the program including masturbation, premarital sex, contraception, infidelity… all of which are addressed in a similar style to help the pennant prepare for Catholic confession.”

    If this is the case, then why aren’t those who participate in masturbation/pre-marital sex/contraception/infidelity etc. up in arms over this “discrimination” against them? Don’t they too, have a “right” to practice what they “feel” is natural for them? Sorry for the sarcasm, but I just couldn’t help myself. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea culpa.

    God Bless you, Fr. Z. Keep up the good work!

  50. Maria says:

    Hello Bornacatholic,
    Thanks for your response.
    I must admit that here in the UK., perhaps things are still a bit more low key amongst our communities than in the States.
    In honesty, I have only met a few homosexuals, whom I have known to be so.
    One a woman whom I knew a while back who was openly honest about it and lived with a woman, but she did not flaunt it.
    Where I used to live, a homosexual who lived with another man used to talk to me on the bus on the way to work. Again, he did not flaunt it.
    One I met at my bus stop who sickenly flaunted it, spoke like Boy George and dressed like he does now and who wore a queens’ crown brooch – ugh.,
    Another, a young man of about 20 who works in a local supermarket who is ‘proud’ to be homosexual and is very camp. I dont know any more than this about him but he is definately homosexual….

    …..and finally, a chaste and beautiful and loving Christian Catholic at my Church whom we all love and support with likeminded courtesy and love towards, as he shows towards us as well.
    He truly is a lovely man.

    I agree that homosexuals have been singled out more but that is I think because the ‘Gay Rights’ lot have made such a loud distasteful noise about it, and the likes of the new so called ‘marriage’ and adoption laws have made more issues public and caused consternation, anger and disappointment.

    I was really trying to defend the likes of my friend at Church, not because he has to deal with being a homosexual himself, he appears to be dealing with it very well and also appears to be devoted to Our Lord, but because (as far as I know) he IS obedient to Christ and all this vile publicity must make others like him feel isolated at times.
    It was good to hear your point of view.

    With Love in Christ,


  51. Bornacatholic says:

    Dear Maria. That was a lovely response and you obviously have a kind soul.

    Pax tecum, Sister

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