REMINDER: Liturgical manuals for the Extraordinary Form

The Ceremonies of the Roman Rite DescribedSince Universae Ecclesiae is going to reshape somewhat the playing field, and since there will now be additional motivation to ask questions about how to do things the Extraordinary way, it occured to me to remind you about some helpful resources.

First, there is Alcuin Reid’s reworking of Adrian Fortescue, J.B. O’Connell, The Ceremonies of the Roman Rite Described. This takes into consideration the provisions of Summorum Pontificum.  I suspect it will now need a revision, but it is useful.  I wrote about it here.

There is also the reprint of the original 1962 edition of Fortescue, J.B. O’Connell

TrimeloniThere is, in Italian, the reworking of Compendio di Liturgia Pratica by Ludivico Trimeloni.  I wrote about it here.

This volume is more comprehensive than Fortesque O’Connell.  It is organized with the sort of analytical precision that was possible, perhaps, only in the mind of pre-Conciliar Roman clerics.  You just don’t see this degree of articulation any more.   There are six pages on how to bow.

There is a preface by H.E. Dario Card. Castrillon Hoyos.  It is dedicated to the Holy Father.  Benedict XVI’s Sacramentum caritatis is quoted at the beginning.

Also, there is a little known but valuable book by by Jeffrey Collins, which is published privately, I think.  It is a solid easy to use volume.  It focuses mainly on what most parishes can muster.  Collins is presently reworking it with an index thanks be to God.  He is working also on a volume for fancier ceremonies.  More about it when I have updated information.

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  1. RobertK says:

    Also don’t forget “The Mass: A Study of the Roman Liturgy” by Adrian Fortescve.

  2. RobertK says:

    I almost forgot.
    The Celebration of the Mass: A Study of the Rubrics of the Roman Liturgy (1962) by By Rev. J. B. O’Connell

  3. kyle says:

    What about liturgical manuals for pontifical celebrations?

  4. pkenny says:

    There is also the short booklet “Synopsis of the Rubrics & Ceremonies of Holy Mass” by the incredible Fr William Doyle SJ, published in 1914.

    I know very little about the liturgy (but a lot about Fr Doyle – However, a priest I know who celebrates the EF tells me that it is an excellent guide that would be worth republishing.

  5. Centristian says:

    What about liturgical manuals for pontifical celebrations?

    “The Ceremonies of the Roman Rite Described” covers the various pontifical liturgies. I suppose the other title that Father offers would, too.

  6. swilson18 says:

    For those of us who know practically nothing about the Latin Mass I would recommend “Understanding the Latin Mass”, “Hear and Learn the Words of the Novus Ordo” Audio CD and Book – by Marion P. Smedberg. Available here.
    I received this a week ago and it is perfect for me, the novice.

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