Do you have good news?

Let’s start the work week with some of your good news.

For my part, I had a supportive message from a bishop.  Meant a lot.  I managed to make some repairs to a spar and other components of an old wooden deck umbrella, with wood-glue and clamps.  I need to do a lot of stitching, repairing and cleaning of the canvass, as the thread of its seams is rotting away.  I reconstructed its pulley hoisting/lowering system with 550 paracord.   BTW… you can make great rosaries from paracord.  Also, I saw a family of Flickers, and I don’t mean the photo service.  I posted on that elsewhere.

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  1. K_Suzanne says:

    My “little” brother is leaving us for a few months to take a job as a Percussionist in the National Guard band! And he just got accepted to his top-choice University. I’m going to miss him like crazy, but I couldn’t be more proud of him.

  2. Ygnacia says:

    Speaking of a supportive message from a Bishop – our Bishop called our Chaplain this past week to see how our Latin Mass community was doing in our new location, etc. Bless his soul~

  3. Jack007 says:

    We were blessed to close the deal on a new church for our community. After 24 years our FSSP apostolate finally has its own church! It is a former Lutheran church and will require some work to make it Catholic. We have acquired three 100 year old altars and a beautiful communion rail. The choir loft will need to be enlarged and confessionals installed.
    The current house which has served as a “rectory” for over 20 years must be sold to raise funds. The new church has a small house on the property which needs a LOT of work.

    The purchase has left us somewhat “broke”, but we know that God will provide. Please keep us in your prayers so that we may overcome the financial obstacles and that He will provide additional benefactors.

    We will miss the beautiful surroundings and hospitality of our present host parish, but the benefits are great. It will be so nice not having to ask permission in advance for such things as Holydays, Midnight Mass etc…

    Speaking of fundraising, we will have a most distinguished speaker at our annual parish banquet this year. I won’t mention any names (I’ll leave that to him), but he is a wonderful and gracious priest who also happens to operate the finest and most popular Catholic blog on the Internet. :-)
    How’s THAT for good news?

    Jack in KC

  4. Microtouch says:

    I held my grandchild this weekend.

  5. JonPatrick says:

    The community where we attend Mass has finally cleared all legal hurdles and can now proceed with building a new chapel. We currently worship in a cramped basement chapel underneath the school.

    My family was enrolled in the Brown Scapular yesterday.

    And I received 2 Patrick O’Brian novels in the mail Friday and started one last night. And my first shipment of my Mystic Monk coffee subscription has been shipped and should arrive soon!

  6. Disc-Thrower says:

    After many many years, the Archbishop and the release of UE, has finally given us the green light to find a proper parish and seek priests to say mass in the EF! Also, he wrote a very nice letter supporting the new translations. It’s seems like a change of heart, or pressure from above :p

    Exciting times ahead!

  7. The heat wave has broken, and the humidity has fallen. And I have a half-day off work today to enjoy it. :)

  8. We have semi-air conditioning at Grotto. With outside temperatures in the high 90’s for several consecutive days, the temperature inside is usually higher because the old building has no way for heat to escape. Instead, we were met with a very comfortable 78F – perhaps not cool enough for some, but so much cooler than 90+

    Deo gratias!

  9. benedetta says:

    Marveling at the beauty of God’s creation in the natural world and all around us, and enjoying breathtaking mountain peaks and rivers and lakes is a free gift bestowed to us in His goodness.

  10. Mark01 says:

    This weekend my family visited. When my boys and their cousins couldn’t think of what to play next, my 3 years old son exclaimed, “I know… we can say the rosary!”

  11. A day’s break in the heatwave here, too! Dies irae for those heat-loving weeds!

    As caring for both elderly parents has quickly become 24/7, often with little sleep, today’s responsorial psalm (126) is of great comfort: “Those who sow in tears shall reap rejoicing.”

  12. Kerry says:

    We put up seven quarts of pickled beets yesterday. (Yes, I know for some this sounds like bad news! Heh. Father Z, if you ever need woodworking advice, I’m your guy. I hope you used Titebond II, no relation to Vatican II, or polyurethane glue.)

  13. APX says:

    I found a few places to live that are literally less than 4 kms from where I’ll be working and don’t require me to take any busy freeways in the mornings. One of them even has heated underground parking, which is good because I’m not a fan of spending 30 minutes every morning cleaning snow and ice off my car and trying to warm it up. I get to go in less than two weeks and take a look at them.

  14. frjim4321 says:

    I saw my first Indigo Bunting of the year Sunday on a visit to Amish Country.

    “Breaking Bad,” is finally in its fourth season. THE. BEST. TELEVISION. EVER.

  15. benedetta says:

    AdJesumPerMariam13, I will pray for you for the care you have undertaken. May St. Jeanne Jugan support your good work.

  16. KAS says:

    My eldest is still having a healthy pregnancy and her hubby who joined the military doesn’t have to leave until a month or so after the baby is born.

    My pregnancy is preceding in a normal and healthy manner– I am sick constantly and totally and constantly tired– good signs that the hormones are doing their jobs!

    The Little Tiger who is almost two seemed to comprehend that something special happens when we receive communion. I don’t know what the Little Tiger expected to see when looking into my mouth but the Little Tiger looked with great intensity and much babbling.

    I am married to the kindest man imaginable.

  17. @Jack007: In my city, the diocese gave the Fraternity a nearly disaffected church. It needs some major repairs, but the FSSP is backing us with interest-free loans. Otherwise, the community is financially independent.

    Where I live, churches are closing by the dozens and being sold off to be transformed into concert halls, condos, museums, and one was even turned into a circus school. Otherwise they’re just demolished. The only parish that is actually growing is the FSSP. People are amazed to see how many young families are in attendance. In regular parishes, it’s very unusual to see anyone under 50, and the mean age must be around 70.

  18. Jack007 says:

    Daniel, the Archbishop here made a decision not to close any more churches. A laudable thing, although I fear that eventually that decision may have to be rethought. Too late for us, in any event. The building we have purchased is small; seating only a couple hundred at most. We have been spoiled by a big, roomy, beautiful old Gothic church. Our “freedom” comes at a price. But freedom is a good thing! :-)

    Yes, I have heard the FSSP has had some nice older churches turned over to them. We were not as fortunate, but must count our blessings.

    Jack in KC

  19. Liz says:

    My Mystic Monk Coffee arrived the other day. Yum! I ordered 10 pounds (while I was at it!) Yikes. It weighs more that our baby who is only 9 pounds. LOL. (Oh rats, though. I just realized I went directly to their site and forgot to go through this one…next time. Can I do that with Amazon too? Is that right , Fr. Z? Oh, where is my brain these days? Okay, I hope St. Anthony will help me remember that in future orders.)

  20. MarnieBarcelona says:

    Yesterday my son made his first Holy Communion. He is looking forward to his second Holy Communion today.

  21. dcs says:

    My eldest is at camp with the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary this week.

  22. Christine111 says:

    It rained.
    And my pregnancy is going well.

  23. Margaret says:

    I spent a refreshing week studying philosophy with a delightful group of women. Major change of pace from my typical week caring for a houseful of children. There’s a lot to be said for not being woken by the little darlings for several nights in a row. :)

    One of my teens came back from working as a counselor at a Catholic boys’ camp last week, with <24 hours to unpack, do laundry, and repack for Boy Scout camp. But he still found the time to ask me if we had a super-small size (easier to fit in a pack) copy of The Way by St. Josemaria, so he could bring it along with him to camp.

  24. Ed the Roman says:

    How do you use the 550 for Rosaries, Father?

  25. Sid says:

    Tomorrow, 26 July 2o11, for the first time the Bishop of Charlotte, Most Reverend Peter J. Jugis, will attend a MEF, offered at 7pm at St. Ann, Charlotte. This will also be the 3rd Solemn High Mass since SP in this diocese and the first in the city of Charlotte in surely 40 years.

  26. Banjo pickin girl says:

    Ed, presumably he is speaking of what are called “cord rosaries,” with the entire thing including the cross made out of barrel knots. There are websites which show how to do this. Cord that large would make a hefty one, there are slightly smaller sizes of cord available, much larger than the size 9 which is used for stringing the plastic mission beads. You can tell I make rosaries, cantcha?

    See OLRM on the web for further info and parts and stuff, they are in Kentucky.

  27. tmitchell says:

    I got a chance to go to daily Mass this morning, and I will be visiting a beautiful Mission in Santa Barbara later today! Also, I GET TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL.

    Deo Gratias.

  28. amarchand says:

    My wife and I welcomed our first son, Titus Michael, into the world early yesterday morning. Both are very healthy. The Lord is kind and merciful!

  29. SK Bill says:

    Thanks to the efforts of two very good priests and to the Holy Spirit, attendance at our daily Mass is slowly and steadily increasing. This past week, attendance swelled further due to the presence of a group of about 50+ young people who have come every morning for Mass.

  30. Ed the Roman says:

    Barrel knots in 550 would make for a fairly large one, albeit one that could be used in other ays if need be.

  31. PomeroyonthePalouse says:

    How about the editorial in last week’s (oops, two weeks ago) Our Sunday Visitor entitled “The problem of bad liturgies” ? Well written. Best line is an adaption of what Fr. Z says around these parts, “If your priest or music director doesn’t seem to appreciate the solemnity of the Mass, be sure to spend hours in prayer for every second of complaining.”


  32. PomeroyonthePalouse says:

    And here’s one from today’s news:
    The “Casket Monopoly in LA has ended”
    “A federal court today ruled that Louisiana’s government-imposed monopoly on casket sales in the state is unconstitutional, closing the lid on the economic protection scheme and resurrecting an opportunity for local monks to provide for themselves by creating and selling their handmade caskets. The monks of Saint Joseph Abbey of Saint Benedict, La., and the Institute for Justice, which represents the order in court, had filed suit to fight Louisiana’s government-imposed casket cartel.”

    Casket Monopoly over


  33. mrose says:

    I am on vacation in Amsterdam with my fiance before we head to a wedding in Sweden in which she’s a bridesmaid.

    Even though it has been raining, the city has been most enjoyable, and we assisted at a beautiful Missa Cantata at St. Agnes yesterday, a parish run by the FSSP. Traveling in a non-English speaking country provides interesting angle on the question of language in liturgical worship.

    And riding bikes in the park was wonderful as well!

  34. MJ says:

    A (another) choir was started at our parish – a smaller polyphony choir – and our first rehearsal yesterday was splendid.

  35. Slappo says:

    My wife gave birth to a happy healthy baby girl named Margaret Marie! 7lbs 5oz 20.5 inches long.

  36. DominiSumus says:

    My moving expense allowance has been increased! I can buy food now. My house is also on the market and the novena to St. Joseph has begun.

  37. Charivari Rob says:

    Two days into the week, two Masses (Sunday Mass and a funeral today) – two excellent homilies.

  38. I’ve almost made it through my year and a day…less than three weeks till first profession of vows :)

  39. Mike says:

    The two archbishops of Winnipeg and St Boniface granted the local EF group exclusive Sunday use of a parish.


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