Enconsed in the Perilous North

On the way to the North Shore I had the pleasure of the company of a white and read 1956 Pontiac Chieftain, if I am not mistaken.  Very snazzy.  And it had some giddyup, too.

The priests are gathering for our annual confab.  It is a smaller but distinguished group this year, which includes a bishop or two.  It nice to see some old friends. Sadly, one of the group had a problem with a flight, and won’t get here until tomorrow.  That happened to me recently, and I know how frustrating it can be.   Also, a couple of the gang are coming later, by design rather than Delta dithering.

I am happy to have found that the place we are staying has expanded their wifi beyond what we had a couple years ago. It’s slooooow but working.

Tomorrow we won’t have a conference, but we shall probably have the beouf.  It has lardons as part of the process so we should eat that before the rabbi joins us.  I’ll be off early in the morning to gather some breakfast things for the guys.

In the meantime, we are ensconsed in CASTLLLLE DAAAANGERRRRR!

[/echo and wind sounds]

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